2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoremove debug line master
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunouse a more proper icon here
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoadd link to forum stats
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoURLs may sometimes have double slashes in them
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunohave forum explorer reload pages on filter changes
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunomake a forum explorer widget
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoadd widget yaml for forums
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoregen OpenAPI yaml
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoInitial stab at forum statistics
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunofix creator column type
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoNote that we now require ES 6.x for new installations
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunouse wildcard doc type for counting
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoIf ES 6.x or newer, use the new DB wrapper
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoRewrite DB structure
2018-02-26  Daniel GrunoAdd support for discourse forums
2018-02-24  Daniel Grunonumbers should be right-aligned
2018-02-24  Daniel Grunofix modal window size, position and scrolling
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunoergh, yaml and regex...
2018-02-21  Daniel GrunoAdd Travis CI to source types
2018-02-19  Daniel Grunoshows builds running
2018-02-18  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2018-02-18  Daniel GrunoRedesign the menu layout a tad
2018-02-18  Daniel Grunomake these widgets use full page width
2018-02-18  Daniel Grunosqueeze this text field a bit for small screens
2018-02-18  Daniel Grunocull some unused elements
2018-02-17  Daniel Grunodon't break text sizes when fullscreen
2018-02-17  Daniel Grunoadd new source types to docs
2018-02-17  Daniel GrunoAdd buildbot as a target
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunodon't fill the background int he UI
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoskip histograms with no data
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoadd in hourly histograms for CI queues
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoproperly format hourly histograms by adding HH:MM
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoset wargs if defined in widgets.yaml (histogram changes...
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoallow finer histograms, upon request
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoguard against no data available
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunolet the UI gather up 'others'
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoadd a link to CI page
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoexpand donuts to 25 objects by default
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunofix 'other jobs' count
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunodecimal point in wait time (x.y hours)
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunolet's switch to showing hours instead
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunomore precision
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunothis is miliseconds, divide by 1000
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoset up a widget for CI
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoregenerate OpenAPI Yaml
2018-02-16  Daniel GrunoAdd preliminary CI status pages
2018-02-16  Daniel GrunoAdd in a CI explorer widget
2018-02-16  Daniel GrunoAdd Jenkins as a potential source type
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunofix scope!
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunolink to demo in readme
2018-02-15  Daniel Grunomake doubly sure there is a default org
2018-02-15  Daniel Grunokibble has to be started from the api/ dir.
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunoadd comstat link to engagement tab
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunowe need the digest >_>
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunoadd in gravatar for UI
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunofix CSS magic
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunonot all rows have IDs?
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunofix assigment order, typo
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunothis needs to use the HTML class
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunofix display bug
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunoinitial stab at expanding the lists when needed
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunosort newcomers by date
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunotypos
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunofix order and var name
2018-02-13  Daniel Grunoconvert 'first issue' to a date/issue string
2018-02-13  Daniel GrunoConvert 'first commit' to a date/repo string
2018-02-10  Daniel Grunoelaborate on some instructions.
2018-01-17  Daniel Grunofix URLS for issues
2018-01-17  Daniel Grunoregen JS
2018-01-17  Daniel Grunofix up comstat widget, add it to the widget yaml list
2018-01-17  Daniel Grunoregen openapi specs
2018-01-17  Daniel Grunorough in a comstat-like page
2018-01-17  Daniel GrunoAdd in a chepa json dump widget for debugging
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunonix svn for now - unsure how we would incorporate it
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunoteaser and URL in README
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunopoint to docs for install/setup instructions
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunoadd svg logo
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunonix some titles
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunotrigger rebuild
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunomore docco changes
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunoupdating docs
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunodoc tweak: show how to clone the repo as well
2018-01-12  Daniel Grunotrigger rebuild, tweak ToC depth
2018-01-12  Daniel GrunoAdd Kibble logo to docs
2018-01-11  Daniel Grunowhitespace change to trigger RtD
2018-01-11  Daniel GrunoStart working on Kibble documentation via RtD
2018-01-09  Daniel Grunoalso fix wrong name here, oops
2018-01-09  Daniel Grunofix wrong index name
2018-01-09  Daniel Grunoregenerate openapi yaml
2018-01-09  Daniel GrunoInitial stab at an API end point for key phrases
2018-01-06  Daniel GrunoNew Year buggo
2017-12-29  Daniel GrunoPredefine all known moods in sets, leave out unknowns
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunowe now have 10 potential mood types, it depends..
2017-12-06  Daniel Grunoadd azure moods to the mix
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunolet sources API use the yaml for determining creds...
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoregenerate openapi.yaml
2017-12-03  Daniel Grunoadd in auth types required for Twitter scans