2012-10-06  Emmanuel Lecharnyupgraded to MINA 2.0.4 and bumped up the slf4j/log4j... master trunk
2010-12-27  Emmanuel LecharnyUpgraded to MINA-2.0.2
2010-12-11  Emmanuel LecharnyApplied Cergey patch (Set-cookie was generated in an...
2010-10-08  Emmanuel Lecharnyfixed some Maven warnings
2010-01-28  Emmanuel LecharnyFormatted following MINA code style
2010-01-28  Emmanuel LecharnyFixed a potential OutOfBoundException for byte between...
2009-10-28  Julien Vermillardupgraded to MINA 2.0.0-RC1 (ASYNCWEB-38)
2009-08-26  Julien Vermillardfixing ASYNCWEB-34 by replacing '|' by the escape seque...
2009-08-25  Julien VermillardASYNCWEB-35 added HTTPOnly parameters too cookies
2009-08-25  Julien Vermillardfix for ASYNCWEB-34
2009-06-20  Sangjin LeeASYNCWEB-29
2009-06-10  Julien Vermillardupdated AsyncWeb for using M6
2009-05-12  Emmanuel LecharnyRemove all the @revision tags
2009-05-06  Julien VermillardASYNCWEB-27
2009-04-21  Julien Vermillardfrom MINA 2.0.0-M4 to MINA 2.0.0-M5
2009-03-03  Emmanuel LecharnySwitched to MINA 2.0.0-M4. Fixed some compilation issues
2009-03-01  Emmanuel LecharnyFix for DIRMINA-666 : Content-Length should not be...
2008-09-01  Julien Vermillardmoved to MINA 2.0.0M3
2008-07-10  Julien Vermillard* changed a log statement level to DEBUG
2008-07-03  Julien VermillardMoved all the codec related classes from o.a.asynweb...
2008-06-26  Emmanuel LecharnyRemoved useless imports
2008-06-26  Emmanuel LecharnyBumping up all the dependencies, and fixed a failing...
2008-06-26  Julien Vermillardrenamed org.apache.mina.common to org.apache.mina.core
2008-06-24  Julien Vermillardtestcase for ASYNCWEB-11
2008-06-24  Emmanuel LecharnyReflected the changes in MINA packages.
2008-06-19  Emmanuel LecharnyRemoved the not anymore needed ThreadPoolFilter class...
2008-06-19  Julien Vermillardreverting my previous commit, because I fixed the API...
2008-06-19  Julien Vermillardfollowing remove of SocketService iface API change...
2008-06-06  Alex Karasulusetting svn:eol-style to native on java files
2008-06-06  Alex Karasuludos2unix trunk/common/pom.xml and set svn:eol-style...
2008-05-19  Julien Vermillardadded access to local socket address ( ASYNCWEB-13 )
2008-04-17  Sangjin Leefixes the build breakage.
2008-03-28  Julien Vermillardfixed formatting
2008-03-28  Julien Vermillardadded methods for removing mapping
2008-03-28  Julien Vermillardadded a method for removing a registered HttpService
2008-03-28  Julien Vermillardfixing classloader issues when using Asyncweb as OSGi...
2008-03-28  Julien Vermillardfixing classloader issues with OSGi, related to loading...
2008-03-28  Julien Vermillardfixed a logging statement preventing Throwable to be...
2008-03-19  Sangjin Leefixed the broken build on the unit tests.
2008-03-14  Sangjin Leetesting
2008-03-14  Sangjin Leetesting
2008-03-13  Julien Vermillardexclued ThreadPoolFilter for Aweb of building and remov...
2008-03-13  Julien Vermillardfixed OSGi bundle generation for aweb fileservice
2008-03-11  Julien Vermillardfixed Asyncweb poms for OSGi
2008-03-10  Julien VermillardUpdated asyncweb dependencies :
2008-03-07  Mike HeathAdded support for decoding HTTP response Set-Cookie...
2008-03-05  Mike HeathAdded integration tests for testing HTTP codec.
2008-03-05  Mike HeathRemoved uneeded import.
2008-03-04  Mike HeathAdded Cookie copy constructor and test.
2008-03-04  Richard McGuireASYNCWEB-5 asyncweb build is broken
2008-02-26  Julien Vermillardmoving file example to it's own module (continued)
2008-02-26  Julien Vermillardmoved file serving service to it's own module and delet...
2008-02-25  Julien VermillardGZipFilter for gziping http response content if the...
2008-02-25  Julien Vermillardfixed some imports
2008-02-23  Julien Vermillardplugable file loading strategies for asyncweb file...
2008-02-14  Alex Karasulumaking asyncweb use the MdcInjectionFilter and moving...
2008-02-14  Julien Vermillardusing mmaped files
2008-02-14  Julien Vermillardfixed logging statement and code style on he good Alex...
2008-02-14  Alex Karasulureverting 627639 - dumb idea since it effects filtering
2008-02-14  Alex Karasulumaking logging more flexible in trasport
2008-02-14  Alex Karasuluclean import
2008-02-14  Alex Karasuluenable better control over logging
2008-02-13  Julien Vermillardrequest with directory URI without '/' return a 301...
2008-02-12  Julien Vermillardadded support for asyncweb static file serving for :
2008-02-12  Julien Vermillardfixed invalid html in error message
2008-02-12  Julien VermillardChanged some log level from info to debug
2008-02-12  Alex KarasuluBug fix for improper session closure for clients using...
2008-02-11  Julien VermillardasyncWeb static file serving :
2008-02-07  Mike HeathASYNCWEB-2
2008-02-07  Mike HeathASYNCWEB-2
2008-02-06  Mike HeathASYNCWEB-2 Renamed SessionCache to ConnectionPool.
2008-02-05  Mike HeathRemoved old AHC Cookie.
2008-02-05  Mike HeathASYNCWEB-2 Refactored AHC code to use o.a.a.common...
2008-02-05  Mike HeathRefactored to use MINA idle mechanism for timeout check.
2008-02-05  Mike HeathFixed compiler error (IoSessionLogger has been removed...
2008-02-05  Mike HeathASYNCWEB-2 - Merged Geronimo asyncweb into AsyncWeb...
2008-02-05  Julien VermillardSimple Asyncweb HTTP service for serving static files...
2008-01-30  Julien Vermillardregular expression based resolver
2008-01-30  Julien Vermillardrenamed HttpRequestDecodingState to HttpRequestDecoding...
2008-01-28  Julien VermillardDisposing the SocketConnector used for the http connect...
2008-01-28  Alex Karasuluchanges ...
2008-01-27  Alex Karasulusome doco and cleanup
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuluspelling corrections
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuluupdate license and notice files
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuludelete old packages
2008-01-26  Alex Karasulumissed a test with incorrect package name
2008-01-26  Alex Karasulufixing package names in examples
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuluadd new packages for examples
2008-01-26  Alex Karasulurefactoring changes and cleaning up pom names
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuludelete old packages
2008-01-26  Alex Karasulufixing typo in resources folder
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuludelete old packages
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuludelete old packages
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuludelete old packages
2008-01-26  Alex Karasulumoving tests to proper packages
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuludelete old packages
2008-01-26  Alex Karasulumoved utilities to proper package
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuluremove unused package
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuluremove unused package
2008-01-26  Alex Karasuluremove unused package