2018-11-17  Kasper SørensenMerge branch 'METAMODEL-1159-composite-query' master
2018-11-09  Kasper SørensenMerge branch 'master' into METAMODEL-1159-composite... METAMODEL-1159-composite-query 16/head 17/head
2018-11-09  Kasper SørensenMerge branch 'master' into metamodel-5.1.0 metamodel-5.1.0 14/head 18/head
2018-11-09  Kasper SørensenFixed build
2018-11-08  Kasper SørensenAdded 2 test requests to postman to show federated...
2018-11-08  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1159: Added a federated datasource type scope...
2018-11-08  Kasper SørensenUpgraded MetaModel dependency to v. 5.1.0 (latest)
2017-11-10  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-11-10  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release Membrane-parent-0.1 Membrane-parent-0.1
2017-11-08  Kasper SørensenRemoved release-staging repository (no longer needed) 13/head
2017-11-05  Kasper SørensenUpdated MetaModel dependency to v. 5.0 by using staged...
2017-10-04  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1166: Fixed caching of tenant and data source...
2017-10-01  Kasper SørensenImproved postman tests and logging. Fixes #11
2017-09-29  Kasper SørensenUpdated docker-compose image to official `apache/metamo... 10/head
2017-09-08  Kasper SørensenMerge branch 'master' into METAMODEL-1153 7/head
2017-08-24  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1158: Added handling for data sources that... METAMODEL-1158-validation-fix 9/head
2017-08-22  Kasper SørensenAttempt to run postman tests with Travis CI. 8/head
2017-08-22  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1153: Added endpoint for DELETE data source
2017-08-20  Kasper SørensenFixed issue in assigning database name when it shouldnt... 6/head
2017-08-20  Kasper SørensenAdded postman tests based on the setup created by docke...
2017-08-20  Kasper SørensenMade docker build orchestrate everything (for DockerHub...
2017-08-19  Kasper SørensenMerge branch 'metamodel-5.0-rc4'
2017-08-19  Kasper SørensenUpdated
2017-08-15  Kasper SørensenUpdated Membrane to depend on MetaModel 5.0-RC4 5/head
2017-08-11  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1154: Added model for doing deletes and updat... 4/head
2017-08-09  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1149: Updated
2017-08-06  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1149: Packaging of META-INF files for DataCon... 3/head
2017-08-06  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1149: Created a file-based tenant registry...
2017-08-02  Kasper SørensenFixed the `jersey.version` property naming in pom.xml swagger-codegen-model 2/head
2017-08-01  Kasper SørensenFixed license header
2017-08-01  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1147: Fixed tests and use of Jackson ObjectMa...
2017-08-01  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1147: Created controller models with swagger...
2017-07-31  Kasper SørensenMerge branch 'initial-codebase' of https://git-wip... initial-codebase 1/head
2017-07-31  Kasper SørensenUpdated MM dependency to 5.0-RC3
2017-07-27  Kasper SørensenFixed EOL and some final statements as per review
2017-07-23  Kasper SørensenRemoved incomplete swagger-ui setup
2017-07-23  Kasper SørensenAdded initial codebase, adapted from MetaModel REST...
2017-07-23  Kasper SørensenCreated initial project structure and build setup