2017-05-02  Kasper SørensenRemoved Java 7 build from Travis CI config 142/head
2017-05-02  Kasper SørensenRemoved strange comment-line as pointed out by Tomasz G.
2017-04-29  Kasper SørensenDeprecated Ref, Func and Predicate in favor of java...
2017-01-31  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-01-31  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release MetaModel-4.6.0 MetaModel-4.6.0
2017-01-31  Kasper SørensenUsing version 4.6.0 since new features (DynamoDB) was...
2017-01-31  Kasper SørensenUpdated before release
2017-01-28  Kasper SørensenUpdated for METAMODEL-1133
2017-01-28  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1136: New Amazon DynamoDB connector
2017-01-28  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1134: Fixed
2016-12-21  rposkocilMETAMODEL-1132: Fixed
2016-11-13  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-11-13  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release MetaModel-4.5.5 MetaModel-4.5.5
2016-11-13  Kasper SørensenUpdated line-endings
2016-11-11  kaspersorensenUpdated CHANGES file with METAMODEL-1128
2016-11-11  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-1128: Fixed
2016-11-01  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1127: Fixed setting of null Map on postgres
2016-10-27  Kasper SørensenFixed toString() method of insert-builder. Fixes #134
2016-10-20  kasperUpdated README with the new Confluence wiki URL
2016-10-13  JuslwkMETAMODEL-1123: Fixed. METAMODEL-1124: Fixed.
2016-10-13  Dennis Du KrøgerMETAMODEL-1119: Fixed
2016-10-09  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1122: Fixed
2016-10-09  Kasper SørensenFixes #131: Improved query builder support for "group...
2016-09-21  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-1118: Fixed
2016-09-06  Arjan SeijkensMETAMODEL-1114: Fixed
2016-09-06  Arjan SeijkensMETAMODEL-1113: Fixed
2016-08-30  Laxmi Lal MenariaAdded missing SQL keywords
2016-08-22  kaspersorensenUpdated
2016-08-22  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1115: Fixed by exposing new SalesforceDataCon...
2016-08-11  Kasper SørensenUpdated
2016-08-11  Kasper SørensenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-08-11  Jakub HorcickaMETAMODEL-1109: Fixed
2016-08-09  Jakub HorcickaMETAMODEL-1111: Fixed
2016-08-02  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-08-02  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release MetaModel-4.5.4 MetaModel-4.5.4
2016-08-02  Kasper SørensenFixed javadoc issue and other minor code issues prior...
2016-08-02  Kasper SørensenPreparing prior to release
2016-08-02  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-250: Added support for EBCDIC files
2016-07-29  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-1106: Fixed bug when JDBC column is named...
2016-07-29  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-1099: Implemented DataContextFactory SPI...
2016-07-28  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-1104: Fixed broken unittest
2016-07-25  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-1107: Fixed
2016-07-15  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-1103: Fixed
2016-07-13  Claudia PesuMETAMODEL-1102 Separated FixedWidthLineParser
2016-07-11  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1099: Added ServiceLoader based registry...
2016-06-25  Kasper SørensenFixes #105
2016-06-14  Dennis Du KrøgerUpdate with newest change
2016-06-13  Dennis Du KrøgerMETAMODEL-1093: Close compiled ResultSets
2016-06-09  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1094: Fixed
2016-06-09  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1086: Fixed
2016-05-30  Alberto RodriguezMETAMODEL-1088: Fixed #106
2016-05-16  kaspersorensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-05-16  kaspersorensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release MetaModel-4.5.3 MetaModel-4.5.3
2016-05-16  kaspersorensenWrapped up the 4.5.3 section in
2016-05-16  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-241: Fixed 102/head
2016-05-13  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-1082: Fixed
2016-05-13  Dennis Du KrøgerMETAMODEL-252: Fixed
2016-05-13  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-244: Addition for Excel
2016-05-03  Tomasz GuzialekUpdate
2016-05-02  Tomasz GuzialekMerging patch from
2016-04-28  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-247: Fixed
2016-04-26  kaspersorensenMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-26  kaspersorensenUpdated
2016-04-26  kaspersorensenMoved test to DelegatingIntrinsicSwitchColumnNamingStra... 96/head
2016-04-26  kaspersorensenRemoved DefaultColumnNamingStrategy in favor of a facto...
2016-04-26  kaspersorensenAdded underscore to generated name's suffix
2016-04-24  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-242: Fixed
2016-04-24  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-244: Moved to pkg org.apache.metamodel.schema...
2016-04-24  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-244: Implemented naming strategy support...
2016-04-24  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-244: Scoped the column naming session and...
2016-04-22  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-244: Refactored fixedwidth module a bit and...
2016-04-22  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-244: Made ColumnNamingStrategy available...
2016-04-21  kaspersorensenFixed typo in .gitignore. Updated
2016-04-21  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-225: Fixed 95/head
2016-04-21  kaspersorensenMETAMODEL-235: Fixed 94/head
2016-03-22  Kasper SørensenMoved javadoc exclude to parent pom to fix 'mvn javadoc... 92/head
2016-03-19  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-03-19  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release MetaModel-4.5.2 MetaModel-4.5.2
2016-03-10  Kasper SørensenFixes 'mvn javadoc:javadoc' errors with Java 8 javadoc... 91/head
2016-03-09  Ankit KumarMETAMODEL-239: Fixed
2016-03-08  Kasper SørensenCloses #89
2016-03-07  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-236: Fixed 89/head
2016-02-09  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-02-09  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release MetaModel-4.5.1 MetaModel-4.5.1
2016-02-09  Kasper SørensenPreparing for MetaModel 4.5.1 release
2016-02-09  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-228: Fixed
2016-01-30  Tomasz GuzialekMETAMODEL-231: Fixed
2016-01-23  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-183: Updated and removed deprecate...
2016-01-23  Xiaomeng ZhaoMETAMODEL-183: Fixed
2016-01-08  Kasper SørensenCloses #19
2016-01-08  Kasper SørensenCloses #68
2016-01-02  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-227: Fixed
2015-12-14  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2015-12-14  Kasper Sørensen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release MetaModel-4.5.0 MetaModel-4.5.0
2015-12-14  Kasper SørensenUpdated with version number 4.5.0
2015-12-14  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-220: Fixed
2015-12-12  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-219: Fixed
2015-12-09  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-218: Fixed
2015-12-09  Kasper SørensenAdded line about METAMODEL-205 in
2015-12-09  Kasper SørensenMETAMODEL-195: Fixed