LoggerAppenderPDO: Fixed reconnect logic.
[logging-log4php.git] / package-config.php
2011-08-18  Ivan HabunekUpdated pear build (LOG4PHP-137):
2011-06-25  Ivan HabunekMinor update to pear package config.
2011-06-03  Ivan HabunekUpdates to the pear package build:
2010-03-25  Christian HammersLowered pear_installer version dependency to 1.7.0...
2010-03-22  Gavin McDonaldLog4PHP now a subproject of Logging - INFRA-2562
2009-10-31  Christian Hammers* incubating is appended to version
2009-10-29  Christian HammersRenaming pear package as discussed on the -dev list
2009-10-29  Christian Grobmeiercleaned up
2009-10-27  Christian HammersMarked the NOTICE as beeing "doc", too.
2009-10-27  Christian Grobmeiermoved from gmail to apache address
2009-10-22  Christian HammersChanged version number to 2.0.0-incubating as Christian...
2009-10-22  Christian Hammers* Try to be clever and extract version for pear package...
2009-10-20  Christian HammersBefore we forget to change this...
2009-10-11  Christian Hammers* Added the new changes.xml to the pear package.
2009-05-19  Knut Urdalenfixed #LOG4PHP-44 (initial version of PEAR packaging)