2015-12-10  Karl Heinz... [MSHARED-476] Removed the empty interface MultiChannelM...
2015-12-10  Karl Heinz... Fixed checkstyle reported issues.
2015-12-08  Karl Heinz... Cleanedup more checkstyle reported errors/warnings.
2015-12-08  Karl Heinz... Cleaned up several checkstyle reported errors/warnings.
2015-12-07  Karl Heinz... Fixed several checkstyle reported errors/warnings.
2015-12-07  Karl Heinz... More Java5 like code usage.
2015-12-06  Karl Heinz... Renamed to and removed
2015-12-06  Karl Heinz... [MSHARED-473] Upgrade Maven 3.X Only JDK 1.6
2015-12-06  Karl Heinz... [MSHARED-472] Upgrade maven-shared-utils to 3.0.0
2015-12-06  Karl Heinz... [MSHARED-471] Upgrade maven-shared-components parent...
2015-11-17  Herve Boutemy[MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
2015-06-19  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-243] Fixed wrong link.
2015-04-06  Herve Boutemymoved Jira from Codehaus to Apache
2015-03-30  Herve Boutemychanged svnpubsub url from /content to /components
2014-10-30  Herve Boutemyupgraded parent pom
2014-05-18  Herve Boutemys/plugins/shared/
2014-05-18  Herve Boutemyadded license header
2014-05-14  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-152]
2014-05-14  Karl Heinz... [MNGSITE-152]
2014-04-03  Herve Boutemyreverted shared-utils version update since it causes...
2014-03-31  Herve Boutemyupdated maven-shared-utils
2014-03-31  Herve Boutemyupdated parent pom
2013-12-04  Olivier LamyUpgrade the dependency on Easymock to 3.2 for maven...
2013-11-12  Herve Boutemyconfigured site deploy to /shared-archives/<artifactId...
2013-07-23  Dennis LundbergFollow ASF branding rules.
2013-03-31  Olivier Lamyuse shared utils released version
2013-03-04  Olivier Lamyuse last shared parent 19
2012-10-15  Kristian Rosenvoldo Moved to different method
2012-10-10  Kristian Rosenvoldo Further minor fixes
2012-10-10  Kristian Rosenvoldo Added some generics, cleaned up
2012-10-10  Kristian Rosenvoldo Minor fixes
2012-08-31  Mark StrubergMSHARED-239 remove a few more p-u classes and dependencies
2012-08-31  Mark StrubergMSHARED-239 replace plexus-utils with maven-shared...
2012-08-13  Olivier Lamyupgrade parent version
2011-09-01  Herve Boutemyadded javadoc and jxr reports links in top-level menu
2011-04-20  Olivier Lamyupgrade parent version fix relativePath warning for m3
2010-08-07  Herve Boutemyupdated issue management urls to point precisely to...
2009-09-16  John Dennis... removing one-off source release assemblies (and config...
2009-02-28  Benjamin Bentmanno Used* for schema location
2009-02-21  Benjamin Bentmanno Formatted POMs
2009-02-21  Benjamin Bentmanno Inherited from maven-shared-components:11
2009-02-14  Brian E Foxuse the new parent
2008-11-01  Herve Boutemyremoved unused import
2008-09-22  Benjamin Bentmanno Inherited from maven-shared-components:10
2008-08-01  Benjamin Bentmanno Updated SCM URL for web access
2008-04-11  Brian E Foxuse the latest released parent
2007-11-21  Vincent Siveton[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2007-11-21  Vincent Siveton[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-shared... maven-shared-io-1.1
2007-11-21  Vincent Sivetono removed reporting part, preferred parent
2007-11-21  Vincent Sivetono bumped to parent:8
2007-11-20  Vincent Sivetono not appending level label if onDemandSink exists
2007-11-17  Vincent Sivetono added prerequisite due to 595953
2007-11-17  Herve Boutemymake encoding handling more explicit
2007-11-17  Vincent Sivetono updated description
2007-11-17  Vincent Sivetono lock surefire-plugin version to 2.3 to avoid Plexus pb
2007-11-17  Vincent Sivetono updated license header
2007-08-06  John Dennis... Allow specification of a default classfier, in addition...
2007-07-26  John Dennis... git-svn-id:
2007-06-14  Brett Leslie... align parents to latest release (snapshot has nothing...
2006-12-16  Fabrizio Giustinamove remote-resources out of the profile and remove...
2006-12-16  Fabrizio Giustinaalign parent to the last released version, fix/add...
2006-12-11  Jason van Zylo i don't think the fileset stuff is released yet,...
2006-12-04  Jason van Zyl[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2006-12-04  Jason van Zyl[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-shared... maven-shared-io-1.0
2006-12-04  Jason van Zylo update to the latest released parent POM
2006-07-19  John Dennis... Adding multi-channel support for message holders, corre...
2006-06-17  John Dennis... Cleaning up pom.
2006-06-09  John Dennis... Fixing some buffer problems in the default message...
2006-06-08  John Dennis... All but the scanning tools are tested with coverage...
2006-06-06  John Dennis... Added locator reimplementation which is based on config...
2006-03-28  John Dennis... Checking in small changes to Locator stuff, along with...
2006-03-27  Brett Leslie... clean up POMs
2006-02-28  John Dennis... Adding download manager that uses wagons to download...
2005-12-28  Carlos Sanchez... Removed non existand modules
2005-12-18  John Dennis... Adding shared utilities to scan for stale resources...