LOG4PHP-118: Additivity cannot be disabled. Thanks for the patch to Craig Marvelley
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23 <title>Apache log4php.</title>
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25 <body>
26 <release version="2.1" description="Stabilizing">
27 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-118" by="Craig Marvelley">Additivity cannot be disabled through log4php.properties ini file.</action>
28 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-110" by="Vladimir Gorej, Christian Grobmeier">Added MongoDB appender</action>
29 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-131" by="Ivan Habunek">File appenders parameters (removed overloading of setFile()).</action>
30 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-133" by="Dmitry Katemirov,Ivan Habunek">PDO appender doesn't close connections</action>
31 <action type="fix" by="Ivan Habunek">Replaced calls to deprecated PHPUnit method assertTypeOf() with assertInternalType() and assertInstanceOf().</action>
32 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-104" by="Ivan Habunek">Refactored LoggerNDC and added tests</action>
33 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-105" by="Ivan Habunek">LoggerMDC needs refactoring + tests</action>
34 <action type="update" by="Ivan Habunek">Added __toString magic method to LoggerLevel.</action>
35 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-117" by="Maciej Mazur, Ivan Habunek">LoggerConfiguratorIni::configure() and unexptected results from error_get_last()</action>
36 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-113" by="Ivan Habunek">Milliseconds do not change when using LoggerLayoutPattern</action>
37 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-115" by="Vaceletm">Instanciate LoggerAppenderPDO by hand throw exception</action>
38 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-36" by="Moritz Schmidt">PHP Configurator: set remaining properties to appenders</action>
39 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-110" by="Vladimir Gorej">MongoDB: improved exception handling</action>
40 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-112" by="darja, Christian Grobmeier">Logging ClassName doesn't work</action>
41 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-109" by="Vladimir Gorej">patch for Throwable information associated with logging event</action>
42 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-111" by="Ivan Habunek">Documentation: Problem using a custom ConversionPattern</action>
43 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-108" by="Florian Platzer, Christian Grobmeier, Ivan Habunek">Add HTML line break to LoggerAppenderEcho output</action>
44 <action type="update" by="Ivan Habunek">Included new LoggerLayoutPattern tests</action>
45 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-103" by="Moritz Schmidt">Exception when using more than one LoggerAppenderFile</action>
46 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-102" by="Ivan Habunek">LoggerLayoutPattern fails tests</action>
47 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-100" by="Moritz Schmidt">Directly assign an array on Logger PHP configuration</action>
48 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-91">LoginOptionConverter.php (used wrong constant name)</action>
49 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-95" by="Ivan Habunek, Christian Grobmeier">Add trace level to Log4PHP</action>
50 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-96" by="Tommy Montgomery">Some of the tests don't pass under Windows</action>
51 <action type="fix" by="Christian Hammers">Lowered pear_installer version dependency to 1.7.0</action>
52 </release>
53 <release version="2.0" description="PHP 5 compatibility">
54 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-3">Maven 2.0 build</action>
55 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-7">Updated source file headers with current ASF notice</action>
56 <action type="fix">PHP 5 compatibility modification.</action>
57 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-1" by="Christian Grobmeier">removed all @author tags. All contributors are named (with task) in the changelog file</action>
58 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-4" by="Michael Aichler">Fatal error for constructor in LoggerAppenderRollingFile</action>
59 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-5" by="Michael Aichler">LoggerAppenderRollingFile unable to open file and append logs</action>
60 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-7" by="Curt Arnold">Change copyright notices to conform to the Source Header and Copyright Notice Policy</action>
61 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-9" by="Christian Grobmeier">log4php.dtd should be reviewed</action>
62 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-11" by="Hiroaki Kawai">trailing "\n"</action>
63 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-12" by="Knut Urdalen">LoggerAppenderFile does not create missing directories</action>
64 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-13" by="Michael Aichler">LoggerPropertyConfigurator: Only variables should be assigned by reference</action>
65 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-14" by="Michael Aichler">LoggerPropertySetter: warnings about is_a() and non-static method</action>
66 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-15" by="Michael Aichler">Logger: warnings about is_a()</action>
67 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-16" by="Gary Richardson">Patch for LoggerAppenderSyslog to use Layouts</action>
68 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-17" by="Yomei Komiya">%l Pattern layout raises a protected property access error</action>
69 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-18" by="Yomei Komiya">Date pattern %d conversion is invalid</action>
70 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-19" by="Yomei Komiya">Logger location info is invalid in log outputs of Logger's subclasses</action>
71 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-20" by="Corin Lawson">Custom layout for LoggerAppenderPhp</action>
72 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-22" by="Christian Grobmeier">log4php.dtd invalid</action>
73 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-23" by="Christian Grobmeier">Mixed PHP4 and PHP5 syntax</action>
74 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-24" by="Dennis Korbar">LoggerAppenderRollingFile unable to rollover</action>
75 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-25" by="Christian Hammers, Knut Urdalen">Allow to set environment variables in LoggerOptionConverter</action>
76 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-28" by="Michael Kuenzli, Knut Urdalen">LoggerAppenderConsole doesn't write to STDERR</action>
77 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-33" by="Knut Urdalen">Appenders is not properly closed upon destruction</action>
78 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-29" by="Knut Urdalen">Load classes through autoload instead of explicitly include them</action>
79 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-30" by="Christian Grobmeier">Implement LoggerAppenderPDO</action>
80 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-31" by="Knut Urdalen">Removing unnecessary use of LOG4PHP_DIR</action>
81 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-32" by="Knut Urdalen, Christian Grobmeier">Refactor from using define to class contants (Knut Urdalen, Christian Grobmeier)</action>
82 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-34" by="Christian Grobmeier">Remove all internal debugging</action>
83 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-35" by="Knut Urdalen">Replace LOG4PHP_LINE_SEP with PHP_EOL</action>
84 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-37" by="Christian Grobmeier">removed LoggerAppenderDB in favour to LoggerAppenderPDO</action>
85 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-38" by="Knut Urdalen">Replace is_a() with instanceof</action>
86 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-39" by="Knut Urdalen">Remove deprecated methods</action>
87 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-40" by="Christian Grobmeier">Merge LoggerAppender and LoggerAppenderSkeleton</action>
88 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-43" by="Knut Urdalen">Remove size restriction of MDC table in LoggerMDC</action>
89 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-44" by="Knut Urdalen">PEAR package</action>
90 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-46" by="Christian Hammers">Use PreparedStatement in PDO-Appender</action>
91 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-47" by="Christian Hammers">PDO Appender now uses quote() due to PreparedStatements</action>
92 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-50" by="Christian Grobmeier">Create more File Appender Tests</action>
93 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-52" by="Christian Grobmeier">Use of custom factorys is discouraged - clean up</action>
94 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-53" by="Christian Grobmeier">Removed references were appropriate</action>
95 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-54" by="Christian Grobmeier">PHPDoc is wrong due to class movements - clean up</action>
96 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-56" by="Christian Grobmeier">Replace define('LOG4PHP_CONFIGURATION' by static variable</action>
97 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-57" by="Christian Grobmeier">Make use of destructors instead of Logger::shutdown</action>
98 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-59" by="Christian Grobmeier, Christian Hammers">LoggerAppenderConsole is initialized wrong</action>
99 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-60" by="Christian Hammers">Improved quickstart.apt</action>
100 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-62" by="Christian Hammers">Does not print warning if ini file is corrupt</action>
101 <action type="update" issue="LOG4PHP-63" by="Christian Hammers">PDOAppender should throw LoggerException on database problems</action>
102 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-64" by="Christian Hammers">Remove deprecated call-by-reference in LoggerLayoutPattern</action>
103 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-65" by="Christian Grobmeier">Mixing protected and private in Logger and the inheriting LoggerRoot</action>
104 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-66" by="Christian Hammers">LoggerConfiguratorBasicTest fails in "mvn test" but not in phpunit</action>
105 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-67" by="Christian Hammers">Refactoring: Use Logger instead of LoggerManager</action>
106 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-71" by="Christian Grobmeier">Using LoggerAppenderFile logging to the log file in one Apache session blocks every other Apache session that tries to write to the file until the original request has been processed</action>
107 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-76" by="Dan Hansen">Unable to configure socket appender with attribute useXml = true</action>
108 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-77" by="Dan Hansen">LoggerReflectionUtils::setter() should be defined as a static method</action>
109 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-79" by="Christian Hammers">Increased field sizes in AppenderPDO database tables</action>
110 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-80" by="Christian Hammers">An exception is now thrown if an unknown property is set via config file</action>
111 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-81" by="Christian Hammers">Boolean values in .properties files are now correctly parsed</action>
112 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-82" by="Christian Hammers">Added more examples to the API docs</action>
113 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-84" by="Christian Hammers">Fixed call of undefined method when using RendererMap</action>
114 <action type="fix" issue="LOG4PHP-86" by="Christian Hammers">LoggerAppenderRollingFile should not fail if the file does not already exist</action>
115 <action type="fix" by="Christian Grobmeier">LoggerXmlConfigurator can now interpret threshold commands at appender level</action>
116 <action type="update" by="Knut Urdalen">Initial port to PHP 5</action>
117 <action type="update" by="Knut Urdalen">Established new unit test suite</action>
118 <action type="update" by="Knut Urdalen">Added a range of examples</action>
119 <action type="update">Created common ReflectionUtils class and moved factory calls to there</action>
120 </release>
121 </body>
122 </document>