2 hours ago  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: prefix is removed from user emails master
2 hours ago  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: site check step is added to release guide
3 days ago  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1979] userId mapping is fixed
3 days ago  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1979] login via VK should work
10 days ago  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1976] displayName is used in user list
2019-01-04  Maxim SolodovnikAnother attempt to comply the site guide
2019-01-04  Maxim SolodovnikDocumentation update: ACNA banner, KEYS location, Relea...
2019-01-02  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1974] Video on WB works as expected
2019-01-02  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1975] maven-assembly-plugin is updated
2018-12-31  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] attempt to fix code coverage
2018-12-31  Maxim SolodovnikRevert "[OPENMEETINGS-1856] attempt to fix code coverage"
2018-12-30  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] attempt to fix code coverage
2018-12-30  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] some more mocked tests are added
2018-12-28  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: packaging is fixed
2018-12-28  Maxim SolodovnikRelease preparation, documentation update
2018-12-27  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] vulnerable deppendencies are excluded
2018-12-26  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1969] source block highlightings is fixed
2018-12-24  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] checksum plugin version is updated
2018-12-24  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] surefire, ical4j, selenium and...
2018-12-18  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1967] service description is updated
2018-12-18  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1967] basic health check is added
2018-12-13  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] plugins are updated
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1970] code clean-up
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1972] code clean-up
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1970] code clean-up
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1970] test is added
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1972] svg images can be loaded as cliparts
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1970] additional logging is added
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] fabric.js is updated
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1971] second-level object is being found...
2018-12-12  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1970] initial refactoring to be able...
2018-12-10  Maxim SolodovnikMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-10  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] surefire plugin is updated, attempt...
2018-12-08  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1859] wicket is updated to 8.3.0-SNAPSHOT
2018-12-07  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: email addresses are prefixed with 'mailto:'
2018-12-03  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] spring and ical4j versions are...
2018-11-28  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1851] display name is added and made...
2018-11-26  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1966] chat notifiactions will play on...
2018-11-23  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1867] string conversions are more safe
2018-11-20  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: copyright is centered
2018-11-20  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: attempt to fix copyright
2018-11-20  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: link to the live iso is added
2018-11-20  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] wicket and wicketstuff are updated
2018-11-16  Maxim Solodovnikno jira: javadoc errors are fixed
2018-11-15  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1964] save as JPG is removed
2018-11-14  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1963] Indonesian language is loaded
2018-11-09  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1649] test recording seems to be fixed
2018-11-09  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1649] display video seems to be fixed
2018-11-09  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] sonar should be more happy
2018-11-09  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] sonar should be more happy
2018-11-09  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1352] screen-sharing seems to work in...
2018-11-09  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] reflow version is updated
2018-11-09  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] tomcat version is updated
2018-11-08  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1955] initial commit on recording for...
2018-11-08  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1352] initial commit on Chrome support
2018-11-08  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] maven-surefire-plugin is updated
2018-11-07  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] maven-jarsigner-plugin is updated
2018-11-06  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] apache-rat-plugin is updated
2018-11-05  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] code clean-up
2018-11-05  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1867] changeSessionId is used
2018-11-04  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] libraries were updated
2018-11-04  Ankush MishraOPENMEETINGS-1636 Upgrade Caldav4j to 1.0.0-rc.1 (#12)
2018-11-03  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] code simplification
2018-11-02  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] tests should be fixed
2018-11-02  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] some Sonar issues are addressed
2018-11-01  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] more tests for Hash page
2018-10-31  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] initial tests for HashPage, code...
2018-10-31  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] admin tests should be fixed
2018-10-30  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] tests for AuthLevelUtil re added
2018-10-30  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] test for clean-up report is added
2018-10-30  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1962] conference room is more stable
2018-10-30  Maxim SolodovnikMerge branch 'master' of
2018-10-30  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] first LDAP tests are added
2018-10-29  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1955] stream type is preserved
2018-10-28  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] spring, xstream and plugins are...
2018-10-28  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] sonar should be more happy
2018-10-27  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1945] pause and seek seems to work as...
2018-10-27  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] sonar should be more happy
2018-10-26  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] sonar should be more happy
2018-10-26  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1856] sonar should be more happy
2018-10-26  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1352] stop sharing seems to work
2018-10-26  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1352] sharer dialog is moved to separate...
2018-10-25  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1352] initial JS sharing dialog
2018-10-24  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1888] reply button is added
2018-10-23  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1950] creator is being set while cloning
2018-10-23  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1934] delete by key should be fixed
2018-10-23  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1934] delete icon is added
2018-10-22  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1950] poll clone is added
2018-10-22  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1846] missing details form
2018-10-22  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1846] invitations can be: filtered, sorte...
2018-10-22  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] attempt to improve site generation
2018-10-22  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] attempt improve site generation
2018-10-22  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] download links in archived news...
2018-10-22  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1954] news are properly displayed
2018-10-21  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1352] clean should be more stable
2018-10-21  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1352] shared screen is displayed
2018-10-21  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1649] video refresh is fixed
2018-10-21  Maxim SolodovnikMerge branch 'new-reflow-site'
2018-10-21  Maxim Solodovnik[OPENMEETINGS-1649] more work on Kurento client reconne...
2018-10-21  Maxim SolodovnikStyling of 'Community' section is fixed