12 days ago  Jörn KottmannWrite model and dictionaries into zip package master
12 days ago  Jörn KottmannRemove hard coded seq length
12 days ago  Jörn KottmannRemove end marker from output seq
13 days ago  Jörn KottmannMake batch size for normalizer inference dynamic
2018-11-21  Jörn KottmannAdd first draft of normalizer Java API
2018-11-13  Jörn KottmannAdd first draft of normalizer trainer
2018-10-21  Tommaso TeofiliMerge pull request #20 from tteofili/OPENNLP-1009a
2018-10-21  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - upgrade to dl4j 1.0.0-beta2 20/head
2018-10-15  Jörn KottmannExtract vector size from embeddings file
2018-10-12  Jörn KottmannCompute ntags based on label dict size
2018-10-10  Jörn KottmannAdd to split training data into pieces
2018-10-04  Jörn KottmannAdd Java API for namecat and more
2018-06-26  Jörn KottmannMove to namefinder folder
2018-06-26  Jörn KottmannAdd first version of namecat poc
2018-06-21  Jörn KottmannCall close on Tensor objects to release memory
2018-05-31  Jörn KottmannAdd constructor to load all resources from Input Streams
2018-05-31  Jörn KottmannAdjust settings to match trainer
2018-05-31  Peter Thygesenadded vector size to NameFinder + only save model if...
2018-05-31  Jörn KottmannRename packages to org.apache.opennlp.namefinder
2018-05-31  Jörn KottmannRename module to match folder name
2018-05-31  Jörn KottmannAdd missing return parameter to fix compile error
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannDisable dropout for inference
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannImplement the TokenNameFinder interface
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannAdjust encoding to match BioCodec (Java)
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannWrite correct dict into char_dict.txt
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannWrite model to disk after training
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannAdjust operation names to
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannFix loading of dicts by removing GZIP decompressor
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannName placeholders and variables for use from Java API
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannWrite mapping dicts to disk
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannMap chars to indices 0..n instead of using ord(c)
2018-05-30  Jörn KottmannRemove incorrectly placed space in tag name
2018-05-25  Jörn KottmannAdd AL 2.0 header to Java source files
2018-05-24  Jörn KottmannReplace hard coded paths with args
2018-05-24  Jörn KottmannAdd TF training code for name finder
2018-04-12  Peter ThygesenMerge pull request #11 from thygesen/tfnerpoc
2018-04-12  Peter Thygesenadded files for test 11/head
2018-04-11  Peter ThygesenMerge pull request #10 from thygesen/tfnerpoc
2018-04-11  Peter Thygesenadded tensorflow NER prediction PoC 10/head
2017-11-07  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - switch to opennlp-tools 1.8.3 release
2017-10-10  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - added NeuralDocCatTest, currently fails...
2017-10-10  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - less epochs for (s)RNNs tests
2017-10-10  Jörn KottmannUpdate DL4J/ND4J to 0.9.1
2017-09-27  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - wrong test file
2017-09-27  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - minor updates to (s)rnn parameters,...
2017-09-08  jzonthemtnOPENNLP-1111: Making tests on EC2 automated.
2017-09-05  jzonthemtnOPENNLP-1111: Improving the CloudFormation template... 7/head
2017-07-19  Tommaso TeofiliMerge pull request #3 from thammegowda/glove-rnn-classifier
2017-07-18  jzonthemtnOPENNLP-1111: Adding initial EC2 scripts for testing.
2017-07-10  Thamme GowdaRemoved test CLI parameters for Main method 3/head
2017-07-10  Thamme GowdaRefactored and implemented DocCat API
2017-07-05  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-1106: Make it compile with 1.6.0, update java...
2017-07-01  Thamme Gowdatext sequence classification using Glove and RNN/LSTMs
2017-07-01  Tommaso Teofiliremoved useless state update, minor fixes
2017-05-28  Tommaso Teofilifixed adagrad update for (s)rnn, added rmsprop to srnn
2017-05-09  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - minor improvements / fixes
2017-05-08  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - added initial RNN and StackedRNN impls...
2017-05-05  Jörn KottmannAdd first draft of dl name finder
2016-11-22  Boris Galitskyremoved stanford nlp refs
2016-11-16  Boris Galitskymerge from bgalitsky's own git repo
2016-11-16  Boris Galitskymerge from bgalitsky's own git repo
2016-11-16  Boris GalitskyWhitespace test commit
2016-10-19  Jörn KottmannMove brat annotator to opennlp.git
2016-10-18  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-860 Add .gitignore file
2016-10-18  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-866 Add optional argument for server port
2016-10-17  kottmannOPENNLP-864 Rename name finder annotator classes 864
2016-06-07  Anthony BeylerianOPENNLP-827 fix for evaluator to check for non empty...
2016-06-07  Anthony BeylerianOPENNLP-843 - removed the unnecessary files
2016-06-07  Anthony BeylerianOPENNLP-843 - grouped the two supervised techniques...
2016-06-05  Anthony BeylerianOPENNLP-843 - moved contextgen implementations to top...
2016-05-27  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-850 Fix type in tokenizer init error message
2016-05-27  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-850 Update dependencies to work with the uber jar
2016-05-25  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-850 Add ner brat annotation service
2016-03-25  Anthony Beylerianupdated tests
2016-03-25  Anthony Beylerian(no commit message)
2016-03-25  Anthony Beylerianmoved MFS and Lesk into main package
2016-03-17  Anthony Beylerianfixed method name
2016-03-17  Anthony Beylerianremoved useless classes/folder
2016-03-11  Anthony Beylerianadded unit tests, corrected some mistakes, need more...
2015-10-12  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-821 Now builds and runs with 1.6.0
2015-10-09  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-821 Moved mallet addon from my github repositor...
2015-10-09  Jörn KottmannThe geocoder was moved to the addons area quite some...
2015-09-18  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-817 - switch to j7, added missing AL header...
2015-09-12  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-817 - added a CFG runner (with samples), added...
2015-09-07  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-713 - pcfg#toString should result in same parse...
2015-09-01  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-713 - slightly enhanced some tests, made Hypoth...
2015-09-01  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-713 - slightly enhanced some tests
2015-08-26  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-792 Added class javadoc. Thanks to Anthony...
2015-08-26  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-791 WordNet based clusters patch, uses ME for...
2015-08-25  Jörn KottmannCommented junit Assert call to make it compile with...
2015-08-25  Jörn KottmannFixed code formatting
2015-08-25  Jörn KottmannAdded missing commons lang dependency
2015-08-25  Jörn KottmannRemoved classes marked for removal
2015-08-25  Jörn KottmannRemoved classes marked for removal
2015-08-24  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-796 The two readers now return ObjectStream...
2015-08-24  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-807 We have worked on the integration of the...
2015-08-20  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-801 1- IMS now no longer does the pre-processin...
2015-08-18  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-801 Also includes some more cleanups. Thanks...
2015-08-12  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-794
2015-08-10  Jörn KottmannOPENNLP-801