2017-04-28  Maxim SolodovnikSVM repository is replaced with GIT in DOAP master
2017-04-24  Maxim Solodovnikno JIRA: final URL to enter the room is fixed
2017-03-31  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: Our Users list is updated
2017-03-29  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: OurUsers page is added
2017-03-21  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: Site is updated because of 3.2.1 release
2017-02-14  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: Site is updated because of new release
2017-02-13  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: OM logo by Daniel Baker is added
2017-01-29  Maxim SolodovnikApache OpenMeetings 3.1.5 is released
2017-01-27  Maxim SolodovnikLink to ApacheCon is added to the site
2017-01-12  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: red5sip documentation is updated
2017-01-12  Maxim SolodovnikSite is updated: New skin is used, details for 3.1...
2016-11-15  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: big logo by Alvaro is removed on his request
2016-11-10  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: link to 'next' demo server is added
2016-11-09  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: RTMPS documentation is improved
2016-11-08  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: CVE-2016-8736 is announced
2016-11-08  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: CVE-2016-8736 is announced
2016-11-02  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: logo image by Alvaro is updated, OS list is...
2016-10-14  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: logo by Alex Tanchoco is updated
2016-10-13  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: Additional logo by Alexander J. Tanchoco
2016-10-03  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: logo by Alvaro is updated
2016-09-28  Maxim SolodovnikSite is updated with details of released OM 3.1.3
2016-08-25  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: Release guide is updated
2016-08-18  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1451] SOAP/REST documentation is updated
2016-08-18  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: project SCM is corrected
2016-08-15  Maxim SolodovnikRelease and build instruction are updated with latest...
2016-08-15  Maxim SolodovnikRelease preparation: publishing to Maven repo works...
2016-08-12  Maxim SolodovnikSite is update due to version 3.1.2 is released
2016-03-31  Maxim SolodovnikNo jira: RTMPS related documentation update; code clean-up
2016-03-25  Maxim SolodovnikInfo about latest release is updated
2016-03-25  Maxim SolodovnikSite is updated due to releases 3.1.0 and 3.1.1
2016-03-22  Maxim SolodovnikAdditional icons provided by community via mailing...
2016-03-22  Maxim SolodovnikAdditional icons provided by community via mailing...
2016-03-20  Sebastian WagnerNo-Jira, make thumbnails of home page clickable again...
2016-03-17  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1351] link to the mailing list is added...
2016-03-06  Maxim SolodovnikLogo images by Alvaro are updated
2016-02-25  Maxim SolodovnikLogo #6 is updated one more time
2016-02-01  Maxim SolodovnikLogo #6 by Alvaro was changed one more time
2016-01-28  Maxim SolodovnikLogo #6 by Alvaro was re-added
2016-01-28  Maxim SolodovnikNewsArchive page is added to the documentation, applica...
2016-01-28  Maxim SolodovnikOM site is updated with new logos
2016-01-27  Maxim SolodovnikLogo#6 by Alvaro is updated
2016-01-27  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1316] documentation is updated, redundant...
2016-01-22  Maxim SolodovnikSite pages authors are unified; titles are updated
2016-01-13  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1256] documentation is updated
2016-01-09  Maxim SolodovnikTutorials are highlighted
2015-12-30  Maxim SolodovnikNew Year logo is set to the site
2015-12-30  Maxim SolodovnikSite is updated with new javadocs and small logo #5
2015-12-15  Maxim SolodovnikOM project descriptor file moved to the site
2015-12-13  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1297] svn tree is restructured