2017-10-25  Shinsuke Sugayaadd release procedure develop
2017-10-25  Shinsuke Sugayabump up version to 0.9.10.dev1
2017-10-20  Shinsuke Sugayaupdate to 0.9.9 in and remove incubator release/0.9.9 v0.9.9 v0.9.9rc2
2017-10-19  Shinsuke SugayaPrepare 0.9.9rc1
2017-09-18  Shinsuke SugayaUpdate project info
2017-09-13  Shinsuke Sugayaignore .DS_Store
2017-09-10  Shinsuke SugayaCloses #21
2017-09-10  thomas-idmtUpdate (Updated Deprecation Error Message)
2017-09-10  Shinsuke Sugayaadd test case and remove unused imports
2017-09-10  goodspeedfix InvalidArgumentError is not defined
2017-09-10  Shinsuke SugayaAdd travis test and Refactoring
2015-11-03  EmergentOrderfix version numbers v0.9.8
2015-11-03  EmergentOrderremove reference to obsolete v0.9.7
2015-11-03  EmergentOrderexclude indentation error v0.9.6
2015-11-03  EmergentOrderMerge branch 'fcvarela-develop' into develop
2015-11-03  EmergentOrderMerge PR #11, prep 0.9.6 . Clobbered the PR's predictio...
2015-10-28  EmergentOrderMerge pull request #13 from AlmogCohen/develop
2015-10-28  EmergentOrderMerge pull request #14 from vietanh85/develop
2015-08-01  Nguyen Viet Anhadding comment: (getting events through the Event Serve... 14/head
2015-07-27  Nguyen Viet AnhGet events from Event Server.
2015-06-17  Almog Cohenadded missing import for InvalidArgumentError. Fix... 13/head
2015-04-15  Kenneth ChanUpdate for 0.9.2
2015-04-15  Kenneth ChanUpdate doc for 0.9.2 release
2015-04-15  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-18 Support channel
2015-04-15  Kenneth ChanEvent API JSON file exporter
2015-04-13  Justin YipMerge pull request #12 from marcovivero/develop
2015-04-12  mvivero091Added utf8 decoding on json.loads, script : connection... 12/head
2015-01-15  Filipe VarelaFixed indentation 11/head
2015-01-12  Justin YipMerge pull request #9 from fcvarela/develop
2014-12-18  Justin Yipupdate version number
2014-12-13  Justin YipPDIO-438
2014-12-09  Justin YipMerge pull request #10 from 4poc/fix_missing_accessKey
2014-12-06  Matthias HAdd missing accessKey param to get/delete_event 10/head
2014-11-22  Justin Yip0.8.2
2014-11-12  Justin Yipbump setup script version number to 0.8.2
2014-11-12  Justin YipMerge branch 'develop' of
2014-11-12  Justin YipMigrate app_id to access_key
2014-11-12  Justin YipUpdate link.
2014-11-11  Justin YipBugFix: MovieLens Import Check Response Code and Fix...
2014-10-13  Filipe VarelaPython 3 support 9/head
2014-09-26  Justin YipSpecify event_time for users and items
2014-09-25  Justin YipBump version number to 0.8.1
2014-09-25  Justin Yipfix typo
2014-09-25  Justin Yipadd pytz install requirement
2014-09-25  Tom ChanTypo fix
2014-09-23  Justin Yipupdate doc for 0.8
2014-09-23  Justin Yipfix event_time micro / milli seconds bug.
2014-09-23  Justin YipFinalize sdk interface.
2014-09-21  Donald SzetoUpdate API
2014-09-20  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41. Itemrank quick query.
2014-09-20  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41. Change eventTime to event_time.
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41. Fix batch import.
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41. Simplify movielens import.
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41 movielens
2014-09-19  Justin YipAdd status check in itemrank demo.
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41 itemrank-quick-start
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41 yahoo stock import example.
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41 eventtime.
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41 remove creationTime.
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41, remove tags
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41 $delete
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41. $delete actions
2014-09-19  Justin YipPIOTEAM-41 remove apiversion.
2014-09-18  Justin YipAdd 0.8 features.
2014-09-18  Justin YipNew 0.8.
2014-05-10  Kenneth Chanupdate doc
2014-05-10  Kenneth ChanUpdate version
2014-05-02  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-14 Support Item Rank engine
2014-03-21  Justin YipUpdate
2014-03-21  Justin YipCreate
2014-03-21  Justin YipFix pylint trivial bug for sdk and example code.
2013-12-20  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-13 Fix doc gen
2013-12-20  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-13 Add timeout parameter in Client
2013-11-06  Kenneth ChanRemove unnecessary import from tests
2013-11-03  Donald SzetoAdd issue tracker
2013-11-01  Donald SzetoMerge pull request #5 from webgeist/new_style_classes
2013-11-01  Donald SzetoMerge pull request #4 from jespino/some-python3-compati...
2013-10-26  webgeistnew style classes instead old style 5/head
2013-10-26  Jesús EspinoSome fixes for compatibility with python3 4/head
2013-10-24  Donald SzetoMerge pull request #3 from thearn/develop
2013-10-24  Tristan Hearnchanged 'range' to use generators instead of lists... 3/head
2013-10-24  Tristan HearnSmall fixes for PEP8 compliance
2013-10-08  Kenneth Chanupdate doc
2013-09-26  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-11 add qsize param in client object
2013-09-23  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-7 #comment add pending_requests() and update doc
2013-09-20  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-10 fix the URL encoded uid/iid issue and...
2013-09-19  Kenneth ChanMerge pull request #2 from victorhooi/develop
2013-09-19  victorhooiRemove urllib.quote calls (this is already handled... 2/head
2013-09-04  Kenneth Chanupdate doc for itemsim
2013-08-26  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-8 #comment update doc
2013-08-26  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-9 #comment update movierec example
2013-08-26  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-9 #comment change the param order of get_item...
2013-08-26  Kenneth Chanseparate itemrec and itemsim test
2013-08-24  Kenneth ChanSDKPYTHON-8 #comment add get_itemsim_topn and version...
2013-08-11  Donald SzetoMerge branch 'robhudson-doc-fixes' into develop
2013-08-10  Rob HudsonMinor doc fixes 1/head
2013-08-07  Kenneth ChanMerge branch 'develop'
2013-08-07  Kenneth Chanremove trailing newline charater from line
2013-08-02  Kenneth ChanMerge branch 'develop'
2013-08-02  Kenneth Chanfix attribute name pio_iids