6 days ago  maowei.ymwupdate the year info in NOTICE master
7 days ago  von goslingUpdate
8 days ago  von goslingClean code, don't list the default config in JVM
2018-11-13  duhengforeverMerge branch 'develop'
2018-11-06  ThomasUpdate
2018-11-06  von goslingprepare to separate production-ready projects from...
2018-11-02  ymwneu[ISSUE #512]Bugfix for option -p can not print config...
2018-11-02  duhengUpdate pom.xml
2018-11-02  von goslingUpdate fastjson to the latest stable version
2018-11-02  ymwneuFix NPE when getting the localhost using admin tool...
2018-11-01  duhengMerge pull request #501 from suiyuzeng/issue_recover
2018-11-01  Zhendong Liufix 501/head
2018-11-01  Zhendong Liuremove isDamanged
2018-10-31  duhengMerge pull request #510 from duhengforever/issue478
2018-10-31  duhengPurge filterserv related code in client
2018-10-31  duhengforeverPolish async send message sample 510/head
2018-10-31  wlliqipengno message 509/head
2018-10-31  wlliqipengadd note
2018-10-31  wlliqipengadd @deprecated in MQClientInstance and ClientConfig
2018-10-19  suiyuzengcode style
2018-10-19  suiyuzengcode style
2018-10-19  suiyuzenglog recover issue
2018-10-19  wlliqipengFix the failure of testGetLocalInetAddress in ubuntu...
2018-10-19  jungle[ISSUE #411] Fixed ClassCastException when get the...
2018-10-19  jungleModify pom.xml to avoid run ntegration-test when "mvn...
2018-10-15  von goslingprepare to separate production-ready projects from...
2018-09-14  duhengforeverMerge branch 'develop'
2018-09-14  von goslingReplace slack default url with automation invitation...
2018-09-10  duhengMerge pull request #450 from joewee/fix-rocketMQClient
2018-09-06  duhengMerge pull request #440 from Hellojungle/fix#439
2018-09-04  joeweeFix the problem when method executeLocalTransaction... 450/head
2018-08-31  射声Modify commandLine getOption 440/head
2018-08-29  duheng[ISSUE430]Remove scripts releate to filtersrv (#431)
2018-08-21  dongeforeverFix }
2018-08-21  Zhendong LiuMerge pull request #398 from duhengforever/develop_comp...
2018-08-21  Zhendong LiuMerge pull request #410 from chixuan777/master
2018-08-21  Zhendong LiuMerge branch 'develop' into master 410/head
2018-08-20  duhengforeverModify log level 398/head
2018-08-17  duheng[ISSUE #396]Use separated thread pool and add monitor...
2018-08-13  DESKTOP-E3RLCKV... shutdown transactionalMessageCheckService
2018-08-10  duhengforeverFormat the code style
2018-08-10  duhengforeverRemove unused import
2018-08-10  duhengforeverCompatible with the original transactional message API
2018-08-09  duhengforeverRename variable name
2018-08-09  duhengforeverTrigger travis CI
2018-08-08  duhengforeverReslove compatibility issues and keep consistent with...
2018-08-06  von goslingUpdate
2018-08-06  von goslingUpdate
2018-08-01  dongeforeverFix the pom to exclude some files 390/head
2018-08-01  dongeforeverMerge branch 'develop'
2018-07-26  dongeforever[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... release-4.3.0
2018-07-26  dongeforever[maven-release-plugin] prepare release rocketmq-all... rocketmq-all-4.3.0
2018-07-26  dongeforeverChange MQVersion current verison to 4.3.0
2018-07-23  XiaoZYangFIX admin subcommand consumeMessage can pull message...
2018-07-23  huangyiming[ISSUE #375] Replace the message_magic_code and blank_m...
2018-07-23  XiaoZYang[ISSUE #377] FIX Admin subcommand consumeMessage should...
2018-07-17  what-a-good... [ROCKETMQ-355][POLISH]Async send method polish - fix...
2018-07-17  duhengFix the get connection bug when sending transactional...
2018-07-16  fuyou001[ISSUE #314] Heartbeat handler use independently thread...
2018-07-16  what-a-good... [ISSUE #359]Fix logging check period (#360)
2018-07-15  duheng[ISSUE #292] Add support of transactional message featu...
2018-07-14  duhengFix issues brought about while merging pull requests
2018-07-14  fuyou001#ROCKETMQ-340# improve code for avoid ClassCastExceptio...
2018-07-14  Jason918[ROCKETMQ-290] Fix memory leak in WaitNotifyObject...
2018-07-14  Wenwei Hu[ROCKETMQ-296] fix DefaultMessageStoreTest bug: wait...
2018-07-14  JaskeyROCKETMQ-223-Rename DEFAULT_TOPIC (#119)
2018-07-14  Jaskey[ROCKETMQ-203]Support client to allocate message queue...
2018-07-14  JaskeyInvoke callback at once when channel is close (#95)
2018-07-14  what-a-good... [ROCKETMQ-353] Add sendMessageCommand and consumeMessag...
2018-07-13  what-a-good... [ISSUE #354]Add thread-sleep for rebalance before produ...
2018-07-12  von goslingUpdate
2018-07-05  vongoslingAdd some exclude files in nat
2018-07-05  von goslingDelete
2018-07-05  von goslingUpdate issue templates
2018-07-05  what-a-good... [ISSUE #353]Optimzation For Unit Test (#356) 357/head
2018-06-28  Li ZhanhuiExclude RAT checking on files in the target directories
2018-06-28  Li ZhanhuiFix typo
2018-06-22  傅冲Optimize broker topic route registration to relieve...
2018-06-12  vongoslingFix the problem of the capitalization in class name
2018-06-12  vongoslingMerge branch 'develop' of
2018-06-12  vongoslingPolish parts slow UT
2018-06-12  Li ZhanhuiAdd getter for properties of name server startup
2018-06-12  vongoslingDelete filterservdependency in distribution module
2018-06-12  vongoslingDelete filterservdependency in distribution module
2018-06-12  Li ZhanhuiUse openmessaging 0.3.1-alpha
2018-06-12  vongoslingRemove deprecated filter module and fix the test
2018-06-12  vongoslingBugfix for the unstable test
2018-06-07  von goslingCreate slack channel for community
2018-06-06  Li ZhanhuiShutdown all started executors of broker
2018-06-05  von goslingRetire the Jira issue
2018-06-01  Li ZhanhuiShutdown all thread pools when broker quits
2018-05-31  sheshengadd travis check
2018-05-31  sheshengfix checkstyle
2018-05-31  sheshengfix RMQAsyncSend Thread-safe bugs
2018-05-31  sheshengmodify travis.yml to never report ci failed
2018-05-31  傅冲Issue #311 improve broker register topicrouter info...
2018-05-30  Li ZhanhuiExplicitly specify repository from
2018-05-28  王松松Fix Concurrent issue of StoreStatsService
2018-05-28  Li ZhanhuiRevert "Fix Concurrent issue of StoreStatsService"
2018-05-28  Li ZhanhuiRevert "Fix licence"