3 days ago  Willem JiangSCB-1111 Always init the table script if possible master
4 days ago  zhaojunMerge pull request #378 from zhanglongchun/SCB-1103
5 days ago  longchunSCB-1103 (WIP-3) TCC should have participation started... 378/head
6 days ago  Willem JiangSCB-1111 fixed the demo starting error
6 days ago  longchunSCB-1103 (WIP-2) TCC should have participation started...
7 days ago  Willem JiangTry to fix the random failure of travis CI
7 days ago  Willem JiangMerge pull request #377 from apache/SCB-1110
7 days ago  longchunSCB-1103 (WIP-1) TCC should have participation started...
7 days ago  Willem JiangSCB-1110 fixed the feign transport configuration file... 377/head
7 days ago  Willem JiangFixed some minor typoes
7 days ago  longchunSCB-1103 (WIP) TCC should have participation started...
2019-01-04  Willem JiangMerge pull request #374 from zhanglongchun/patch-2
2019-01-04  longchunUpdate 374/head
2019-01-04  Willem JiangUpdate (#373)
2019-01-04  longchunUpdate 373/head
2019-01-04  longchunUpdate
2019-01-04  longchunUpdate
2019-01-03  Willem JiangUpdate the README file
2019-01-02  longchunSCB-1099 Add nexus SNAPSHOT information to the README...
2019-01-02  Willem JiangSCB-1100 Updated the user guilde for migration from...
2018-12-29  Willem JiangUpdated the project version for next development
2018-12-29  Willem Jiang SCB-1098 Update the pom artifacts
2018-12-29  Willem JiangSCB-1097 Clean up pack-distribution module 367/head
2018-12-29  asifdxtremeUpdate license for web source
2018-12-28  asifdxtremeUpdate the Alpha licenses
2018-12-28  asifdxtremeUpdate the license information
2018-12-28  Willem JiangSCB-1094 Fixed the java doc build error in tcc-inventro...
2018-12-27  Willem JiangSCB-1093 Upgrade the Spring Boot version to 2.1.1 Release
2018-12-27  Willem JiangSCB-1091 Upgrade the dubbo version to 2.6.4
2018-12-27  Willem JiangSCB-976 Removed saga-performance module
2018-12-25  Willem JiangSCB-1090 Unified the logger output of the Omega transports.
2018-12-24  Willem JiangSCB-1086 enable the spring-boot-2 profile by default
2018-12-24  longchunSCB-1086 Using spring-boot-2 by default
2018-12-21  anUpdate
2018-12-18  Willem JiangUpdate the user_guild document
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Renamed the package name of tcc-spring-demo
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Tried to fix the travis build
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Updated the package names of demo
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Rename the package name of integration tests...
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Updated the package name in alpha server
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Renamed the package name of omega modules
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Renamed the grpc package name
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Renamed the package name in the pack-common
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Update the maven group to org.apache.servicecom...
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Removed the Saga related name from poms and...
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Updated the group id to org.apache.servicecomb...
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 Updated the pom file for removing modules
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-976 removed the saga-core related modules
2018-12-17  Willem JiangSCB-1081 clean up the code format
2018-12-17  takumiSCB-1081 Fix the current issue when Calling the compens...
2018-12-14  Anvith KS[SCB-935] Saga transaction management console UI initia...
2018-12-13  Willem JiangSCB-1029 Extended size of compensationMethod file
2018-12-10  Willem JiangPolish the README files.
2018-12-10  Willem JiangUpdate the README file with latest repo name
2018-12-10  Willem JiangSCB-817 Fixed the event type name issues
2018-12-10  Willem JiangUpdate the for the github starts
2018-11-28  Willem JiangFixed the typo of the test
2018-11-27  Willem JiangAdded an unit test of serializePOJOIntoBytes
2018-11-23  Willem JiangSCB-1039 Add a check for the compensable retires setting
2018-11-20  Willem JiangSCB-963 Polish the test method name
2018-11-20  cherrylzhaoSCB-963 Add TransactionInterceptionTest.assertCompensat...
2018-11-20  cherrylzhaoSCB-963 Add sagaTransactional method in TransactionalUs...
2018-11-20  cherrylzhaoSCB-963 Remove unused code.
2018-11-19  Willem JiangDeploy the artifacts without enable the docker plugin
2018-11-15  asifdxtremeAdd Unit Test for Alpha Console API's
2018-11-13  asifdxtremeImplement Saga Console API's
2018-11-11  Willem JiangClean up the dependencies of tcc-spring-demo
2018-11-11  Willem JiangSCB-1018 Upgrade spring boot version to 1.5.17, 2.0.6
2018-11-09  Zheng FengSCB-973 update to remvoing the incubator
2018-11-09  Willem JiangSCB-973 Updated the Readme files for the ServiceComb...
2018-11-08  Willem JiangSCB-820 Updated the pom setting with docker
2018-11-08  Willem JiangSCB-1013 Polish the code
2018-11-08  Willem JiangSCB-1013 Support to disable the event scanner Alpha
2018-11-01  Willem JiangUpdated the ROAMAP with latest add tasks
2018-10-31  Willem JiangUpdated the README files
2018-10-25  Amos FengMerge pull request #322 from KomachiSion/SCB-962
2018-10-24  KomachiSionSCB-962 transaction support retries parameter. 322/head
2018-10-21  cherrylzhaoSCB-963 Make saga compensation method transactional.
2018-10-21  cherrylzhaoSCB-963 Make TCC coordinate method transactional.
2018-10-18  Willem JiangPulish the test script
2018-10-16  Willem JiangPublish the snapshot without running test
2018-10-10  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Refactor TccCallbackEngine execute method.
2018-10-10  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Add Alpha TCC event scanner.
2018-10-10  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Add alpha globalTx timeout and clear mechanism.
2018-10-10  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Refine TCC unit case.
2018-10-10  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Revise finding coordinate event from participate.
2018-10-10  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Add transaction for RDBTxEventRepository &...
2018-10-10  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Using TccApplication within alpha tcc test...
2018-09-27  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Add TCC alpha retry logic when send coordinate...
2018-09-27  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Make omega fail fast mechanism configurable.
2018-09-27  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Add fail fast mechanism when all alpha is down.
2018-09-27  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Optimize test case of omega load balance sender.
2018-09-21  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Revise copyright space.
2018-09-21  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Optimize package of load balance.
2018-09-21  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Replace LoadBalancedClusterMessageSender to...
2018-09-21  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Adjust saga load balance sender package.
2018-09-21  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 clean up GrpcTccEventService.
2018-09-21  cherrylzhaoSCB-909 Integrate TccLoadBalance to omega-transaction...
2018-09-21  Willem JiangSCB-923 Clean up the alpha code
2018-09-21  Willem JiangSCB-923 Refactoried the name of TxEventFactory