descriptionApache Maven Scm
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 27 Jun 2018 21:06:10 +0000 (23:06 +0200)
2018-06-27  Thorsten Heit[SCM-805] Add SVN --pin-externals option to copy comman... master
2018-06-18  Hervé Boutemy[INFRA-16467] move components documentation out of...
2018-05-27  olivier lamyget rid of svn legacy
2018-05-26  Hervé Boutemyfixed issues reported by Checkstyle
2018-05-24  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-05-24  Michael Osipov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-scm-1... maven-scm-1.10.0
2018-05-24  Michael OsipovFix Javadoc error with Zulu 7
2018-05-23  Michael OsipovRemove superfluous Git hook files SCM-885
2018-05-23  Michael OsipovExplicitly set content handling of bare Git repos
2018-05-23  Matthieu Brouillard[SCM-885] Extend GitChangeLogCommand by using revision...
2018-05-18  Ilya Basin[SCM-868] gitexe add() does not return added files... SCM-868
2018-05-15  Matthieu Brouillard[SCM-886] Tests with checkin rely on global git config SCM-886
2018-05-15  Timothy Vail[SCM-888] Changelog generation fails on Windows with...
2018-05-11  Hervé Boutemy[MNGSITE-328] use sha1 checksum instead of md5
2018-05-11  Rado Murin[SCM-797] gitexe checkIn() fails due to Windows command... SCM-797
2018-05-11  Michael Osipov[SCM-887] Plexus Utils 3.0.24 makes some tests fail SCM-887
7 weeks ago maven-scm-1.10.0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 years ago maven-scm-1.9.5 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 years ago maven-scm-1.9.4 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 years ago maven-scm-1.9.3 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 years ago maven-scm-1.9.2 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 years ago maven-scm-1.9.1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
4 years ago maven-scm-1.9 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
5 years ago maven-scm-1.8.1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
5 years ago maven-scm-1.8 maven-scm-1.8
6 years ago maven-scm-1.7 maven-scm-1.7
6 years ago maven-scm-1.6 maven-scm-1.6
7 years ago maven-scm-1.5 maven-scm-1.5
7 years ago maven-scm-1.4 maven-scm-1.4
8 years ago maven-scm-1.3 maven-scm-1.3
9 years ago maven-scm-1.2 maven-scm-1.2
9 years ago maven-scm-1.1 maven-scm-1.1
2 weeks ago master
7 weeks ago SCM-885
8 weeks ago SCM-868
2 months ago SCM-886
2 months ago SCM-797
2 months ago SCM-887
2 months ago SCM-869
2 months ago SCM-824
3 months ago SCM-763
3 months ago SCM-877
3 months ago SCM-748
3 months ago SCM-875
3 years ago MRELEASE-875
5 years ago SCM-435
9 years ago scm-1.1.x