4 days ago  Karl Heinz... Add JDK 11 for building components. master
2018-11-23  rfscholteAlways show stacktrace
2018-10-06  rfscholteTry to shorten wsDir
2018-10-06  rfscholteUse def
2018-10-06  rfscholteenable tmpWs
2018-10-05  rfscholtedisable tmpWs
2018-10-05  rfscholteAdd option for temp workspace
2018-10-05  rfscholteFix arguments
2018-10-05  rfscholteTry to shorten path for Windows by using tempDir
2018-10-03  rfscholteAdd Java 11 to defaults
2018-10-03  Olivier Lamyno need to test anymore with '3.0.x'
2018-08-14  rfscholteTry to display PATH value
2018-08-12  rfscholteRevert "[INFRA-16893] Trying workaround"
2018-08-12  rfscholte[INFRA-16893] Trying workaround
2018-07-23  Karl Heinz... ubunut-eu2 is back online.
2018-07-21  Karl Heinz... INFRA-16749, INFRA-16768
2018-07-21  Karl Heinz... INFRA-16749, INFRA-16768
2018-07-15  rfscholteApply jenkinsEnv.nodeSelection
2018-07-14  rfscholteExclude ubuntu-eu2 due to lack of disk space
2018-07-14  Karl Heinz... Used the wrong comment style.
2018-07-14  Karl Heinz... INFRA-16749, INFRA-16768
2018-07-14  Karl Heinz... INFRA-16749, INFRA-16768
2018-07-14  Karl Heinz... INFRA-16749, INFRA-16768
2018-06-29  rfscholteDisable site plan, doesn't work with multimodules
2018-06-29  rfscholteRemove unused parameter
2018-06-29  rfscholteAlso run site goal
2018-06-29  rfscholtedir('m') was used twice
2018-06-29  rfscholteEnsure tasks on the same Jenkins instance don't block...
2018-06-29  rfscholteMake taskContext accessible for try-catch
2018-06-29  rfscholteIntroduce a shared taskContext to keep track of failures
2018-06-29  rfscholteMake failingFast global variable
2018-06-29  rfscholteSet https.protocols for Java7
2018-06-29  rfscholtePass 'failingFast'
2018-06-29  rfscholtePass 'failfast'
2018-06-29  rfscholtebuilds.a.o doesn't have a Maven 3.1.x
2018-06-29  rfscholteEnsure at least minimum required Java version is used
2018-06-29  rfscholtePass 'first'
2018-06-29  rfscholteScripts not permitted to use method java.util.Collectio...
2018-06-29  rfscholteAdd removeFromCollection() due to RejectedAccessExcepti...
2018-06-29  rfscholteAdd maven version to stageId
2018-06-29  rfscholteAdd asfMavenTlpPlgnBuild to run plugins with multiple...
2018-06-23  Karl Heinz... TLSv1.x being deactivated since June.
2018-05-17  HervĂ© Boutemyenable TLS 1.2 for Java 7
2018-04-07  Olivier Lamyrevert this one as well
2018-04-07  Olivier Lamyrevert as it seems to fail on jenkins asf
2018-04-07  Olivier LamyMerge pull request #1 from olamy/master
2018-04-07  Olivier Lamyauto deploy if we are currently on master branch 1/head
2018-03-25  rfscholteAdd JDK 10 to the jdk default
2018-01-02  Stephen ConnollySeems we have to live with duplicate changelogs
2018-01-02  Stephen Connollydebug
2018-01-02  Stephen Connollytake 2 on changelog optimization
2018-01-02  Stephen Connollysuppress duplicate changelogs
2018-01-02  Stephen ConnollyHandle other parts of the parallel being interrupted...
2018-01-02  Stephen ConnollyCorrectly attribute fast failure root node
2018-01-02  Stephen ConnollyCorrectly attribute fast failure root node
2018-01-02  Stephen Connollyfix scoping
2018-01-02  Stephen ConnollyBetter fail-fast diagnostics (hopefully)
2018-01-02  Stephen ConnollyBetter fail-fast diagnostics (hopefully)
2017-11-30  Stephen Connollycapture another
2017-11-30  Stephen ConnollyAha\! first was being evaluated after adding the task
2017-11-30  Stephen Connollybuild the command line in more extensible way
2017-11-30  Stephen Connollysyntax take 5
2017-11-30  Stephen Connollysyntax ftw
2017-11-30  Stephen ConnollyBetter report collection optimization
2017-11-30  Stephen ConnollyAllow 'jdk' or 'jdks'
2017-11-30  Stephen Connollysyntax again
2017-11-30  Stephen Connollysyntax
2017-11-30  Stephen ConnollyNo need to collect findbugs etc on anything other than...
2017-11-29  Stephen ConnollyEnsure the email on failure is always sent if we start...
2017-11-29  Stephen ConnollyAllow failing tests to be recorded as unstable build
2017-11-29  Stephen ConnollyMore tweaking... ffs pipeline you don't make it easy...
2017-11-29  Stephen Connolly[JENKINS-34376] Workaround Jenkins issue to detect...
2017-11-29  Stephen Connolly[MNG-6316] Add an explicit notification stage
2017-11-28  Stephen ConnollyAdd notify step
2017-11-26  Stephen Connollydir hack
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyAdd Java 9
2017-11-26  Stephen Connollydebugging
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyOoops forgot to add Readme
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyAdd initial draft standard build from episode 5
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyAdd readme
2017-11-26  Stephen ConnollyAdd LICENSE