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2018-05-02  Ittiam InsiteFix for SHIRO-621: REST filter bypassing matched path
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2018-05-02  Brian DemersFixing license header and added note in NonIniWebSecuri...
2018-04-09  Martin Nybo... Removed nits: Whitespace on empty line and auto-generat... 82/head
2018-04-09  Martin Nybo... Added: Test to login a DelegatingSubject on a programat...
2018-04-03  Brian DemersFixing license header on WildcardPermissionResolverTest
2018-04-02  Brian DemersSwitch to using DEFAULT_CASE_SENSITIVE in WildcardPermi...
2018-03-15  Ewan MellorFix Hasher's help output. 80/head
2018-01-23  claudeadded test cases 77/head
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