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12 days ago  Jörn KottmannWrite model and dictionaries into zip package master
12 days ago  Jörn KottmannRemove hard coded seq length
12 days ago  Jörn KottmannRemove end marker from output seq
13 days ago  Jörn KottmannMake batch size for normalizer inference dynamic
2018-11-21  Jörn KottmannAdd first draft of normalizer Java API
2018-11-13  Jörn KottmannAdd first draft of normalizer trainer
2018-10-21  Tommaso TeofiliMerge pull request #20 from tteofili/OPENNLP-1009a
2018-10-21  Tommaso TeofiliOPENNLP-1009 - upgrade to dl4j 1.0.0-beta2 20/head
2018-10-15  Jörn KottmannExtract vector size from embeddings file
2018-10-12  Jörn KottmannCompute ntags based on label dict size
2018-10-10  Jörn KottmannAdd to split training data into pieces
2018-10-04  Jörn KottmannAdd Java API for namecat and more
2018-06-26  Jörn KottmannMove to namefinder folder
2018-06-26  Jörn KottmannAdd first version of namecat poc
2018-06-21  Jörn KottmannCall close on Tensor objects to release memory
2018-05-31  Jörn KottmannAdd constructor to load all resources from Input Streams
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