2018-11-20  rfscholteAdd JDK 12 (latest) master
2018-10-08  Karl Heinz... Exclude H31 cause master is failing constantly.
2018-09-21  rfscholteExclude H25
2018-08-26  rfscholteBack to all Windows nodes
2018-08-25  Karl Heinz... Removed exclusion of H31.
2018-08-24  rfscholte[INFRA-16893] verify long paths on Windows
2018-08-15  rfscholteWindows + M3.5.x = M3.5.2
2018-08-15  rfscholteBack to Windows label
2018-08-14  rfscholte[INFRA-16893] set Windows to windows-2016-1 node
2018-08-10  rfscholteUpgrade latest version of Maven
2018-08-01  Karl Heinz... H31 seemed to have issues.
2018-08-01  rfscholte[INFRA-16848] Nodes should be fixed
2018-07-31  rfscholteExclude windows-2012-1
2018-07-29  Karl Heinz... Get back ubuntu-eu2 and replaced it with windows-2016-1
2018-07-15  rfscholteTry another expression
2018-07-14  rfscholteAdd jenkinsEnv#nodeSelection to globally finetune node...
2018-07-01  Karl Heinz... Try to fix it.
2018-07-01  Karl Heinz... Looks like the API has changed.
2018-07-01  rfscholteUpdate JDKs
2018-06-29  rfscholteregex in switch/case are full match, not partial match
2018-06-29  rfscholteAdd jdkForMaven and mavenForJdk methods
2018-04-30  rfscholteAdd Java 11-ea
2018-03-28  rfscholteChange JDK10 on Windows to 'JDK 10 b46 (Windows Only)'
2018-03-25  rfscholteAdd JDK 10 (latest)
2018-01-19  rfscholteAdd JDK 10 b37 (early access build) (Windows Only)
2018-01-08  Stephen ConnollyStop commenting on INFRA tickets
2018-01-02  Stephen Connolly[CLOSES INFRA-15651] ubuntu-4 is confirmed fixed
2017-12-11  Stephen ConnollyTypowq
2017-12-11  Stephen ConnollyNoting INFRA-15651
2017-11-29  Stephen ConnollyAdd license headers
2017-11-29  Stephen Connollymore safety
2017-11-29  Stephen Connollytrying to debug failing build issue
2017-11-29  Stephen ConnollyFormatting
2017-11-29  Stephen Connollyformatting
2017-11-29  Stephen Connollydebugging
2017-11-29  Stephen Connollytweaks
2017-11-29  Stephen Connollytesting emailext templates
2017-11-29  Stephen Connollytesting emailext templates
2017-11-29  Stephen Connolly[MNG-6316] Set the build description to include jira...
2017-11-29  Stephen Connolly[MNG-6316] Pick up jira issue keys using selector
2017-11-29  Stephen Connolly[MNG-6316] Don't let JIRA step timeouts fail build
2017-11-29  Stephen Connolly[MNG-6316] Try adding JIRA notification
2017-11-29  Stephen ConnollyBetter commit message formatting
2017-11-28  Stephen ConnollyAdd another layer of unwrapping
2017-11-28  Stephen Connollytypo
2017-11-28  Stephen ConnollyLet's see if this works
2017-11-28  Stephen ConnollyAdd notify step
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyNo Maven 3.5.2 for windows
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyGroovy doesn't like to fall-through
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyInitial jenkinsEnv
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyUpdate README.adoc
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyAdd readme
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyAdd LICENSE