descriptionApache Maven Parent POMs
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 4 Nov 2017 10:08:35 +0000 (11:08 +0100)
2017-11-04  Hervé Boutemy[MPOM-171] switched to Git master
2017-09-09  Herve Boutemyfixed site generation after r1804252: maven-parent...
2017-09-08  Herve Boutemyadded excludes for .repository/ directory that may...
2017-08-08  Guillaume BouéMove gboue to the list of PMC members
2017-08-08  Anders HammarChanged my role to PMC member (from committer)
2017-08-06  Herve Boutemyupdated site parent
2017-07-30  Herve Boutemy[MPOM-167] removed mavenInvokerPluginVersion property...
2017-02-12  Guillaume Boué[MPOM-162] Replace usage of the deprecated sourceDirect...
2017-02-11  Michael OsipovForgot to close element
2017-02-11  Michael Osipov[MPOM-161] Configure Javadoc Plugin in build and report...
2017-02-11  Michael Osipov[MPOM-160] Add locale 'en' to Javadoc Plugin configuration
2017-01-28  Herve Boutemyadded Maven Artifact Resolver to Maven Projects list
2016-12-18  Guillaume Boué[MPOM-152] Upgrade maven-checkstyle-plugin to 2.17.
2016-12-18  Christian Schulte[MSHARED-603] Upgrade maven-shared-resources to 2.
2016-12-18  Christian Schulte[MPOM-157] Upgrade maven-shared-resources to 2.
2016-12-18  Christian Schulteo Temporarily set to latest SNAPSHOT version.
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3 years ago maven-parent-24 maven-parent-24
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6 years ago maven-parent-21 maven-parent-21
6 years ago maven-parent-20 maven-parent-20
6 years ago maven-parent-19 maven-parent-19
6 years ago maven-parent-18 maven-parent-18
7 years ago maven-parent-17 maven-parent-17
7 years ago maven-parent-16 maven-parent-16
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8 years ago maven-parent-14 maven-parent-14
8 years ago maven-parent-13 maven-parent-13
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