2018-10-31  Hervé Boutemyadded a link to plugin documentation master
2018-10-29  Jesper Udby[JXR-141] Invalid HTML generation when having multiple...
2018-09-22  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-09-22  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jxr-3.0.0 jxr-3.0.0
2018-09-22  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of jxr...
2018-09-22  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jxr-3.0.0
2018-09-22  rfscholteUpdate parent to 33
2018-09-22  rfscholteRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jxr...
2018-09-22  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-09-22  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jxr-3.0.0
2018-09-22  rfscholteFix Javadoc
2018-09-21  Jesper Udby[JXR-140] Proper URL handling
2018-09-21  Jesper Udby[JXR-110] Use equivalent css/images of javadoc
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemy[MPOM-205] use sha512 checksums instead of sha1
2018-08-29  Hervé Boutemy[MNGSITE-341] use https for sigs, hashes and KEYS
2018-08-19  Hervé Boutemy[INFRA-16467] move components documentation out of...
2018-08-19  Karl Heinz... Added GitHub Template.
2018-08-10  rfscholteAdd contribution documentation
2018-08-09  Karl Heinz... Merge pull request #9 from diakogiannis/master
2018-07-31  rfscholteAdd contributors
2018-07-30  AlinaJXR-135: IT and some refactoring
2018-07-29  Jesper Udby[JXR-135] Invalid representation of inner class
2018-07-29  Jesper Udby[JXR-68] ignores classes with same name in other packages
2018-07-27  Alexius DiakogiannisGreek localization version of 9/head
2018-07-19  rfscholte[JXR-139] Failing IT for JDK9+
2018-07-01  rfscholteChange version to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT, since it is Maven3...
2018-06-30  rfscholte[JXR-125] Upgrade to Maven 3.0 compatiblity
2018-06-30  rfscholtetry-with-resources
2018-06-30  rfscholteAdd @Override
2018-06-30  rfscholteReplace File/String with Path where possible
2018-06-30  rfscholteStart replacing String/File with Path
2018-06-30  rfscholteRequire Java 7
2018-06-30  rfscholteReplace 1-length Strings with char when possible
2018-06-30  rfscholteReplace StringBuffer with StringBuilder
2018-06-30  rfscholteReplace all Vector instances
2018-06-30  rfscholte[JXR-100] Method declaration: using spaces before or...
2018-06-30  rfscholteSwitch to asfMavenTlpPlgnBuild
2018-05-11  Hervé Boutemy[MNGSITE-328] use sha1 checksum instead of md5
2018-03-30  Karl Heinz... [JXR-138] - Upgrade parent to 31
2018-03-29  Karl Heinz... [JXR-137] - Upgrade mave-surefire/failsafe-plugin 2...
2018-02-20  Hervé Boutemyremoved configuration inherited from old svn days
2017-12-30  Karl Heinz... [JXR-136] Upgrade plexus-utils 3.1.0
2017-11-27  Stephen ConnollyAdd Jenkinsfile
2017-11-12  Bhavana HindupurFix typos in AbstractJxrReport.
2017-10-22  Hervé Boutemyimproved .gitignore
2017-10-22  Hervé Boutemy[JXR-134] switched to Git
2016-06-21  Christian Schulte[JXR-132] Aggregator reports should not require modules... trunk
2016-06-21  Christian Schulte[JXR-131] Reports 'jxr' and 'test-jxr' do not contain...
2016-06-21  Christian Schulte[JXR-130] Upgrade of commons-io to 2.5.
2016-06-21  Christian Schulte[JXR-129] Upgrade of plexus-utils to 3.0.24.
2016-06-12  Karl Heinz... [JXR-128] Upgrade maven parent to version 30
2016-05-15  Herve Boutemydon't fail with Maven < 3.2.5
2016-05-15  Herve BoutemyMaven parent 27 released
2016-05-15  Herve Boutemyupdated Jira url
2016-05-15  Herve Boutemyupdated Jira url
2015-06-19  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-243] Fixed wrong link.
2015-03-30  Herve Boutemychanged svnpubsub url from /content to /components
2014-12-20  Michael Osipov[JXR-98] Nested classes aren't linked correctly
2014-12-20  Michael Osipov[JXR-127] Create anchor for classes generated from...
2014-11-26  Michael Osipov[JXR-126] File write using platform default encoding
2014-11-22  Karl Heinz... [JXR-124] Remove excluded DEPENDENCIES file if new...
2014-11-02  Karl Heinz... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-11-02  Karl Heinz... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release jxr-2.5
2014-11-01  Karl Heinz... [JXR-117] Added hint about the special case.
2014-11-01  Karl Heinz... [JXR-123]
2014-11-01  Karl Heinz... [JXR-122]
2014-11-01  Karl Heinz... [JXR-120]
2014-11-01  Karl Heinz... - Undone changes based on the canceled vote.
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release jxr-2.5
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [JXR-121]
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [JXR-114]
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [JXR-115]
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [JXR-119]
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [JXR-119]
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [JXR-118]
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [JXR-116]
2014-10-26  Karl Heinz... [JXR-112]
2014-09-29  Karl Heinz... [JXR-113]
2014-09-29  Karl Heinz... [JXR-112]
2014-09-29  Karl Heinz... [JXR-111]
2014-06-25  Herve Boutemy[MNGSITE-152] moved license and download links to relea...
2014-06-24  Herve Boutemy[MNGSITE-152] added license and download links
2014-04-14  Herve Boutemyuse Java 5 constructs
2014-04-13  Herve Boutemy[JXR-109] use maven-plugin-tools' java 5 annotations
2014-04-13  Herve Boutemyupdated parent pom
2014-04-06  Dennis LundbergAdd missing license headers, and a couple of excludes...
2013-12-10  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-12-10  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jxr-2.4
2013-12-10  Michael OsipovAuto version submodules by default during release.
2013-12-10  Michael OsipovRely during site generation on the currect version...
2013-12-10  Michael OsipovRemove links.apt altogether. All links are either dead...
2013-12-10  Michael Osipov[JXR-106] Remove Maven 1.x from docs
2013-12-09  Michael Osipov- Remove breadcrumb to have proper navigation
2013-12-09  Michael OsipovCorrect <content> value of scm publish to publish-scm...
2013-12-08  Michael OsipovCorrected spelling.
2013-12-08  Herve Boutemyupdated svnpubsub configuration
2013-12-07  Michael Osipov- Make Javadoc Plugin quiet
2013-11-23  Michael Osipov[JXR-85] JXR generates files with inconsistent line...
2013-11-23  Michael Osipov[JXR-61] Include bottom text in all pages