descriptionApache ServiceComb Saga
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2018-11-28  Willem JiangFixed the typo of the test
2018-11-27  Willem JiangAdded an unit test of serializePOJOIntoBytes
2018-11-23  Willem JiangSCB-1039 Add a check for the compensable retires setting
2018-11-20  Willem JiangSCB-963 Polish the test method name
2018-11-20  cherrylzhaoSCB-963 Add TransactionInterceptionTest.assertCompensat...
2018-11-20  cherrylzhaoSCB-963 Add sagaTransactional method in TransactionalUs...
2018-11-20  cherrylzhaoSCB-963 Remove unused code.
2018-11-19  Willem JiangDeploy the artifacts without enable the docker plugin
2018-11-15  asifdxtremeAdd Unit Test for Alpha Console API's
2018-11-13  asifdxtremeImplement Saga Console API's
2018-11-11  Willem JiangClean up the dependencies of tcc-spring-demo
2018-11-11  Willem JiangSCB-1018 Upgrade spring boot version to 1.5.17, 2.0.6
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