5 days ago  Daniel Grunofix URLS for issues master
5 days ago  Daniel Grunoregen JS
5 days ago  Daniel Grunofix up comstat widget, add it to the widget yaml list
5 days ago  Daniel Grunoregen openapi specs
5 days ago  Daniel Grunorough in a comstat-like page
5 days ago  Daniel GrunoAdd in a chepa json dump widget for debugging
10 days ago  Daniel Grunonix svn for now - unsure how we would incorporate it
10 days ago  Daniel Grunoteaser and URL in README
10 days ago  Daniel Grunopoint to docs for install/setup instructions
10 days ago  Daniel Grunoadd svg logo
10 days ago  Daniel Grunonix some titles
10 days ago  Daniel Grunotrigger rebuild
10 days ago  Daniel Grunomore docco changes
10 days ago  Daniel Grunoupdating docs
10 days ago  Daniel Grunodoc tweak: show how to clone the repo as well
10 days ago  Daniel Grunotrigger rebuild, tweak ToC depth
10 days ago  Daniel GrunoAdd Kibble logo to docs
11 days ago  Daniel Grunowhitespace change to trigger RtD
11 days ago  Daniel GrunoStart working on Kibble documentation via RtD
13 days ago  Daniel Grunoalso fix wrong name here, oops
13 days ago  Daniel Grunofix wrong index name
2018-01-09  Daniel Grunoregenerate openapi yaml
2018-01-09  Daniel GrunoInitial stab at an API end point for key phrases
2018-01-06  Daniel GrunoNew Year buggo
2017-12-29  Daniel GrunoPredefine all known moods in sets, leave out unknowns
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunowe now have 10 potential mood types, it depends..
2017-12-06  Daniel Grunoadd azure moods to the mix
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunolet sources API use the yaml for determining creds...
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoregenerate openapi.yaml
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoadd in auth types required for Twitter scans
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoauth is required for these, really
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunosource can also be an ID, not always a URL
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoadd twitter logo
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoadd twitter handle as a valid source
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoif auth is required, display that it is
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunotweak example value
2017-12-02  Daniel Grunodon't display future dates
2017-12-02  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2017-12-02  Daniel Grunofix typo
2017-11-30  Daniel Grunousing wrong field here
2017-11-30  Daniel Grunowrong DB type!
2017-11-27  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2017-11-27  Daniel Grunomail can also be specific scanner
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunotrying another happiness formula
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunomissing a field
2017-10-25  Daniel GrunoTry another happiness approach
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunotrying another way of estimating happiness
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoadjust gauge thresholds a bit
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunofix param name
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunomore typo fixes
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunotypo fixes
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoweight happiness by max scoring mood
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoadd text to gauge if present
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoadd gauge to mood page, shrink bar chart
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoadd gauge into widgets and page loader
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoadd gauge and relative mode to chart wrapper
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunomake a gauge widget
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoalso add it here, doofus
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoadd relative as an accepted api arg
2017-10-25  Daniel Grunoadd a gauge for overall mood, change to new indicator
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunothis api has distinguishable categories
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunosome text
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunofix divide-by-zero
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunoallow for comparing moods against all mailing lists
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunolink to mood stats
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunofix to 100 as optimal, like the overall mood chart
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunothis should have been max!
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoadd in timeseries, tweak text
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoregen api spec
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunomood as a timeseries
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunouse aggregations instead of wading through docs
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoneed time
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoforgot date ranges!
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunooops,s hould be max
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunomight be better to have moodTotal/emailTotal
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoregen spec
2017-10-23  Daniel GrunoAdd WIP mood analysis page for email
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunolinechart should be able to handle counts a single bar
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunosome tips on building Kibble
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoregen again
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoneed to reset the text field too!
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoadd a reset button
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunomissing sub-filtering here, plus refactor of view filter
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunoregen API docs
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunocontract topN list a bit, add a bottom horizontal ruler
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunoregen specs
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunopoint to new script
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunoreinstate single-person (email-only) timeseries
2017-10-22  Daniel GrunoFilter out robits here
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunoregen API specs
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunotie the widgets into the mail page
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunoadd topN topics API
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunoadd topN authors API
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunomake this actually work