2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerUpdated jenkinsfile to email to the dev list if a build... master
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: attempt to build site now that we have...
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: updated tool jdk to map to JDK 1.8 (latest)
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerFinding a way so that nant can invoke maven
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerRemoved node statement
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerMoved node statement into the stage statements
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerRevert "Reset jenkinsfile to last working version"
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerReset jenkinsfile to last working version
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerAdded node statement
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerAttempting to run everything on a node
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed typo
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerEnabled pipeline timeout
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed typo
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerAdded agent any at pipelines declaration
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed typo
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed jenkinsfile syntax error
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerAdded a few more usecases to the jenkinsfile
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerRefactored jenkinsfile
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerAdded stage test and added direct invocation of nant 12/head
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerTry to invoke build.cmd now that nant.exe is in the...
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerHard-wired nant installation for now
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerTrying to figure out the nant tool installation path
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerSet ant environment variable and add ant to path
2017-06-30  Dominik Psennerecho ANT_HOME
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerInvoke build.cmd and see what happens
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed cmd to read as bat
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerAdded dir to get a view of the directory structure
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerChanged label to Windows
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerChanged node to windows-2012-2
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerAdded a first jenkinsfile that does echo on a windows...
2017-06-29  Stefan Bodewigcloses #11
2017-06-29  Marcel Gosselin(doc) Fix name of class LogicalThreadContext
2017-05-22  Dominik PsennerRemoved historical solutions and csproj files
2017-05-01  Stefan BodewigMerge branch 'PR_23'
2017-05-01  Stefan Bodewigadd unit test for PR #23
2017-04-30  Stefan Bodewigextract revision number und url from git rather than svn
2017-04-30  Stefan Bodewigignore files generated during build
2017-04-30  Stefan Bodewigtry to reproduce PR 23 of https://github.com/apache...
2017-04-28  Stefan BodewigReleaseInstructions.txt don't need a license
2017-04-28  Stefan Bodewigignore maven target dir
2017-04-28  Stefan Bodewigreference git repos
2017-04-28  Stefan Bodewigresurrect files that were located in the svn root dir...
2017-04-24  Stefan Bodewigtweak reports, only publish RAT report
2017-04-22  Stefan Bodewigmerge back download page changes
2017-04-21  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-563 try to copy skin from log4j
2017-04-19  Stefan Bodewigfix SDK links
2017-04-19  Dominik PsennerSite: fixed the indentation and whitespace issues of...
2017-04-12  Stefan Bodewigupdate mailing lists section
2017-03-15  Stefan Bodewigbump version
2017-03-15  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2017-03-15  Dominik PsennerTypeNamePatternConverter: added a safety net of null...
2017-03-08  Stefan Bodewigadd release notes for 2.0.8
2017-03-07  Stefan BodewigDebug hasn't got a Listeners property in .NET Core
2017-03-07  Stefan Bodewigmake test compile on .NET 2.0
2017-03-07  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-553 allow DebugAppender to skip category
2017-03-07  Stefan BodewigEventRaisingAppender requires .NET 3.5
2017-03-03  Stefan Bodewigcommit to close the correct PR - closes #42
2017-03-03  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-554 update class level documentation
2017-03-03  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-554 Use AsyncLocal for LogicalThreadContext
2017-02-19  Stefan Bodewigadd 'TargetFramework' .NET Core
2017-02-19  Stefan BodewigI overlooked a place that contains te version information
2017-02-02  Stefan Bodewigallow the logging system to recursively log using itself
2017-01-05  Stefan Bodewigbump version after 2.0.7 release
2017-01-02  Stefan Bodewigfix anchor
2017-01-02  Stefan Bodewigadd release notes for 2.0.7
2017-01-01  Stefan Bodewighappy new year
2016-12-30  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-540 add empty dependency groups for all support...
2016-12-25  Stefan Bodewigbump version
2016-12-22  Stefan Bodewig.NET Standard lacks LogicalThreadContext
2016-12-20  Stefan Bodewigonly move .NET Standard assembly currently created
2016-12-20  Stefan Bodewiguse consistent versions of dependencies
2016-12-20  Stefan Bodewigclean build of .NET Standard didn't work because of...
2016-12-18  Stefan Bodewigproperly configure RAT
2016-12-18  Stefan Bodewigmissing license header
2016-12-18  Stefan Bodewigupdate site for 2.0.6, use .NET Standard rather than...
2016-12-05  Stefan Bodewig.NET Core doesn't support event log and the colored...
2016-12-05  Stefan Bodewigmore clearly spell out the limitations of .NET Core...
2016-12-04  Stefan Bodewigmake project.json consistent with nuspec
2016-12-02  Stefan Bodewigreleases must not have dependencies on pre-releases
2016-12-02  Stefan Bodewigsome Mono update has broken nant build
2016-11-30  Stefan Bodewigadd dependencies for .NET Core version
2016-11-30  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-536 there doesn't seem to be a system wide...
2016-11-29  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-536 NETCF cannot compile LogicalThreadContextStacks
2016-11-06  Stefan Bodewigupdate release notes for 2.0.6
2016-11-06  Stefan Bodewiguse UTC time internally, patch by JocularJoe, closes #36
2016-11-06  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-529 don't assign m_compositeProperties before...
2016-11-05  Stefan Bodewigadd reference to System.Configuration
2016-11-05  Stefan Bodewigneed System.Configuration references on recent Monos
2016-11-05  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-526 tests for AppSettingPatternConverter by...
2016-10-30  Stefan Bodewigfix NUnit reference, closes #37
2016-10-30  Stefan Bodewigmore line-end fixes
2016-10-26  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-526 initial version of an AppSetting pattern...
2016-10-25  Dominik PsennerSite: fixed links to sdk for all the appenders in the...
2016-10-18  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-511 don't signal error by default
2016-10-18  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-511 move Flush to AppenderSkeleton
2016-10-16  Stefan Bodewigbasic .gitattributes
2016-10-16  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-511 make #37 compile for .NET 2.0 and .NET...
2016-10-16  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-511 Implement flushing of appenders that buffer...
2016-10-15  Stefan BodewigLOG4NET-512 thread-safety fix for Hierarchy
2016-10-15  Stefan Bodewigforgot to set eol-style on markdown document