descriptionApache Maven Resolver Ant Tasks
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2018-02-15  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-02-15  rfscholte[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-resolver... maven-resolver-ant-tasks-1.1.1
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2017-11-26  Manfred MoserUpdated SCM tag info to new gitbox/github setup
2017-05-28  Hervé Boutemy[MNG-6007] more renames from "aether" to "resolver"
2017-05-26  Hervé Boutemyadded "see also" links
2017-05-26  Hervé Boutemyupdated to Maven Artifact Resolver 1.0.3
2017-01-22  Hervé Boutemy[MRESOLVER-16] added standard license link and download...
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