descriptionApache Sling - CMS Reference App
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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5 days ago  Dan KlcoAdding the References widget to a number of areas and... SLING-8074-improve-reference-list
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5 days ago  Dan KlcoUpdating most of the interactions to use ajax to reload...
5 days ago  Dan KlcoRemoving duplicate label
5 days ago  Dan KlcoMaking the optimizer a modal for the static console
9 days ago  Dan KlcoFixed issue with duplicate title and edit site group...
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2018-11-21  Dan Klco[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-11-21  Dan Klco[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
2018-11-21  Dan KlcoUpdating to remove the confusing version value
2018-11-20  JE BaileyUpdated Rava NPM version
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5 days ago SLING-8074-improve-reference-list
7 weeks ago insights-feature
2 months ago SLING-7900
2 months ago api-improvements
3 months ago SLING-7858