2 days ago  Dave JohnsonFrom Kohei's PR master
2 days ago  Dave JohnsonIgnore working files
2 days ago  Dave JohnsonMerge branch 'roller-5.2.x'
10 days ago  Dave JohnsonCorrecting to use sha256.
10 days ago  Dave JohnsonAdd SHA256 checksums to sign release script
2018-12-16  David M. JohnsonMerge pull request #23 from snoopdave/master
2018-12-16  Dave JohnsonRevert "Merge branch 'master' of 23/head
2018-12-16  Dave JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-16  Dave JohnsonMerge branch 'roller-5.2.x'
2018-12-16  Dave JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-16  Dave JohnsonThis branch is not 6, and not the same as Apache Roller.
2018-12-16  Dave JohnsonFix mispelling
2018-12-16  David M. JohnsonMerge pull request #10 from nuzayats/ROL-2090
2018-12-16  David M. JohnsonMerge pull request #9 from santiago-a-vidal/BandagoRefa...
2018-12-16  David M. JohnsonMerge pull request #11 from nuzayats/update_xinha
2018-12-16  David M. JohnsonMerge pull request #13 from jimmycasey/master
2018-12-16  David M. JohnsonMerge pull request #6 from nuzayats/feature/ROL-2103
2018-12-15  Dave JohnsonPreparing for a v5.2.2 release.
2018-12-09  Dave Johnson[ROL-2125] Add workaround to allow styled RSS and Atom...
2018-12-09  Dave Johnson[ROL-2124] disable DOCTYPE handling in SAX Parser.
2018-12-09  Dave JohnsonMinor refactoring
2018-10-21  Dave JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-10-21  Dave JohnsonExecutable jar for Roller
2018-10-21  Dave JohnsonMerge branch 'roller-5.2.0'
2018-10-19  Dave Johnsonfix:(plugins) use a better version of maven deploy...
2018-10-19  Dave JohnsonDraft create
2018-09-30  Dave JohnsonPreparing for 5.2.1-rc-2 roller-5.2.0 roller-5.2.1 roller-5.2.1-rc-2
2018-09-03  Dave JohnsonUse same version of Log4j2 as Struts does
2018-09-03  Dave JohnsonUse same version of Log4j2 as Struts does
2018-09-02  Dave JohnsonBump JDK version up to 1.8 and upgrade to latest Jetty...
2018-09-01  Dave JohnsonMerge branch 'roller-5.2.0'
2018-09-01  Dave JohnsonMerge commit '4d21faf095b402f7a5c197ca6592c3bf23b70273'
2018-09-01  Dave JohnsonFix format of RC file names roller-5.2.10-rc-1
2018-09-01  Dave JohnsonUpgrade Struts to 2.5.17, fix broken URLs in planet...
2018-09-01  Dave JohnsonUpgrade Struts to 2.5.17, fix broken URLs in planet...
2018-07-29  Jimmy CaseyFixed Spelling. 13/head
2018-05-28  Dave JohnsonNeed to whitelist "upgrade" instead of "update"
2018-05-19  Dave Johnsonmaster is no longer 5.2.0
2018-05-19  Dave Johnsonmaster is no longer 5.2.0
2018-04-14  Kohei NozakiUpgrade Xinha 11/head
2018-03-24  Kohei NozakiMake some Lucene configuration adjustable 10/head
2018-03-24  Kohei NozakiMerge branch 'master' into feature/ROL-2103 6/head
2018-03-14  Dave JohnsonWith a multi-host blog setup, use hostname to determine...
2018-02-25  Dave JohnsonConvert docs README to Markdown
2018-02-06  Santiago Vidal Brain methods of class Register automatically refactor... 9/head
2017-11-27  Dave JohnsonIgnore some tests that depend on
2017-11-06  Dave JohnsonMerge tag 'roller-5.2.0' roller-5.2.0-final
2017-11-06  Dave JohnsonPrepare for final release.
2017-10-21  Dave JohnsonPreparing for rc-6 roller-5.2.0-rc-6
2017-10-18  Dave JohnsonAdding disable method for pings action
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonPreparing for rc-5 roller-5.2.0-rc-5
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonFixes to Planet's custom groups save, update and delete.
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonComment out @AllowedActions annotations because (they...
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonCorrect Struts2 <s:property> syntax for getting directo...
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonAdd missing allowed action for "accept"
2017-10-14  Dave JohnsonPreparing for rc-4. roller-5.2.0-rc-4
2017-10-14  Dave JohnsonPreparing for rc-4
2017-10-14  Dave JohnsonAdd missing log4j-core dependency and reduce Log4j2...
2017-10-08  Dave JohnsonEnsure that is not "filtered" by...
2017-10-08  Dave JohnsonAdded missing action names needed for DMI.
2017-10-08  Dave JohnsonExplicitly list directories that should be included...
2017-10-01  Dave JohnsonPrepare for release. roller-5.2.0-rc-3
2017-10-01  Dave JohnsonConvert README to markdown.
2017-10-01  Dave JohnsonThis closes #8
2017-10-01  Dave JohnsonFixes Mediafile View to show image URL correctly.
2017-09-30  Dave JohnsonUse var intead of id for the s:iterator loop variable...
2017-09-30  Dave JohnsonUse namespace not name when refering to actions in...
2017-09-30  Dave JohnsonFix for: test weblogs not being created & added correctly.
2017-09-30  Dave JohnsonAdd clear to list of Struts DMI allowed methods
2017-09-30  Dave JohnsonLogs should be in Catalina Base not Home
2017-08-29  Dave JohnsonCorrect version number and fix scm URLs roller-5.2.0-rc-2
2017-08-27  Dave JohnsonUse variables for all dependency version numbers.
2017-08-21  Dave JohnsonRemove debugging text, and fix spelling error.
2017-08-13  Dave JohnsonGet random blog data creator working again for 5.2...
2017-08-13  Dave Johnsonmade it-selenium tests work with current code base.
2017-08-12  Dave Johnson[ROL-2113] move to Struts 2.5.x and remove DMI usage.
2017-07-23  Dave JohnsonStruts upgrade changed "id" to "var" for s:url tag.
2017-07-23  Dave JohnsonTesting showed that order matters for altering of rag_e...
2017-07-23  Dave JohnsonTurn on strict-method-invocation for 5.2.0 release.
2017-07-21  Dave JohnsonPrepare for Roller 5..2.0 release.
2017-06-17  Dave Johnson[ROL-2111] Upgrade to Struts
2017-06-17  Dave Johnson[ROL-2110] fix problem with some languages not renderin...
2017-02-05  Dave JohnsonCode formatting change only.
2017-01-12  Dave JohnsonTest fixes due to changes on and...
2016-11-03  Kohei NozakiROL-2103 Upgrade vulnerable commons-collections to...
2016-10-23  Kohei NozakiThis closes #5
2016-10-23  Kohei NozakiROL-2101 Thread unsafe use of HashMap for cached mappin... 5/head
2016-05-29  Dave JohnsonThis closes #4
2016-04-29  Kohei Nozakiupgrade webjars which improved handling of invalid... 4/head
2016-01-24  Kohei NozakiROL-2102 RSS Feed related tests fail trunk
2016-01-24  Kohei NozakiROL-2084 Unnecessary escaping of HTML symbols happen...
2016-01-11  Kohei NozakiROL-1760 Scheduled tasks do not run on Oracle (or other...
2015-12-22  Kohei NozakiFix wrongly translated message which said "Database...
2015-12-20  Kohei NozakiFix wrongly translated message which said something...
2015-12-19  Kohei NozakiROL-2087 "macro.weblog.searchgoogle" in translated...
2015-12-19  Kohei NozakiROL-2097 Angular based pages make browser to send unnec...
2015-12-19  Kohei NozakiROL-2091 Adding CDN contents to distribution for users...
2015-12-19  Kohei NozakiROL-2086 Build fails for source code that obtained...
2015-12-19  Kohei NozakiROL-2083 Upgrade Guice to 4.0
2015-11-15  Kohei NozakiFix shutdown procedure of ThreadManagerImpl and TaskSch...