2018-07-10  Jeff ZemerickOPENNLP-1207: Removing md5 links and mentions. (#55) master
2018-07-10  Jeff ZemerickOPENNLP-1208: Adding note about archiving old releases...
2018-07-05  Jeff ZemerickOPENNLP-1203: Updating announce email text and adding...
2018-07-04  Jeff ZemerickOPENNLP-1203: Updating new version. (#53)
2018-07-04  Jeff ZemerickOPENNLP-1203: Adding line about FeatureGeneratorUtil...
2018-07-03  Jeff ZemerickOPENNLP-1203: Updates for 1.9.0 release. (#51)
2018-06-27  Jeff ZemerickOPENNLP-1204: Adding steps for a failed/canceled vote...
2018-06-25  Jeff ZemerickOPENNLP-1204: Updating release guide. (#49)
2017-12-28  Jeff ZemerickAdds blog link and sitemap. (#48)
2017-12-27  Suneel Marthiupdated with latest talks (#46)
2017-12-26  jzonthemtnAdding blank line to trigger buildbot.
2017-12-26  Jeff ZemerickAdds 1.8.4 artifact item and 1.8.3 to legacy docs ...
2017-12-26  Jeff ZemerickUpdating doap for 1.8.4. (#44)
2017-12-25  Suneel MarthiUpdates for 1.8.4 release (#43)
2017-12-04  Jörn KottmannAdd google file to verify GCP identity
2017-11-19  Suneel MarthiUpdate the list of seeking contributions. (#41)
2017-11-02  William Daniel... Merge pull request #40 from apache/OPENNLP-1153
2017-11-02  William D C... OPENNLP-1153: add model download page OPENNLP-1153 40/head
2017-10-27  Jörn KottmannOne more whitespace commit
2017-10-27  Jörn KottmannRemoved some spaces to trigger build again
2017-10-27  Suneel MarthiUpdate
2017-10-27  Jörn KottmannRelease Apache OpenNLP 1.8.3
2017-10-10  smarthiAdd Koji to PMC
2017-10-02  Jörn KottmannAdd CVE news 38/head
2017-09-16  smarthiMinor typo correction, to trigger buildbot
2017-09-15  Jörn KottmannRelease Apache OpenNLP 1.8.2
2017-09-02  smarthiAdd Peter Thygesen to PMC
2017-07-31  Jeff ZemerickMerge pull request #36 from jzonthemtn/team
2017-07-31  jzonthemtnUpdating team. 36/head
2017-07-25  smarthiMore Research and Academic publications
2017-07-16  smarthiOPENNLP-1114: instructions to add Key to KEYS file
2017-07-16  Bruno P. KinoshitaOPENNLP-1114: ascii syntax, typo and minor adjustments
2017-07-15  smarthiAdd Academic Research papers
2017-07-14  Jörn KottmannAdd one time setup section
2017-07-13  Chris ThistlethwaiteRemoving whitespace from EOF
2017-07-13  Chris ThistlethwaiteAdding whitespace to test the build.
2017-07-13  Jörn KottmannTrigger build commit
2017-07-13  smarthisimple commit to test jira buildbot
2017-07-12  Jörn KottmannTest commit
2017-07-12  Jörn KottmannChange order of items in one-time-setup section
2017-07-11  dwhitespace to test buildbot job
2017-07-11  Jörn KottmannTest commit for infra
2017-07-11  Jörn KottmannRemove non-working asf-site exclude
2017-07-11  smarthiOPENNLP-1114: Update OpenNLP Release Notes
2017-07-08  smarthiAdd 1.8.1 docs
2017-07-08  smarthiUpdate Website for 1.8.1 release
2017-07-05  smarthiexclude asf-site branch from travis ci
2017-07-05  smarthiChange the git repo urls
2017-07-05  smarthitrivial fix to trigger Travis CI for the project
2017-07-05  smarthiEnable travis CI for Opennlp-site
2017-07-05  Bruno P. KinoshitaOPENNLP-1045: add git documentation
2017-07-05  smarthitrivial fixes
2017-07-03  smarthiAdd talk by Boris Galitsky from ApacheCon Europe 2016
2017-06-30  kinowOPENNLP-1103:add AirNZ case, this closes apache/opennlp...
2017-06-30  kinowOPENNLP-1104:fix poweredby images, and use lower case...
2017-06-28  smarthiOPENNLP-1098: Create a web page for 'Books-Tutorials... 22/head
2017-06-16  Bruno P. KinoshitaOPENNLP-1093: bump up version of jbake-maven-plugin...
2017-05-22  Bruno P. KinoshitaOPENNLP-1067: Use variables in file...
2017-05-21  William D C... OPENNLP-1073: Add 1.8.0 relase news entry
2017-05-21  William D C... OPENNLP-1072: Update site repository instructions
2017-05-21  William D C... OPENNLP-1071: Update year of copyright notice
2017-05-21  William D C... OPENNLP-1070: Add fixed locale to freemaker
2017-05-20  William D C... OPENNLP-1069: Add missing docs and automate the inclusi...
2017-05-19  Jörn KottmannUpdate download links to 1.8.0 13/head
2017-05-19  Bruno P. KinoshitaAvoid using a HTTP CDN to download FontAwesome, use...
2017-05-18  Jörn KottmannUpdate site for 1.8.0 release 12/head
2017-05-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaFix RSS feed title, description, and link
2017-05-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaThis closes #4
2017-05-11  jzonthemtnAdds News page.
2017-05-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaOPENNLP-504 adding initial pairs of question and answer... 8/head
2017-05-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/5'
2017-05-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/7'
2017-05-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaThis closes #6
2017-05-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaRemove Google Analytics tracking code and JS code 7/head
2017-05-10  jzonthemtnOPENNLP-1053: Adds doap_opennlp.rdf. 6/head
2017-05-10  Bruno P. KinoshitaOPENNLP-393: add contributors wanted issues list 5/head
2017-05-06  Bruno P. KinoshitaOPENNLP-999: new website layout with JBake 2/head
2017-05-06  Bruno P. KinoshitaInitial empty commit to temp branch