2018-06-18  Aldrin PiriNIFI-5299 Adjusting license abbreviation for Registry. master
2018-06-14  Scott AslanMerge branch 'NIFI-5240-RC3' into apache-master
2018-06-12  Andy LoPrestoNIFI-5298 Fixed typo in
2018-06-11  Scott Aslanpreparing RC 3 NIFI-5240-RC3 nifi-fds-0.1.0-RC3 rel/nifi-fds-0.1.0
2018-06-11  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5240] upadte version number in package-lock.json... NIFI-5240-RC2 9/head nifi-fds-0.1.0-RC2
2018-06-08  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5240-RC1] prepare release nifi-fds-0.1.0-RC1 NIFI-5240-RC1 nifi-fds-0.1.0-RC1
2018-06-08  Scott Aslanadd flow_design_styles.css to demo-app index.html
2018-06-07  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5216] facilitate npm publish
2018-05-31  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5198] update tooling versions
2018-05-25  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5219] This closes #3. update project name to...
2018-05-15  Scott Aslan[NIFI-5164]
2018-04-13  Scott Aslanupdate progress bar buffer color
2018-03-28  Scott Aslanupdate disabled td-chip style
2018-03-22  Scott Aslanadd NOTICE and update package.json description
2018-03-22  Scott Aslanupdate README and package.json for apache
2018-03-22  Scott Aslaninitial commit