descriptionApache Maven release
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 22 Oct 2017 09:33:53 +0000 (11:33 +0200)
2017-10-22  Hervé Boutemy[MRELEASE-990] switched to Git master
2017-03-20  Robert ScholteMRELEASE-979: Partial revert, which disabled most ITs trunk
2017-03-18  Robert Scholte[MRELEASE-979] Support NamingPolicies to manage Branch...
2017-03-05  Robert Scholte[MRELEASE-968] Maven release plugin missing plexus...
2017-03-04  Robert Scholte[MRELEASE-979] Support NamingPolicies to manage Branch...
2017-02-02  Robert Scholte[MRELEASE-979] Support NamingPolicies to manage Branch...
2017-01-19  Guillaume Boué[MRELEASE-977] release:branch should prompt for branch...
2017-01-09  Guillaume Boué[MRELEASE-976] release:branch should also support proje...
2017-01-08  Guillaume Boué[MRELEASE-975] NPE when using an unknown project versio...
2017-01-08  Guillaume Boué[MRELEASE-964] Error injecting: org.apache.maven.shared...
2016-11-11  Guillaume Boué[MRELEASE-966] release plugin does not respect "mvn -f"
2016-07-10  Karl Heinz... [MRELEASE-958] Using three digit version number (semver)
2016-06-10  Michael Osipov[MRELEASE-896] Disable and deprecate useReleaseProfile...
2016-06-10  Michael OsipovBump version to 3.0-SNAPSHOT due to the upcoming changes
2016-06-10  Michael Osipov[MRELEASE-356] Deprecate the automated release profile
2016-05-21  Robert ScholteSimplify RewritePomXPhase Components: maintain in code...
2 years ago maven-release-2.5.3 maven-release-2.5.3
2 years ago maven-release-2.5.2 maven-release-2.5.2
3 years ago maven-release-2.5.1 maven-release-2.5.1
3 years ago maven-release-2.5 maven-release-2.5
4 years ago maven-release-2.4.2 maven-release-2.4.2
4 years ago maven-release-2.4.1 maven-release-2.4.1
4 years ago maven-release-2.4 maven-release-2.4
5 years ago maven-release-2.3.2 maven-release-2.3.2
5 years ago maven-release-2.3.1 maven-release-2.3.1
5 years ago maven-release-2.3 maven-release-2.3
5 years ago maven-release-2.2.2 maven-release-2.2.2
6 years ago maven-release-2.2.1 maven-release-2.2.1
6 years ago maven-release-2.2 maven-release-2.2
7 years ago maven-release-2.1 maven-release-2.1
7 years ago maven-release-2.0 maven-release-2.0
8 years ago maven-release-2.0-beta-9 maven-release-2.0-beta-9
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