13 hours ago  Michał Narajowskiapps/blemesh: Fix Vendor Model opcode master
21 hours ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/host: Fix crash in ble_monitor when packets...
21 hours ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Do not send SCAN REQ to already scanned...
42 hours ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix RPA address in the LE Enhanced Connectio...
42 hours ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix Connect Ind send on directed advertising
42 hours ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix handling LL_PHY_UPDATE_IND as a master
5 days ago  Hrishikesh... nimble/gatt: Fix the issue of removing multiple procs...
6 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix regression on legacy connect
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Improve handling truncated advertising events
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Extended scanner - add ref count for aux...
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Add return value to ble_ll_sched_rmv_elem
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Some additional aux_data stats
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Keep connecting in case of error when decodi...
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix handling HCI Le Set Advertising Data...
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix possible null pointer dereference
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Remove evt reference from aux_data
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Make sure hci event size
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Improve getting aux data
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Improve getting advertising and target address
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix parsing aux_ptr
7 days ago  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Check privacy mode on Connect Ind receive
8 days ago  Christopher... ble_ll_dtm.c: Add missing #include
8 days ago  Juan CarranoL2CAP sm: do not discard alignment information.
9 days ago  wes3Merge pull request #257 from wes3/hfxo_settle_time_zero_fix
9 days ago  William San... net/nimble/drivers: Fix compile error if BLE_XTAL_SETTL... 257/head
9 days ago  wes3Merge pull request #255 from wes3/slave_conn_upd_fix
12 days ago  William San... net/nimble/controller Slave connection update fix 255/head
2018-11-21  Christopher... Use syscfg settings for sysinit stage numbers
2018-11-21  Christopher... rename ble_hs_enabled --> ble_hs_is_enabled
2018-11-21  Christopher... Combine ble_gap_preempt() and ble_gap_ensure_preempted()
2018-11-21  Christopher... apps/btshell: Allow enable / disable of host
2018-11-21  Christopher... Mynewt: Stop the host on system shutdown
2018-11-21  Christopher... Allow the host to be stopped and started again
2018-11-21  Christopher... host: Divide startup into two stages
2018-11-15  Michał Narajowskiporting: Fix Makefile that lists non-existing file
2018-11-15  Hauke Petersenhost/util: move function doc to header file
2018-11-15  Hauke Petersenhost/util/addr.c: fix typo in doc
2018-11-14  Mehul HirparaFixed build error of Mesh stack for 64-bit machine
2018-11-14  Mehul Hirpara[porting][linux] Added timeout support to Eventq Get API
2018-11-14  Mehul HirparaDynamically considering pointer size to support multipl...
2018-11-14  Mehul Hirpara[porting][linux] Added required APIs to build glue...
2018-11-14  Mehul Hirpara[porting][linux] Fixed build errors when BLE Mesh Shell...
2018-11-14  wes3Merge pull request #237 from wes3/nrf_hfxo_request
2018-11-14  Christopher... nimble/host: Allow auto-start to be disabled
2018-11-13  William San... nimble/ll: Add hfxo request/release API 237/head
2018-11-09  Łukasz Rymanowskimesh: Minor fix trailing whitespaces
2018-11-09  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Minor comment fix
2018-11-09  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Minor parameter name change
2018-11-05  Martin Turon[linux] resolve merge conflict. Default to providing...
2018-11-05  Martin Turon[linux] Cleanup npl layer in linux port.
2018-11-05  Martin Turon[build] Adjust makefiles to support autotools integration.
2018-11-05  Chris HemingwayFix links in
2018-11-05  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix handling TERMINATE_IND
2018-11-05  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Don't send scan request in passive scan
2018-11-05  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix handling LL_CTRL is not used for given...
2018-11-05  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Add missing check for support BLE_LL_CTRL_PH...
2018-11-05  Michał Narajowskiporting: Fix Tinycrypt port build
2018-11-03  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Remove AUX from scheduler on scanner stop
2018-11-03  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/sched: Add way to remove given type of scheduled...
2018-11-03  William San... nimble/ll: Request/release hfxo using mynewt API
2018-11-01  Hauke Petersenporting: do not assing timer ISR prio using RIOT
2018-10-31  Sam Andersonnimble/host: Fix LE meta event length in debug code...
2018-10-29  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #234 from cedric84/patch-1
2018-10-29  cedric84BLE_L2CAP_EVENT_COC_DATA_RECEIVED and conn_handle 234/head
2018-10-24  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #228 from cedric84/patch-1
2018-10-24  banzhuanmesh: Fix memory leaks
2018-10-23  Łukasz RymanowskiMerge pull request #218 from rymanluk/ll_part3
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Minor fix for missing static 218/head
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix for sending unencrypted data on key...
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix data TX time when slave response on...
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix data TX time when PHY update is started...
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix handling data pdu when starting encryption
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix InitA address type in the advertising...
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Improve handling disconnect when being Slave
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Fix handling BLE_LL_CTRL_CONN_UPDATE_IND...
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Store directed address in aux_ptr
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Improve sending extended advertising report
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Improve handling exchange features
2018-10-23  Łukasz Rymanowskinimble/ll: Improve connect on directed advertising
2018-10-23  cedric84Update ble_ll_adv.c 228/head
2018-10-23  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #198 from andrzej-kaczmarek/att...
2018-10-23  cedric84Connection request rx while already connected
2018-10-22  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #227 from andrzej-kaczmarek/remove...
2018-10-19  Andrzej Kaczmareknimble/host: Return non-equal when comparing invalid... 198/head
2018-10-19  Andrzej Kaczmareknimble/host: Do not assert on 16-in-128-bit UUIDs
2018-10-19  Andrzej Kaczmareknimble/host: Cleanup handling UUIDs in ATT
2018-10-19  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #137 from aykevl/function-pointer...
2018-10-19  Ayke van Laethemporting: Use correct type for ISR function pointers 137/head
2018-10-19  Andrzej KaczmarekRemove misleading comments from .yml files 227/head
2018-10-18  Michał NarajowskiMerge pull request #220 from michal-narajowski/btshell...
2018-10-18  Michał Narajowskiapps/btshell: Add option to restart advertising after... 220/head
2018-10-18  Andrzej KaczmarekMerge pull request #225 from haukepetersen/fix_nplriot_...
2018-10-18  Hauke Petersennpl/riot: fix issues if building without DEVELHELP 225/head
2018-10-15  Michał NarajowskiMerge pull request #222 from michal-narajowski/newt...
2018-10-15  Michał NarajowskiAdd latest version to newt compatibility list 222/head
2018-10-11  Fabio UtzigAllow parallel tests
2018-10-11  Michał NarajowskiMerge pull request #215 from michal-narajowski/gap...
2018-10-11  Michał Narajowskihost/gap: Add connection find by address API 215/head
2018-10-09  ccollins476adMerge pull request #214 from ccollins476ad/fix-hs-unit...