2018-10-15  Nikhil KakRemove stray softlink from v1.14 docs dir. asf-site
2018-10-15  Nikhil KakDoc: Add v1.15.1 documentation
2018-10-15  Frank McQuillanupdate website for 1.15.1 release
2018-08-11  Frank McQuillanwebsite update for 1dot15
2018-08-10  Rahul IyerMove v1.15 RC1 to latest released
2018-08-07  Rahul IyerAdd v1.15 RC1 docs for release voting
2018-08-01  Frank McQuillanupdate jupyter notebooks for 1dot15
2018-05-03  Frank McQuillanupdated 1.13 links to
2018-05-03  Jingyi MeiFix DB versions in the downloads page
2018-05-02  Rahul IyerIndex: Remove older news items
2018-05-02  Rahul IyerDoc: Add v1.14 documentation
2018-05-02  Frank McQuillanwebsite update for 1.14 release
2018-04-24  Frank McQuillanfix decision tree jupyter notebook
2018-04-23  Frank McQuillanjupyter notebooks for 1.14 release
2018-01-02  Nandish JayaramUpdate old releases download URLs 12/head
2017-12-28  Ed EspinoAdditional updates for 1.13 release
2017-12-28  Frank McQuillan1dot13 website updates
2017-12-08  Frank McQuillanadd new workbooks for 1dot13
2017-08-29  Ed EspinoUpdate website for 1.21 release. 9/head
2017-08-22  Frank McQuillanupdates for TLP including copyright footer
2017-08-21  Frank McQuillanadd new workbooks for mlp and graph measures and train...
2017-08-18  Cooper SloanMLP demo 8/head
2017-07-28  Frank McQuillanadded TLP announcment to front page of wweb site
2017-07-28  Frank McQuillanupdate weakly connected cpts workbook with helper functions
2017-07-14  Frank McQuillanadd bfs workbook
2017-07-06  Frank McQuillanadd weakly connected components workbook
2017-06-28  Frank McQuillanadded statified sampling workbook
2017-06-15  Frank McQuillangraph apsp jupyter notebook
2017-05-23  Roman ShaposhnikMADLIB-1108. Fix issues with the download page 2/head 7/head
2017-05-16  Frank McQuillanupdate website for 1.11 release
2017-05-16  Frank McQuillanupdate for 1dot11 release
2017-05-16  Rahul IyerDoc: Point latest to v1.11
2017-05-16  Rahul IyerAdd v1.11 docs
2017-04-27  Frank McQuillanupdate K-means notebook with new array unnest function
2017-04-17  Frank McQuillanadd grouping example to SSSP notebook
2017-04-11  Frank McQuillanPageRank example notebook
2017-03-31  Frank McQuillanadd array output to pivot for 1dot11
2017-03-13  Rahul IyerAdd whitespace to trigger a website update
2017-03-11  Rahul Iyerv1.10: Update documentation to latest
2017-03-11  Frank McQuillanupdate web site for 1.10 release
2017-02-09  Frank McQuillanupdate design doc for 1dot10
2017-02-08  Frank McQuillanfix enc cat notebook
2017-02-08  Frank McQuillanupdate/add notebooks
2017-01-18  Frank McQuillanpython notebook for graph - sssp
2017-01-18  Frank McQuillanpca python notebooks for training and projection
2017-01-05  Frank McQuillanPython notebook for elastic net examples
2017-01-04  Frank McQuillannotebook for new cat vars encoding in 1.10
2016-12-01  Frank McQuillanadd 1.9.1 examples and recent PivotalR examples
2016-11-07  Frank McQuillanfix spelling errors
2016-11-07  Frank McQuillanannounce user survey results
2016-11-04  Frank McQuillanupload use survey
2016-11-04  Frank McQuillanadd video thumbnails
2016-09-20  Frank McQuillanclarify dmg for pg on download page
2016-09-20  Xiaocheng TangUpdate doc for 1.9.1 release
2016-09-20  Frank McQuillanupdate for 1.9.1 release 5/head
2016-09-06  Rahul IyerDesign: Add novelty detection in SVM + misc fixes in...
2016-09-02  Frank McQuillanwebsite update new videos and pre-announce 1.9.1
2016-06-03  Frank McQuillanMinor web site updates.
2016-04-16  Frank McQuillanAdded binaries to download page
2016-04-07  Xiaocheng TangUpdate doc for 1.9 release
2016-04-07  Xiaocheng TangUpdate the site for 1.9 release
2016-04-01  Rahul IyerMain htaccess should redirect to home page
2016-04-01  Rahul IyerAdd htaccess to main page
2016-04-01  Rahul IyerUse html redirection for main docs page
2016-04-01  Rahul IyerUpdate htaccess to redirect to new location
2016-03-30  Frank McQuillanAdd all files from old site (
2015-12-22  Frank McQuillanMADlib web site updates e.g., fix broken links
2015-12-21  Rahul IyerEdit installation guide link
2015-09-27  Roman ShaposhnikFixing an issue with Incubator logo loading
2015-09-27  Roman ShaposhnikBasic migration of website
2015-09-17  Roman ShaposhnikBetter messaging is key in developer marketing
2015-09-17  Roman ShaposhnikEven madder
2015-09-17  Roman ShaposhnikInitial commit.