8 days ago  takako shimamoto[PIO-192] Enhance PySpark support (#494) develop
10 days ago  Chris Wewerkaswitch to DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChain which...
2018-11-27  Shinsuke Sugaya[PIO-196] Use external pyspark enviroment variables
2018-11-02  Shinsuke Sugaya[PIO-183] Add Jupyter Docker image (#481)
2018-10-29  Naoki Takezoe[PIO-182] Add async methods to LEventStore (#482)
2018-10-27  Alex MerrittBump patch versions for akka and hadoop (#490)
2018-10-26  takako shimamoto[PIO-188] Update the build matrix on travis (#489)
2018-10-26  Wei Chen[PIO-185] develop Gitbox link Update
2018-10-25  Alex Merritt[PIO-189] fix ES6 integration test (#488)
2018-10-13  Naoki Takezoe[PIO-31] Move from spray to akka-http (#474) 487/head
2018-10-11  takako shimamoto[PIO-175] Elasticsearch 1 deprecated in 0.14.0 (#480)
2018-10-10  Shinsuke Sugaya[PIO-86] Docker support (#462)
2018-10-10  Wei Chen[PIO-180] Trivial LiveDoc link change in readme (#478)
2018-10-07  Alex MerrittMerge branch 'updateDeps' of
2018-10-07  Alex MerrittRevert build.sbt change 466/head
2018-10-06  Alex Merritt[PIO-168] ES 6.X support + patch version dependency...
2018-10-05  shimamotoAdd missing license header
2018-10-04  Donald SzetoMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop
2018-10-04  saurabh gulati[PIO-176] Hack in build.sbt for switching between Spark...
2018-10-04  Yavor Stoychev[PIO-179] HBase version bumped and configurable
2018-10-01  Donald Szeto[PIO-167] Remove temporal maintenance tool from communi...
2018-09-29  Alex MerrittFix LICENSE.txt
2018-09-28  Alex MerrittMerge branch 'develop' into updateDeps
2018-09-28  Naoki Takezoe[PIO-170] Upgrade sbt to 1.2.3
2018-09-27  Alex MerrittMerge branch 'develop' into updateDeps
2018-09-27  Wei Chen[PIO-167] Document Fixes and Archiving
2018-09-27  Donald Szeto[PIO-153] Allow use of GNU tar on non-GNU systems
2018-09-26  Naoki Takezoe[PIO-171] Drop Scala 2.10 and Spark 1.6 support
2018-09-26  shimamotoUpdate release instructions for PMC
2018-09-21  Donald Szeto[MINOR] Fail build properly
2018-09-21  Alex MerrittFix .travis.yml
2018-09-21  Alex MerrittFix LICENSE.txt
2018-09-21  Alex MerrittUpdate ES to 5.6.9 everywhere
2018-09-21  shimamotoMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop
2018-09-20  Donald SzetoSwitch to present release notes from livedoc
2018-09-20  Donald Szeto[PIO-89] Add deprecation notice to release notes
2018-09-20  Naoki TakezoeSync required PIO version of officilal templates
2018-09-20  Naoki TakezoeFix typos in Markdown files
2018-09-20  shimamotoMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop
2018-09-19  shimamotoFixes installation instructions
2018-09-19  shimamotoMerge branch 'release/0.13.0' into livedoc
2018-09-19  shimamotoUpdate master release/0.13.0 v0.13.0
2018-09-17  Donald Szeto[PIO-165] Update Spark and ES version
2018-09-17  Donald Szeto[PIO-157] Fix SDK links
2018-09-14  Donald Szeto[PIO-163] Update PHP SDK API doc
2018-09-12  shimamotoPrepare 0.13.0-rc1
2018-09-11  Donald Szeto[PIO-141] Web-page nit picks
2018-09-11  shimamotoMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop
2018-09-10  Donald Szeto[PIO-141] Web-page nit picks
2018-09-10  Donald Szeto[PIO-156] Direct links to sigs and hashes
2018-09-10  Donald Szeto[PIO-160] Fix JDBCUtils.stringToMap()
2018-09-03  Donald Szeto[PIO-161] Spark 2.3 support
2018-09-03  Julien GremillotUpdate
2018-08-27  Donald SzetoMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop
2018-08-27  shimamoto[PIO-158] Deprecate Scala 2.10 and Spark 1.x
2018-08-27  Donald Szeto[PIO-159] Update IntelliJ documentation
2018-08-24  jirotubuyakiAdd template contributed by Masashi OKADA
2018-08-17  Donald SzetoAdding travis_retry on steps with network timeouts
2018-08-11  Naoki TakezoeMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop
2018-08-11  Kazuhiro Sera[livedoc] Fix several minor typos detected by github...
2018-08-11  Kazuhiro SeraFix several minor typos detected by
2018-07-31  Donald Szeto[PIO-157] SDK documentation fix
2018-06-29  Tom Chanfix "$pio eval" command
2018-06-14  Alex Merrittbump spark patch version
2018-06-14  Alex MerrittUpdate dependencies (sbt, scala, spark, elasticsearch)
2018-04-27  Donald Szeto[PIO-155] Fix template link
2018-03-28  Mars HallRevert "Add Heroku Buildpack to community-contributed...
2018-03-15  Chan LeeFix broken hyperlink in installation page
2018-03-15  Chan Lee[PIO-156] Update release on download page
2018-03-14  Chan LeeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/0.12.1...
2018-03-14  Chan LeeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/0.12.1...
2018-03-12  Donald Szeto[PIO-152] Fix DOAP PMC field value
2018-03-12  Chan LeeUpdate release/0.12.1
2018-03-06  Chan LeePrepare 0.12.1-rc1 v0.12.1
2018-03-05  Chan Lee[MINOR] Remove instructions for MD5 checksum generation
2018-03-05  Chan Lee[PIO-140] Describe the binary distribution in the insta...
2018-03-05  Chan Lee[PIO-126] Update to use binary release
2018-03-05  Helene Brashear[MINOR] Update org.template reference to org.example
2018-03-05  Chan Lee[PIO-146] Change TM to (R) on site download/install...
2018-03-03  Naoki Takezoe[INFRA] Close invalid PR. 441/head
2018-03-02  Chan Lee[PIO-146] Change TM to (R) on site download/install...
2018-03-01  Shinsuke Sugaya[PIO-137] Create a connection object at a worker to...
2018-03-01  Shinsuke Sugaya[PIO-136] Add CleanupFunctions for Python
2018-03-01  Donald SzetoDisable gzip to avoid large commits on site repo
2018-03-01  Donald Szeto[PIO-146] Change TM to (R) on text marks
2018-03-01  Donald Szeto[PIO-147] Fix broken Scala API documentation
2018-03-01  James Ward[PIO-151] Add S3 storage docs
2018-03-01  Donald SzetoDisable gzip to avoid large commits on site repo
2018-03-01  Donald Szeto[PIO-146] Change TM to (R) on text marks
2018-02-27  Chan Lee[PIO-135][PIO-148] Remove all incubating annotations
2018-02-27  Chan Lee[PIO-217] Update release instructions for PMC
2018-02-27  Chan Lee[PIO-150] Update ruby gem versions
2018-02-12  Donald Szeto[PIO-147] Fix broken Scala API documentation
2017-12-01  Naoki TakezoeMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop
2017-12-01  Steven YanUpdate
2017-11-20  Takahiro HaginoMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop
2017-11-20  Jeffrey CafferataJsonSyntaxException: Expected a string but was BEGIN_ARRAY
2017-11-20  Takahiro HaginoMerge branch 'livedoc' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-11-08  Chan Lee[MINOR] Fix broken link in install page
2017-10-31  Shinsuke SugayaMerge branch 'livedoc' into develop