2018-10-04  Łukasz RymanowskiMerge pull request #106 from rymanluk/hci_improvent
2018-10-03  Łukasz Rymanowskinewtmgr: Add hci option for Linux 106/head
2018-10-03  Łukasz Rymanowskinewtmgr: dep ensure -update
2018-10-03  Łukasz RymanowskiGopkg.toml: Fix repo name
2018-10-03  Łukasz Rymanowskigo-ble: Update to latest version
2018-10-01  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #105 from mkiiskila/config_more_help
2018-10-01  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #101 from dlee-rt/res-add-details...
2018-10-01  Marko Kiiskilacli; mention 'save' as a possible action with 'config... 105/head
2018-09-29  David Leeadd details flag 101/head
2018-09-27  David Leeres - add var init for details flag
2018-09-27  Michał NarajowskiMerge pull request #103 from michal-narajowski/fix...
2018-09-27  Michał NarajowskiAdd finish step for progress bar on image upload 103/head
2018-09-27  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #99 from dlee-rt/add-json-format
2018-09-25  David Leeres - fix functions and incorrect var types 99/head
2018-09-25  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #100 from dlee-rt/res-kv-bool
2018-09-24  David Leeres - Allow boolean values 100/head
2018-09-20  David Leeres - add pretty JSON format to CoAP response
2018-08-02  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #96 from mkiiskila/debug_print_coap_rsp
2018-08-02  Marko Kiiskilanmxact; print OIC response msg if debug flag is set. 96/head
2018-07-12  ccollins476adMerge pull request #95 from ccollins476ad/log-marshal
2018-07-12  ccollins476adMerge pull request #94 from ccollins476ad/conn_timeout
2018-07-12  Christopher... Allow "conn_timeout" for ble and bll types. 94/head
2018-07-10  Christopher... Fix [un]marshal of log-entry-type 95/head
2018-07-06  aditihilbertUpdate prev_releases.rst
2018-07-05  aditihilbertUpdate install_windows.rst
2018-07-05  aditihilbertUpdate install_windows.rst
2018-07-05  aditihilbertUpdate install_linux.rst
2018-07-05  aditihilbertUpdate install_mac.rst
2018-07-04  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #93 from andrzej-kaczmarek/fix-datah...
2018-07-04  Andrzej Kaczmareknmxact: Make field name for uploaded data hash shorter 93/head
2018-07-03  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #92 from andrzej-kaczmarek/upload...
2018-06-27  ccollins476adMerge pull request #87 from ccollins476ad/res-kv-types
2018-06-26  Andrzej Kaczmareknmxact: Fix image upload on small MTU 92/head
2018-06-25  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #90 from andrzej-kaczmarek/nmxact...
2018-06-24  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #91 from spoonofpower/rxFilter_fix
2018-06-23  spoonofpowerCall the RxFilter even for unexpected response codes 91/head
2018-06-22  Andrzej Kaczmareknmxact: Fix typo in comment 90/head
2018-06-22  Andrzej Kaczmareknmxact: Fix fields included in 1st chunk of image upload
2018-06-22  Andrzej Kaczmareknmxact: Remove invalid tags from FsUploadReq
2018-06-22  Andrzej Kaczmareknmxact: Remove "omitempty" tag from NMP responses
2018-06-22  Andrzej Kaczmareknmxact: Fix "omitempty" handling in NMP requests
2018-06-22  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #89 from andrzej-kaczmarek/datahash
2018-06-22  Andrzej Kaczmareknmxact: Add data hash to 1st chunk of image upload... 89/head
2018-06-21  Christopher... res - Allow integer values 87/head
2018-06-15  Szymon JancMerge pull request #86 from sjanc/windows
2018-06-15  Szymon JancFix build on Windows 86/head
2018-06-14  Szymon JancMerge pull request #85 from sjanc/version
2018-06-13  Szymon JancUpdate version to 1.5.0-dev 85/head
2018-06-13  Szymon JancUpdate release notes with 1.4 release
2018-06-08  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #84 from mkiiskila/omp_loopback_crash
2018-06-07  ccollins476adMerge pull request #82 from ccollins476ad/log-entry...
2018-06-07  ccollins476adMerge pull request #83 from ccollins476ad/dflt-tx-options
2018-06-07  Marko Kiiskilanmxact; fix crash when sent requests are being echoed. 84/head
2018-06-06  Christopher... Allow default transmit options to be configured 83/head
2018-06-05  Christopher... Remove extraneous ':' chars from `log show` output 82/head
2018-06-05  Christopher... Use custom type for LogEntryType (was: string)
2018-06-04  Szymon JancMerge pull request #81 from sjanc/license
2018-06-04  Szymon JancLICENSE: Add missing bundled libraries info 81/head
2018-05-29  Vipul RahaneMerge pull request #80 from vrahane/log_type_cbor
2018-05-28  Vipul Rahanelog handler: add support for type cbor parsing 80/head
2018-05-25  Szymon JancMerge pull request #78 from sjanc/bletiny
2018-05-25  Szymon JancMerge pull request #79 from sjanc/rat
2018-05-24  Szymon Janc Add missing license headers and update RAT excludes 79/head
2018-05-22  Sterling HughesMerge pull request #74 from mkiiskila/serverapi
2018-05-17  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #76 from mkiiskila/conf_save_nmgr
2018-05-17  Marko Kiiskilanmserial; errChan was not drained, causing lockup if... 74/head
2018-05-17  Szymon JancRemove bletiny from documentation 78/head
2018-05-11  Marko Kiiskilanmxact; add option to include save command as part... 76/head
2018-05-09  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #75 from andrzej-kaczmarek/cli-inter...
2018-05-09  Andrzej Kaczmarekcli: Fix parameters parsing in interactive mode 75/head
2018-05-07  Marko Kiiskilanmserial; complain in txCoapOnce() if session has not...
2018-04-30  Marko Kiiskilanmmxact/nm_serial; allow concurrent coap server/client...
2018-04-30  Marko Kiiskilamtech_lora; adjust error message.
2018-04-27  Marko Kiiskilamtech_lora/nmserial; RxAccept()/RxCoap() should check...
2018-04-27  Marko Kiiskilamtech_lora; allow simultaneous CoAP server/client opera...
2018-04-26  Marko Kiiskilasesn; add timeout parameter to RxCoap()
2018-04-26  Marko Kiiskilalora; coap server data path
2018-04-25  Marko Kiiskilasesn; add mapping of mgmtProto into string
2018-04-24  Marko Kiiskilamtech_lora; configurable application port for CoAP...
2018-04-23  Marko Kiiskilanmserial; first cut of supporting coap server data...
2018-04-23  Marko Kiiskilanmxact; data path for processing incoming coap requests...
2018-04-23  Marko Kiiskilanmxact; add stubs for RxAccept()/RxCoap()
2018-04-20  Marko Kiiskilanmxact/omp; add coap.DELETE to list of invalid coap...
2018-04-20  Marko Kiiskilanmxact; add RxAccept()/RxCoap() to sesn to support...
2018-04-10  ccollins476adMerge pull request #73 from spoonofpower/coap_message_f...
2018-04-10  spoonofpowerFilter newtmgr CoAP messages 73/head
2018-03-23  Sterling HughesMerge pull request #72 from mkiiskila/mtech_flush_close
2018-03-23  Sterling HughesMerge pull request #71 from mkiiskila/lora_bigger_mtu
2018-03-23  Marko Kiiskilamtech_lora; flush deveui out queue on close. LNS queue... 72/head
2018-03-23  Marko Kiiskilamtech_lora; increse max mtu size to 256. 71/head
2018-03-12  ccollins476adMerge pull request #69 from ccollins476ad/conn-params
2018-03-12  Christopher... bll - Allow OwnAddrType to be specified in linux. 69/head
2018-03-05  ccollins476adMerge pull request #70 from ccollins476ad/dbl-shutdown
2018-02-27  Christopher... BLE - Fix "Attempt to use closed session" error 70/head
2018-02-21  ccollins476adMerge pull request #68 from ccollins476ad/rm-newtmgr...
2018-02-21  ccollins476adMerge pull request #67 from ccollins476ad/dbl-shutdown
2018-02-21  mkiiskilaMerge pull request #66 from mkiiskila/coap_delete_payload
2018-02-20  Christopher... Fix panic when BLE session is closed twice. 67/head
2018-02-20  Christopher... Remove hardcoded "newtmgr" strings. 68/head
2018-02-10  ccollins476adMerge pull request #53 from apache/go-ble