2018-09-27  Koji SekiguchiMerge pull request #3 from kojisekig/OPENNLP-1221 master
2018-09-27  kojiOPENNLP-1221: FeatureGeneratorUtil.tokenFeature() is... 3/head
2018-09-26  Koji SekiguchiMerge pull request #2 from kojisekig/addBuildXml
2018-09-26  kojiOPENNLP-1201: add Ant build.xml for temporarily because... 2/head
2018-09-25  Koji SekiguchiMerge pull request #1 from kojisekig/OPENNLP-1201
2018-09-25  kojiOPENNLP-1201: add auxiliary info support to token in... 1/head
2016-10-18  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-860 Add .gitignore file
2016-07-14  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Added Morfologik license
2016-07-14  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Added a different OpenNLP CLI loader that...
2016-07-14  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Included transitive dependencies
2016-07-14  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Fixed CLI launcher
2016-07-08  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Fixed issues related to command line.
2016-07-08  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Added distribution assembly files
2016-07-08  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Fixed PosTaggerFactory and restored test.
2016-07-07  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Refactored to remove usage of main methods...
2016-07-06  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Updated to OpenNLP 1.6.0 and Morfologik...
2016-06-09  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-756
2015-08-06  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-805 Added arguments to main for hard coded...
2015-08-03  Jörn KottmannNo jira, javadoc clean up. Removed author tags.
2015-08-03  Jörn KottmannAdded missing AL 2.0 header.
2015-08-03  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-803 Updated the OpenNLP Tools dependency to...
2015-02-02  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-756
2015-02-02  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-754 Corrected spelling of context in a println...
2015-01-31  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-750
2014-10-29  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-579 Updated the Entity Linker interface
2014-10-29  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-728 Fixed javadoc errors which cause build...
2014-08-24  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-637
2014-08-24  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-706
2014-08-18  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-706
2014-08-15  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-706
2014-08-15  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-706
2014-08-13  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-706
2014-07-11  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-706
2014-05-20  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-699
2014-05-19  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-698
2014-05-19  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-698
2014-05-12  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-693
2014-03-07  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-664
2014-03-05  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-630
2014-02-28  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-630
2014-02-21  Jörn KottmannNo jira, fixed compile error by reverting back to depre...
2014-02-20  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-636 Trainer now uses init method instead of...
2014-02-18  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-574 Moved from addons to sandbox to mature...
2014-02-16  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-615
2014-02-13  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-637
2014-02-08  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-615
2014-02-08  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-607
2014-02-02  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-600
2014-02-02  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-600
2014-01-18  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-637
2014-01-12  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-579
2014-01-10  Mark GiaconiaOPENNLP-615
2014-01-10  Mark Giaconiamoved from sandbox
2014-01-10  Mark Giaconiamoved from sandbox
2014-01-08  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-574 Intial work to integrate Mahouts Logistic...
2014-01-02  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-624 Removed test code
2014-01-02  Jörn KottmannAdded LICENE and NOTICE file for addons
2014-01-02  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-624 Training parameters can now be adjusted
2014-01-02  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-624 Updated liblinear from 1.92 to 1.94
2014-01-01  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-624 Fixed a compiliation error, and model can...
2013-12-03  Jörn Kottmann OPENNLP-624 Initial check in of the liblinear integration
2013-12-02  William ColenOPENNLP-622 Added code to create Morfologik data from...
2013-11-20  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-582 Added JWNL based lemmatizer implementation...
2013-11-14  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-582 Added morfologik addon. Thanks to Rodrigo...