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last changeMon, 10 Dec 2018 22:08:01 +0000 (14:08 -0800)
4 days ago  Fang ZhengORC-445: [C++] Code improvements in RLEV2Util master
9 days ago  Renat ValiullinOrc 446: [C++] Add possibility to use prebuilt (windows...
11 days ago  Fang ZhengORC-444: Fix errors in RLE section in ORC spec and...
11 days ago  Fang ZhengORC-443: [C++] Code improvements in ColumnWriter.
12 days ago  Fang ZhengORC-442: [C++] Code improvements in Statistics and...
12 days ago  Gang WuORC-420: [C++] Implement string dictionary encoding...
2018-11-28  Gang WuORC-434: Fix incorrect documentation for Date/Timestamp...
2018-11-27  Prasanth JayachandranORC-435: Ability to read stripes that are greater than...
2018-11-27  Owen O'MalleyORC-440. Fix deserialization of string column statistic... 342/head
2018-11-26  Sandeep MoreORC-438 - Fix possible NPEs in StringStatisticsImpl...
2018-11-21  Vaibhav GumashtaORC-437: Make acid schema checks case insensitive
2018-11-21  Owen O'MalleyUpdate the site with directions for connecting your...
2018-11-06  Gang WuORC-395: Support ZSTD in C++ writer/reader
2018-11-02  Owen O'MalleyORC-433. Suppress the downloading messages from Maven. 336/head
2018-11-02  Owen O'MalleyORC-432. Work around openjdk8 bug that causes failures... 335/head
2018-11-02  Fang ZhengORC-431: [C++] Fix typo in exception message and simpli...
2 months ago rel/release-1.5.3 ORC 1.5.3 release
5 months ago rel/release-1.5.2 Preparing for ORC-1.5.2
6 months ago rel/release-1.5.1 ORC 1.5.1 release
7 months ago rel/release-1.4.4 ORC 1.4.4 release
7 months ago rel/release-1.5.0 ORC release 1.5.0
10 months ago rel/release-1.4.3 ORC 1.4.3 release
10 months ago rel/release-1.4.2 ORC release 1.4.2
13 months ago rel/release-1.4.1 Preparing for release 1.4.1
13 months ago rel/release-1.3.4 Getting ready for ORC 1.3.4
19 months ago rel/release-1.4.0 ORC Release 1.4.0
21 months ago rel/release-1.3.3 ORC 1.3.3
22 months ago rel/release-1.3.2 ORC 1.3.2 release.
22 months ago rel/release-1.3.1 ORC 1.3.1
22 months ago rel/release-1.3.0 ORC release 1.3.0
2 years ago rel/release-1.2.3 ORC 1.2.3 release
2 years ago rel/release-1.2.2 ORC 1.2.2
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