2018-11-19  Alex HaruiMerge tag 'apache-royale-0.9.4' master
2018-11-14  Alex Harui[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.royal... apache-royale-0.9.4 org.apache.royale.framework-0.9.4-rc2
2018-11-14  Alex Haruiupdate other poms to current version
2018-11-14  Alex Haruiremove SNAPSHOT from compiler and typedefs versions
2018-11-14  Alex HaruiRevert "remove SNAPSHOT from compiler and typedefs...
2018-11-14  Alex HaruiRevert "update other poms to current version"
2018-11-14  Alex HaruiRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org...
2018-11-14  Alex HaruiRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next develop...
2018-11-14  Alex Haruithis folder is empty so isn't always in the package
2018-11-14  Alex HaruiJewelTheme was not built in js-only packaging
2018-11-13  Alex Haruiupdate notice files
2018-11-13  Alex Haruiupdate approval script with sha suffixes and new binaries
2018-11-13  Alex Haruiremove this file for now
2018-11-13  Alex Harui[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-11-13  Alex Harui[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.royal... org.apache.royale.framework-0.9.4-rc1
2018-11-13  Alex Haruiupdate other poms to current version
2018-11-13  Alex Haruiremove SNAPSHOT from compiler and typedefs versions
2018-11-12  Alex Harui[maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release/0.9.4
2018-11-12  Alex Haruiadd another check for empty-folder
2018-11-12  Alex Haruimanually move these back to 0.9.4
2018-11-12  Alex Haruirevert 275d4e248eabd762c5ed1f24c02aeada0d560477
2018-11-12  Alex HaruiRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next develop...
2018-11-11  Carlos Rovirathose was missed from latest commit
2018-11-11  Carlos RoviraOrganize and clean imports in Core lib and avoid warnin...
2018-11-11  Carlos RoviraRevert "add to .gitignore the new files created when...
2018-11-11  Carlos Roviraadd to .gitignore the new files created when running...
2018-11-11  Carlos RoviraAdd FocusEvent (compiles but is an untested first draft...
2018-11-11  Carlos Rovirasupress warning in KeyboardEvent
2018-11-11  HarbsWe’re setting y, so position needs to be absolute
2018-11-11  SAdelmanMake JS nativeEvent public (#344)
2018-11-10  Carlos RoviraConfiguration for locales in DateField and DateChooser...
2018-11-10  Carlos RoviraBead to configure DateField and/or DateChooser to use...
2018-11-10  Carlos RoviraFix Table and DateChooser (that uses Table) with old...
2018-11-10  Carlos Roviraadd formitem, formheading and tabbat (WIP) to all themes
2018-11-10  Carlos Roviramake theme styles for formitem and formheading
2018-11-10  Carlos RoviraAvoid errors with services trying to use unimplemented...
2018-11-10  Carlos RoviraEvents without name attribute
2018-11-09  Carlos Rovirafix validation in example
2018-11-09  Carlos RoviraJewel FormItem and FormHeading and example of both...
2018-11-09  aharuiMerge pull request #340 from ajwfrost/ajwfrost/httpstatus
2018-11-09  FrostAdding HTTPStatusEvent to be fired in URLLoader 340/head
2018-11-08  Carlos Roviraadd itemsVerticalAlign and itemsHorizontalAlign to...
2018-11-08  Alex Harui0 lineweight is really more like 0.5
2018-11-08  Alex Haruifix dual style lookup
2018-11-08  Alex Haruiforce redraw
2018-11-08  greg-doveTuning to the model hierarchy for List/Combo/DropDown...
2018-11-08  Alex HaruiSparkHelloWorld
2018-11-08  Alex HaruiSpark HelloWorld
2018-11-08  Alex HaruiSpark Application and BorderContainer
2018-11-07  aharuiMerge pull request #336 from nihavend/develop
2018-11-07  Carlos Rovirafix Form events
2018-11-07  Carlos Rovirafix wrong compile
2018-11-07  Carlos Rovira-fixes Event missing type
2018-11-07  HarbsFixed TextArea element type
2018-11-07  greg-doveRegression fix: restore support for mxml setting of...
2018-11-07  Carlos Roviradeselect examples with List and ComboBox (to make it...
2018-11-07  Carlos Rovirasome imports organization and clean up
2018-11-07  greg-doveMerge branch 'develop' of
2018-11-07  greg-doveBinding into all the selectedItems (for demo purposes)
2018-11-07  greg-doveUpdates to Jewel DropDowns / DropDown examples
2018-11-06  Alex Haruilegends now sort of work
2018-11-06  Alex Haruidefault values
2018-11-06  Alex Haruifix how addingChild/childrenAdded work
2018-11-06  Alex Haruifix new compiler errors
2018-11-06  Carlos Rovirafix selectedItem in Jewel DropDownList
2018-11-06  Carlos Rovirafix findIndex in CollectionUtils
2018-11-05  Serkan Taşchanges reverted 336/head
2018-11-05  Serkan TaşMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into...
2018-11-05  Serkan Taşchanges reverted
2018-11-02  Alex Haruiaxis labels are working
2018-11-02  Alex HaruiUITextField needs beads now that it isn't a Label
2018-11-02  Alex Haruiuse a div so we can measure it
2018-11-02  Alex Haruiswitch to using position=absolute by default in UICompo...
2018-11-02  Alex Haruifix build
2018-11-02  Carlos Rovirafix DropDownList examples in JewelExample
2018-11-02  greg-doveFix for some bindings not working (some binding data...
2018-11-01  Alex Haruiline and area chart rendering. May need to move top...
2018-11-01  Alex Haruihandle lines vs files properly
2018-11-01  Alex Haruia way for ProgrammaticSkins to force a redraw
2018-11-01  Alex Haruidiagnostics
2018-11-01  Serkan TaşMerge branch 'develop' of
2018-11-01  Serkan TaşMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into...
2018-11-01  Serkan TaşPopUpEvent and FromItem emulated
2018-11-01  Serkan TaşDelete
2018-11-01  Serkan TaşDelete
2018-11-01  aharuiMerge pull request #335 from ajwfrost/ajwfrost/external...
2018-11-01  Carlos RoviraMove prompt in DropDownList to a bead as usual with...
2018-11-01  Carlos Rovirafix wrong super model in jewel DropDownListModel
2018-11-01  alinakaziBorderContainer Working
2018-10-31  Alex Haruiget chart to finally draw something
2018-10-31  Alex Haruiuse styleName objects
2018-10-31  Alex Haruinow inherits from Label
2018-10-31  Alex Haruiget fill and stroke to work
2018-10-31  Alex Haruiuse beingStroke/endStroke for JS
2018-10-31  Alex Haruicharts seem to need paddingTop/Bottom
2018-10-31  Alex Haruiget styles to work with ValuesManager
2018-10-31  Alex HaruiTry using Label for UITextField and have it implement...
2018-10-31  Alex Haruiadd beginStroke/endStroke for no-fill lines
2018-10-31  Serkan Taşemulation work
2018-10-31  Serkan Taşused from external library