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last changeThu, 30 Jun 2022 10:13:16 +0000 (12:13 +0200)
4 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxMerge branch 'geoapi-3.1' master
5 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxMerge branch 'geoapi-4.0' into geoapi-3.1 geoapi-3.1
6 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxAdjust the precision of coordinate numbers shown when... geoapi-4.0
6 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxDocumentation fixes.
6 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxAdjust the way that buffer capacity is computed.
21 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxAdjust the size of the temporary buffer for TIFF decomp...
22 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxFix erroneous pixel values sometime computed for a...
22 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxAdd visual separators.
46 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxAdd a "Referencing by grid cell indices" menu item.
46 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxAllow `CoordinateFormat` to recognize when it is format...
46 hours ago  Martin DesruisseauxAdd a `GridGeometry.createImageCRS(…)` method.
3 days ago  Martin DesruisseauxAllow the status bar to show coordinates using another...
3 days ago  Martin DesruisseauxBug fix: geohash length not updated after precision...
3 days ago  Martin DesruisseauxAdd a `GazetteerFactory` class using the name of refere...
3 days ago  Martin DesruisseauxAdd a `Coder.getReferenceSystem()` method.
6 days ago  Martin DesruisseauxProvide a base class for the encoders of referencing...
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