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2 days ago  Jörn KottmannNamecat Trainer now writes zip package with vocab files... master
2 days ago  Jörn KottmannName Finder Trainer now writes zip package with vocab...
2 days ago  Jörn KottmannAdd train dropout to normalizer
2018-11-29  Jörn KottmannWrite model and dictionaries into zip package
2018-11-29  Jörn KottmannRemove hard coded seq length
2018-11-29  Jörn KottmannRemove end marker from output seq
2018-11-28  Jörn KottmannMake batch size for normalizer inference dynamic
2018-11-21  Jörn KottmannAdd first draft of normalizer Java API
2018-11-13  Jörn KottmannAdd first draft of normalizer trainer
2018-10-21  Tommaso TeofiliMerge pull request #20 from tteofili/OPENNLP-1009a
2018-10-21  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - upgrade to dl4j 1.0.0-beta2 20/head
2018-10-15  Jörn KottmannExtract vector size from embeddings file
2018-10-12  Jörn KottmannCompute ntags based on label dict size
2018-10-10  Jörn KottmannAdd to split training data into pieces
2018-10-04  Jörn KottmannAdd Java API for namecat and more
2018-06-26  Jörn KottmannMove to namefinder folder
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