2018-09-15  Hervé Boutemyupgraded parent POM master
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemyswitch doc from plexus-maven-plugin to plexus-component...
2018-07-08  Hervé Boutemyupdated mpir config after 3.0.0 upgrade in parent pom
2018-07-04  Hervé BoutemyDoxia version is doxiaVersion property
2018-07-04  Hervé Boutemyupdated documentation to latest Doxia release
2018-05-11  Hervé Boutemyadded snapshot repository to resolve parent pom
2018-05-10  Hervé Boutemyadded Jenkinsfile
2018-05-01  Hervé Boutemysource now in Git on master branch
2018-05-01  Hervé Boutemyfixed link to get sources
2018-05-01  Hervé Boutemyadded "Get Sources" link
2018-05-01  Hervé BoutemyDoxia site now in Git
2018-05-01  Hervé Boutemyadded .gitignore
2018-04-30  Hervé Boutemyedit trunk branch
2018-04-24  Herve Boutemyupdated DOAP file with new Git repo content and latest... trunk
2018-04-14  Herve Boutemylittle update
2018-04-14  Herve Boutemylittle update
2018-04-14  Herve Boutemydisable pdf
2018-04-14  Herve Boutemyconfigured edit button
2018-04-14  Herve Boutemy[INFRA-16088] svnwcsub switched from CMS svn to the...
2018-04-12  Herve Boutemyprepare publication from Jenkins
2017-12-29  Herve Boutemymigrated CMS extpaths.txt to components+symlinks
2017-12-28  Herve BoutemyDoxia Sitetools 1.8 released
2017-12-22  Herve BoutemyDoxia 1.8 released
2017-11-04  Herve Boutemy[DOXIATOOLS-58] moved converter and linkcheck to Git
2017-10-22  Herve Boutemykeep reports even if pages are handwritten: keeps links...
2017-10-22  Herve Boutemyadded details on svn vs git components
2017-10-15  Herve Boutemyadded asciidoctor-maven-plugin
2016-11-15  Herve Boutemyadded Doxia Sitetools 1.7.4
2016-11-15  Herve Boutemyfixed multiple code repositories part
2016-11-05  Herve Boutemyadded initial Doxia DOAP descriptor
2016-10-27  Herve Boutemyupdated parent pom
2016-05-15  Herve Boutemyupdated Jira url
2016-04-17  Michael Osipov[DOXIA-491] Where are the binary downloads for Doxia...
2016-04-06  Herve Boutemyallow directory listing for archives
2016-03-02  Herve BoutemyJira moved from Codehaus to Apache
2016-02-14  Herve BoutemyDoxia Sitetools 1.7 released
2016-02-11  Herve Boutemyadded support for link from breadcrumb
2016-02-11  Herve Boutemyadded redirections for images and css pointed from...
2016-02-09  Herve Boutemyupdated site for Doxia 1.7
2016-02-02  Herve Boutemy[DOXIA-532] added ssi macro documentation
2016-01-25  Herve Boutemy[DOXIA-485] updated link to Anakia
2016-01-24  Herve Boutemy[DOXIA-535] updated documentation
2016-01-24  Herve Boutemyfixed typo
2015-12-28  Herve Boutemy[DOXIA-529] [DOXIA-492] added Macro support documentati...
2015-12-09  Herve Boutemyput Doxia logo in roght banner
2015-11-21  Herve Boutemyremoved distributionManagement: using CMS to build...
2015-11-21  Herve Boutemyimproved plugins configuration (using Maven site's...
2015-11-21  Herve Boutemyupdated parent pom (then moved to Fluido)
2014-07-01  Herve BoutemyDoxia base 1.6 and Doxia Site Tools 1.6 released
2014-07-01  Herve BoutemyDoxia base 1.6 and Doxia Site Tools 1.6 released
2014-06-30  Herve Boutemyadded doxia-tools-archives
2014-06-28  Herve Boutemyadded Extensions section with Doxia :: Include Macro...
2014-04-13  Herve Boutemyadded doxia-tools to extpaths.txt
2014-04-12  Herve Boutemycan't use SNAPSHOT parent
2014-04-12  Herve BoutemyDoxia 1.5 released
2014-04-12  Herve Boutemyupdated parent pom
2013-11-19  Herve Boutemyupdated m-site-p and doxia-module-markdown
2013-11-19  Michael Osipov[DOXIA-386] Snippet Macro: Reference file does not...
2013-04-27  Herve BoutemyDoxia 1.4 released
2013-04-27  Herve BoutemyDoxia 1.4 released
2013-04-25  Herve Boutemyfixed Doxia base 1.2 link
2013-04-11  Lukas Theusslfix link
2013-04-06  Robert Scholte[DOXIA-397] Cannot link to javadoc methods
2013-03-02  Olivier Lamyfix link
2013-01-25  Olivier Lamyno need to deploy site
2013-01-22  Herve Boutemyadded IDE files to svn:ignore
2013-01-22  Herve Boutemyupdated parent pom
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamybetter redirect
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyadd redirect
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyfix links
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyadd page
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyfix doxia ide page
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyfix extpath
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyadd path for eclipse plugin site
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyfix links
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyfix path
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyadd redirect
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamypopulate extpaths with new paths
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamycomment links to 1.1 and 1.0 we already have 1.3 and 1.2
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamydoxia-sitetools-1.2 content imported
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamydoxia-1.2 content imported.
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamydoxia-sitetools last version content imported.
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamydoxia folder imported
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamyfix comments/documentation
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamydirectory not anymore needed
2012-12-10  Joe Schaefertrivial change to generate site build
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamytest last maven parent snapshot
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamyfix site build
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamycompatible cms tree
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamyuse cms compatible tree
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamysvn:ignore
2012-12-10  Olivier Lamyuse a compliant cms tree