2 days ago  Radu Cotescuupdated project tables master
5 days ago  Radu Cotescuadded new modules and updated tables
2018-11-09  Dan KlcoMerge commit 'cefd931f3835f4020b199688a9f158797f596f8c'
2018-11-09  Dan KlcoAdding pull request badges
2018-11-07  David Bosschaerttrivial: regenerated aggregator tables
2018-10-19  Robert MunteanuUpdate repositories list
2018-10-18  Radu Cotescutrivial: regenerated aggregator tables
2018-10-18  Radu Cotescutrivial: changed http links to https
2018-10-18  Radu CotescuSLING-8012 - Extract an HTL runtime bundle from the...
2018-10-05  Karl PaulsRemove the org-apache-sling-feature-extension-content...
2018-10-02  Karl PaulsAdd the org-apache-sling-feature-extension-content...
2018-09-20  Radu Cotescutrivial: added license header to *.md files
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7215 - [nice-to-have] Add a CONTRIBUTING file...
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7216 - [nice-to-have] Add a CODE_OF_CONDUCT file...
2018-09-05  Robert MunteanuUpdate project list
2018-09-01  Oliver Lietzadd Clam project
2018-08-01  Dan KlcoUpdating based on the latest changes to the module...
2018-07-20  Robert MunteanuREADME: correct and simplify repo checkout instructions
2018-07-03  Dan KlcoRemoving unneeded data from the Sling-Repos CSV
2018-07-03  Dan KlcoAdding resource filter and file optimization
2018-06-28  Dan KlcoAdding the scripts to aggregator for SLING-7684
2018-06-28  Dan KlcoUpdating to the latest project list
2018-06-25  Dan KlcoAdding newly created repositories
2018-06-08  Dan KlcoUpdating to use cache-friendly badges
2018-06-08  Dan KlcoFixing paths to the git pages
2018-06-08  Dan KlcoAdding modules list and the groups / settings
2018-06-08  Dan KlcoUpdating badges for aggregator
2018-05-29  Konrad WindszusSLING-7624 add new servlet annotations modules
2018-04-27  David BosschaertAdd feature model repositories to default.xml
2018-04-12  Bertrand DelacretazUpdate list of repositories
2018-03-20  Robert MunteanuREADME: clarify repo command working dir
2018-02-13  Dan KlcoUpdating to the new starter-content repo
2018-01-30  Bertrand DelacretazUpdate with org-apache-sling-repoinit-it which was...
2018-01-29  Bertrand Delacretazlink to related jira tickets
2018-01-26  Robert MunteanuAdd docker repository
2018-01-26  Bertrand DelacretazMention the new repolist.html page
2018-01-15  Robert MunteanuUpdate collect-sling-repos.groovy to ignore the old...
2018-01-13  Dan KlcoRemoving the old mirror as it seems to cause issues
2018-01-13  Dan KlcoAdding serviceuser-webconsole and old-svn-mirror
2018-01-10  Oliver Lietzfix typo
2018-01-10  Oliver Lietzadd installation hints for Mac
2018-01-10  Oliver LietzSLING-7332 Fix typo in
2018-01-09  Bertrand DelacretazAdd update instructions + update overview
2017-11-22  Robert MunteanuUpdate repos list
2017-11-09  Robert MunteanuSLING-7163 - Update Jenkins jobs to reference the git...
2017-11-09  Bertrand Delacretaztypo
2017-11-08  Robert MunteanuRegenerate manifest
2017-10-25  Robert MunteanuREADME - instructions for speeding up sync
2017-10-25  Robert MunteanuDon't check out the old 'sling' project
2017-10-25  Robert MunteanuREADME - correct repo init command
2017-10-25  Robert MunteanuSLING-7164 - Set up the sling aggregator repository