2018-09-20  Naoki TakezoeBump PredictionIO to 0.13.0 develop v0.13.0
2017-10-11  shimamoto0.12.0-incubating release
2017-07-15  Naoki TakezoeFix use of case class
2017-05-11  Naoki Takezoecloses apache/incubator-predictionio-template-recommend...
2017-05-10  Shinsuke Sugayaadd checkpoint parameters
2017-05-03  Donald Szeto0.11.0-incubating release v0.11.0-incubating
2017-05-03  Naoki TakezoeBump to PIO 0.11.0-incubating and enhance sbt configuration
2017-05-03  Shinsuke Sugayamodify print statement
2017-05-03  Mike CoutermarshFix small typo
2017-05-03  Mehmet Ali... Migrate to sbt-assembly 13.0
2016-11-01  Donald SzetoCloses #10
2016-11-01  Donald Szeto0.4.0 release information
2016-11-01  Chan LeeUpdate template for PIO v0.10.0-incubating
2016-05-02  Kenneth ChanMerge pull request #9 from alex9311/develop
2016-05-02  Alex Simesusage in Evaluation.scala 9/head
2015-05-23  Kenneth ChanFixes #5
2015-05-12  Kenneth ChanUpdate README for v0.3.1
2015-05-12  Kenneth ChanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/0.9.2' into develop
2015-04-17  Kenneth ChanPDIO-617 update to use appName as param new PEventStore API
2015-04-15  Donald SzetoUpdates for PredictionIO 0.9.2
2015-04-03  Justin YipEvaluation
2015-04-02  Justin YipComprehensive Evaluation
2015-03-28  Justin YipEvaluation
2015-03-04  Kenneth Chanprepare for release v0.1.2
2015-03-03  Kenneth ChanRename pio sbt plugin file to pio-build.sbt
2015-03-03  Kenneth ChanAdd template.json
2015-03-03  Kenneth ChanUse new train() with SparkContext and pio sbt plugin
2015-02-05  Kenneth ChanAdd README
2015-01-28  Kenneth Chanpersist ratingsRDD for consistency
2015-01-28  Kenneth Chanupdate build.sbt
2015-01-27  Donald SzetoEmigration from core repo