descriptionThis is the Apache log4net logging project git repository.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 1 Jul 2017 20:33:46 +0000 (22:33 +0200)
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerUpdated jenkinsfile to email to the dev list if a build... master
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: attempt to build site now that we have...
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerJenkinsfile: updated tool jdk to map to JDK 1.8 (latest)
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerFinding a way so that nant can invoke maven
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerRemoved node statement
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerMoved node statement into the stage statements
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerRevert "Reset jenkinsfile to last working version"
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerReset jenkinsfile to last working version
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerAdded node statement
2017-07-01  Dominik PsennerAttempting to run everything on a node
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed typo
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerEnabled pipeline timeout
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed typo
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerAdded agent any at pipelines declaration
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed typo
2017-06-30  Dominik PsennerFixed jenkinsfile syntax error
18 months ago rc/2.0.8-RC1 Tagged 2.0.8-RC1
18 months ago rc/2.0.7-RC1 Tagged 2.0.7-RC1
18 months ago rc/2.0.6-RC1 Tagged 2.0.6-RC1
18 months ago rc/1.2.15-RC1 Tagged 1.2.15-RC1
18 months ago rc/1.2.14-RC2 Tagged 1.2.14-RC2
18 months ago rc/1.2.14-RC1 Tagged 1.2.14-RC1
18 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC3 Tagged 1.2.13-RC3
18 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC2 Tagged 1.2.13-RC2
18 months ago rc/1.2.13-RC1 Tagged 1.2.13-RC1
18 months ago rc/1.2.12-RC1 Tagged 1.2.12-RC1
18 months ago rc/1.2.11-RC1 Tagged 1.2.11-RC1
18 months ago rc/1.2.10-RC2 Tagged 1.2.10-RC2
18 months ago rel/1.2.15 create immutable tag under rel/
18 months ago rel/1.2.14 create immutable tag under rel/
18 months ago rel/1.2.13 create immutable tag under rel/
18 months ago rel/1.2.12 create immutable tag under rel/
2 months ago release/2.1.0
2 months ago feature/LOG4NET-611
2 months ago feature/rfa-configurable-rolling-mutex
2 months ago develop
4 months ago feature/RollingFileAppender-NG
6 months ago feature/LOG4NET-586
6 months ago feature/cd-pipeline
13 months ago feature/netstandard-2.0
17 months ago master
17 months ago pr/old/45
17 months ago pr/old/43
17 months ago pr/old/40
17 months ago pr/old/29
17 months ago pr/old/32
18 months ago pr/old/28
18 months ago pr/old/22