2009-06-25  Lukas Theussl[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pdf-plugin-1.0 maven-pdf-plugin-1.0
2009-06-25  Lukas TheusslUse the old release id
2009-06-25  Lukas Theussladd release profile for assembly
2009-06-24  Lukas Theussluse released doxia
2009-06-24  Lukas Theussluse mavenVersion 2.0.9, this still works when running...
2009-06-23  Vincent Sivetono using another maven logo
2009-06-23  Lukas Theussladd test for missing document descriptor
2009-06-23  Lukas TheusslFix order of arguments, this revealed a missing dep...
2009-06-23  Lukas TheusslTest DescriptorReader and filtering
2009-06-23  Lukas TheusslExpand ModelBuilderTest to include authors and organization
2009-06-22  Lukas TheusslTest DocumentModelBuilder with site descriptor
2009-06-22  Vincent Sivetono improved documentation
2009-06-22  Lukas TheusslTest for DocumentModelBuilder and DateBean
2009-06-22  Vincent Sivetono improved usage page and site
2009-06-22  Vincent Sivetono typo
2009-06-22  Vincent Sivetono specify xsds in xml tests files
2009-06-22  Vincent Sivetono improved image resolution faq
2009-06-22  Vincent Sivetono improved the cover
2009-06-21  Lukas TheusslCheckstyle fixes
2009-06-21  Lukas Theussladd note about merging models
2009-06-20  Lukas TheusslUse SiteTool's getRelativePath
2009-06-19  Lukas TheusslFactor out some re-usable stuff.
2009-06-10  Vincent Sivetono updated to latest MPIR
2009-06-07  Vincent SivetonMPDF-15: New parameter to generate aggregate document...
2009-06-05  Vincent Sivetono added more meta and cover informations
2009-06-05  Vincent Sivetono improved French bundle
2009-06-04  Vincent Sivetono fixed build due to r781185
2009-06-01  Vincent Sivetono specify default creator and creation date
2009-05-31  Vincent Sivetono using default-value instead of expression to improve...
2009-05-31  Vincent Sivetono added new example in the pdf descriptor
2009-05-31  Vincent Sivetono update doc
2009-05-31  Vincent SivetonMPDF-14: Outputdirectory contains always working files
2009-05-31  Vincent Sivetono added l10n reporting plugin
2009-05-30  Vincent Sivetono sort members
2009-05-30  Vincent Sivetono removed unnecessary abstract class
2009-05-30  Vincent Sivetono using iso 8601 date format
2009-05-30  Vincent Sivetono pom convention
2009-05-30  Vincent SivetonMPDF-13: Copy resources from skin artifact
2009-05-27  Lukas TheusslAdd a test file to demonstrate entities
2009-05-27  Vincent Sivetono add implementation param due to r779138
2009-05-27  Vincent Sivetono fixed plexus expression for the implementation parameter
2009-05-17  Vincent Sivetono added date support for interpolation
2009-05-17  Lukas TheusslAdd filtering page to pdf, fix link
2009-05-16  Vincent Sivetono typo
2009-05-16  Vincent Sivetono add a note about document metadata
2009-05-16  Vincent Sivetono fixed date time
2009-05-16  Vincent Sivetono added plexus-interpolation dep
2009-05-16  Vincent Sivetono improved properties filtering
2009-05-16  Vincent Sivetono added xmls and fix coverdate
2009-05-15  Lukas Theussladapt after r775273.
2009-05-14  Lukas TheusslPostpone release until doxia is ready
2009-05-14  Lukas Theussl[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2009-05-14  Lukas Theussl[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pdf-plugin-1.0
2009-05-14  Lukas TheusslRemove SNAPSHOT
2009-05-09  Vincent Sivetono removed Plexus conf due to r773202
2009-05-08  Lukas TheusslUpdate docs with info about cover page configuration.
2009-05-07  Vincent Sivetono readingness
2009-05-07  Vincent SivetonMPDF-1: Ability to use pom properties in pdf.xml
2009-05-07  Vincent Sivetono added license header
2009-05-07  Vincent Sivetono generate serialVersionUID
2009-05-06  Lukas TheusslBump to latest site plugin. Add pdf document cover.
2009-05-06  Lukas TheusslBetter default document descriptor
2009-05-06  Vincent SivetonMPDF-9: Use site.xml for PDF document structure
2009-05-06  Vincent Sivetono readingness
2009-05-06  Vincent Sivetono using getter for methods
2009-05-06  Vincent SivetonMPDF-1: Ability to use pom properties in pdf.xml
2009-04-08  Lukas TheusslDocument how to override layout properties (MPDF-5)
2009-04-08  Lukas TheusslThrow out some limitations
2009-04-02  Lukas TheusslAdd faqs for images
2009-03-19  Brett Leslie... update JIRA url
2009-03-13  Benjamin Bentmanno Added missing metadata
2009-03-12  Lukas TheusslTest latest doxia
2009-03-12  Lukas TheusslPromote pdf plugin out of the sandbox.