2019-02-01  Hervé Boutemyplexus-containers is now on master branch master
2018-11-25  Hervé Boutemyreorganized directories to match https://maven.apache...
2018-07-21  Hervé Boutemyplexus-containers useful branch is plexus-containers-1.x
2018-06-23  Hervé Boutemymoved resolver to core directory
2018-05-06  Hervé Boutemyadded
2018-05-01  Hervé Boutemymaven-site.git and maven-doxia-site.git use master...
2018-04-30  Hervé BoutemyMaven site & Doxia site switched to GitBox
2018-03-24  Hervé Boutemy[MARCHETYPES-60] Archetypes Bundles switched to Git
2018-03-18  Hervé Boutemy[ARCHETYPE-542] Archetype switched from Git-WIP to...
2018-03-18  Hervé Boutemy[MNG-6377] Maven core & ITs switched from Git-WIP to...
2018-03-18  Hervé Boutemy[MINDEXER-109] indexer switched from Git-WIP to GitBox
2018-03-18  Hervé Boutemy[MPLUGINTESTING-54] plugin-testing switched from Git...
2018-03-18  Hervé Boutemy[RESOLVER-44] resolver switched from Git-WIP to GitBox
2018-03-18  Hervé Boutemy[SCM-876] scm switched from Git-WIP to GitBox
2018-03-18  Hervé Boutemy[SUREFIRE-1504] Surefire switch from Git-WIP to GitBox
2018-03-18  Hervé Boutemy[WAGON-504] wagon switched from Git-WIP to GitBox
2018-02-05  Hervé Boutemyadded studies repo for studies/experiments = git-native...
2018-01-06  Hervé Boutemyremaining svn2git mirrors are now available
2017-12-30  Hervé BoutemyINFRA Jira issues for missing svn2git mirrors
2017-12-30  Karl Heinz... Added missing maven-file-management.git repository.
2017-12-30  Hervé Boutemyadded revision='trunk' for svn2git mirrors
2017-12-30  Hervé Boutemyprepare Apache import as maven-sources.git
2017-12-30  Hervé Boutemyadded svn2git mirrors (and missing mirrors in comments)
2017-12-30  Hervé Boutemyadded Apache License
2017-12-20  Hervé Boutemyadded Plexus repos
2017-12-09  Hervé Boutemyshared and plugins moved to git
2017-11-29  Hervé Boutemyresolver-ant-tasks has now its own gitbox repo
2017-11-29  Hervé Boutemyadded jenkins env & lib
2017-11-23  Hervé Boutemy[MRESOLVER-28] demos merged in maven-resolver
2017-11-04  Hervé Boutemys/gitbox/origin/
2017-11-04  Hervé Boutemyadded pom/* doxia-tools/* skins/*
2017-11-01  Hervé Boutemyadded 6 test repositories
2017-11-01  Hervé Boutemyadded README
2017-11-01  Hervé Boutemyadded every Maven git repo
2017-11-01  Hervé Boutemyinit default repo