2 days ago  Bruno P. KinoshitaTypos master
6 days ago  Rahul IyerElastic net: Fix minor typo in install-check
7 days ago  Frank McQuillanupdate NOTICE file to 2019
2018-12-18  Rahul IyerValidation: Support other 'relkind' for input tables
2018-12-14  Orhan KislalBuild: Add PG11 Support
2018-11-16  Nandish JayaramInstall/Dev check: Add new test cases for some modules
2018-11-16  Nandish JayaramMinibatch Preprocessor: Update online doc
2018-11-14  Orhan KislalMadpack: Add UDO and UDOC automation
2018-11-05  Jingyi MeiUpdate dockerfile to use ubuntu 16.04
2018-10-23  Orhan KislalUpdate version numbers to 1.16-dev
2018-10-09  Nikhil KakBuild: Include preflight and postflight scripts for mac rc/1.15.1-rc1 rel/v1.15.1
2018-10-04  Orhan KislalAdd 1.15.1 changelist and fix upgrade util
2018-10-04  Orhan KislalUpdate RELEASE_NOTES for 1.15.1 release
2018-10-04  Orhan KislalBuild: Change version to 1.15.1
2018-10-04  Orhan KislalMargins: Copy summary table instead of renaming
2018-10-03  Nandish JayaramUpgrade: Fix issue with upgrading RPM to 1.15.1
2018-10-03  Rahul IyerGraph: Add id of nodes with 0 in-degree
2018-09-26  Jingyi MeiBuild: Add single quote while setting AppendOnly guc
2018-09-26  Jingyi MeiBuild: Remove primary key constraint in IC/DC
2018-09-24  Orhan KislalRF: Increase the dataset size of dev-check test
2018-09-18  Frank McQuillanadd caution on run-times to assoc rules user docs re...
2018-09-18  Rahul IyerAllocator: Remove 16-byte alignment in GPDB 6
2018-09-17  Jesse ZhangCMake: Fix false positive for Postgres 10+ check
2018-09-17  Orhan KislalMadpack: Add a script for automating changelist creation
2018-09-13  Rahul IyerControl: Add minor comments to context managers
2018-09-13  Frank McQuillanminor docs update to svm and elastic net on cross valid...
2018-09-13  Rahul IyerBuild: Disable AppendOnly if available
2018-09-08  hpandeycodeitkNN: Accept expressions for point_column_name and test_...
2018-09-07  Rahul IyerMultiple: Remove trailing whitespace from all SQL
2018-08-29  Rahul IyerMLP: Simplify momentum and Nesterov updates 313/head
2018-08-27  Nandish JayaramUbuntu support: Enable creation of gppkg on Ubuntu
2018-08-21  Jingyi MeiBuild: Update version after release for Ubuntu
2018-08-17  Frank McQuillanadd note to user docs on vec2cols about unequal arrays
2018-08-17  Jingyi MeiMultiple: Re-enable tests in PCA, Pagerank
2018-08-17  Rahul IyerVec2Cols: Allow arrays of different lengths
2018-08-17  Arvind SridharElastic Net: Allow grouping by non-numeric column
2018-08-16  Orhan KislalUbuntu support for MADlib
2018-08-15  Orhan KislalDocumentation: Remove online examples from sql functions.
2018-08-15  Rahul IyerBuild: Download compatible Boost if version >= 1.65
2018-08-13  Rahul IyerUtilities: Use plpy.quote_ident if available
2018-08-13  Rahul IyerBuild: Update versions after release
2018-08-07  Rahul IyerDoc: Remove update_mathjax target latest_release 335/head rc/1.15-rc1 rel/v1.15
2018-08-06  Rahul IyerRelease: Release Notes for v1.15
2018-08-06  Rahul IyerCV: Simplify and fix internal CV requirements
2018-08-06  Rahul IyerMadpack: Duplicate DROP SCHEMA due to invalid cache
2018-08-02  Orhan KislalChange the version to 1.15 and add changelist
2018-08-02  Frank McQuillanminor edit to minibatch preproc user doc
2018-08-01  Frank McQuillanDT/RF: Fix user doc examples 295/head
2018-08-01  Nandish JayaramDT/RF: Add function to report importance scores
2018-08-01  Rahul IyerDT/RF: Don't eliminate single-level cat variable
2018-08-01  Arvind SridharUtilities: Add module transform_vec_cols for column...
2018-07-26  Orhan KislalMadpack: Fix missing test logs bug.
2018-07-26  Frank McQuillanMultiple: Clean and update documentation
2018-07-25  Rahul IyerRF: Port DT fix for incorrect importance vector length
2018-07-25  Orhan KislalMadpack: Improve error message
2018-07-24  Orhan KislalMadpack: Fix various schema related bugs and messages.
2018-07-23  Rahul IyerDT/RF: Ensure cat features are recorded per group
2018-07-18  Rahul IyerCols2Vec: Add Apache License header
2018-07-18  Rahul IyerRF: Add impurity variable importance
2018-07-17  Nandish JayaramPagerank: Remove duplicate entries from grouping output
2018-07-17  Nandish JayaramDocs: Update madpack help message.
2018-07-16  Nandish Jayarammadpack: Add madpack option to run unit tests.
2018-07-16  Rahul IyerUtilties: Refactor and clean cols2vec from 2828d86
2018-07-16  Himanshu PandeyUtilities: Add cols2vec() to convert columns to array
2018-07-13  Rahul IyerUtils: Simplify proxy quote function
2018-07-13  Rahul IyerUtils: Add a Python quote_literal for GP platforms
2018-07-13  Rahul IyerMadpack: Fix glob expansion for dev-check
2018-07-12  Arvind SridharUtilities: Add check for any array type
2018-07-12  Frank McQuillanMultiple: Update docs related to CV
2018-07-12  Rahul IyerCV: Fix incorrect dict index + change output columns
2018-07-12  Rahul IyerSVM: Compute average loss per row instead of total...
2018-07-12  Rahul IyerBuild: Remove symlinks during rpm uninstall
2018-07-12  Rahul IyerUtilites: Add CTAS while dropping some columns
2018-07-12  Nandish JayaramFix unit test failure in MLP
2018-07-11  Rahul IyerDT: Fix true and false child indexing
2018-07-03  Jingyi MeiMadpack: fix install/reinstall not giving proper error...
2018-07-02  Arvind SridharEncode categorical variables: handling special characters
2018-07-02  Jingyi MeiMLP+Minibatch Preprocessing: Support special characters
2018-06-30  Nikhil KakMLP: Add momentum and nesterov accelerated gradient
2018-06-29  Nandish JayaramSVM: Fix flaky dev-check failure
2018-06-27  Nandish JayaramBugfix: Fix failing dev check in CRF
2018-06-27  Nandish JayaramInfra: Use dev-check in Jenkins build
2018-06-27  Rahul IyerMadpack: Reenable testcase selection in IC
2018-06-26  Orhan KislalMadpack: Add dev-check and a compact install-check.
2018-06-26  Rahul IyerDT: Add impurity variable importance
2018-06-18  Nandish JayaramMadpack: Fix error with dropping user after IC failure.
2018-06-15  Nikhil KakKNN: Make install-check asserts deterministic
2018-06-15  Nikhil KakUpgrade: Fix multiple bugs
2018-06-04  Nandish JayaramMadpack: Make install, reinstall and upgrade atomic 271/head
2018-06-01  Himanshu PandeyLogregr: Report error if output table is empty
2018-06-01  Rahul IyerDT: Ensure summary table has correct features
2018-06-01  Rahul IyerDT: Don't use NULL value to get dep_var type
2018-05-17  Nandish JayaramDT: Fix sparse vector to float8[] casting bug
2018-05-17  Rahul IyerBuild: Add support for GCC 5.0+
2018-05-16  Orhan KislalStatistics: Add grouping support for correlation functions
2018-05-11  Rahul IyerMultiple: Remove support for HAWQ from all modules
2018-05-03  Jingyi MeiChange version to 1.15-dev
2018-04-25  Rahul IyerMatrix: Catch error with different-sized input arrays rc/1.14-rc1 rel/v1.14
2018-04-23  Orhan KislalRelease 1.14: Update version numbers and support upgrad...
2018-04-23  Rahul IyerMLP: Set min messages to error for predict