2018-11-20  Bertrand Delacretazfix interface description master
2018-11-20  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-8120 - update README for the modified behaviors
2018-11-20  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-8120 - remove path restrictions
2018-11-20  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-8120 - update README for the modified behaviors
2018-11-20  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-8120 - refactor tests
2018-11-20  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-8120 - pass the ResourceResolver to CapabilitiesS...
2018-11-01  Bertrand Delacretaz[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-11-01  Bertrand Delacretaz[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
2018-11-01  Bertrand DelacretazAdd missing scm info
2018-11-01  Bertrand DelacretazMention the JCR module
2018-10-30  Bertrand DelacretazFine tune test coverage
2018-10-19  Bertrand DelacretazAdd standard info + badges to README
2018-10-18  Bertrand Delacretaztweak README
2018-10-18  Bertrand Delacretaztweak README
2018-10-18  Bertrand DelacretazUse stable keys for SlingServletsSource output
2018-10-18  Bertrand DelacretazUse namespace suffix instead of full namespace in Sling...
2018-10-15  Bertrand DelacretazREADME
2018-10-11  Bertrand DelacretazTest multiple sources
2018-10-11  Bertrand DelacretazFix cardinality
2018-10-11  Bertrand DelacretazCapabilitiesBundleIT added + bnd / Maven plugin fixes
2018-10-11  Bertrand DelacretazRemove stray printout
2018-10-11  Bertrand DelacretazTest the SlingServletsSource
2018-10-11  Bertrand Delacretazremove extra comment
2018-10-11  Bertrand DelacretazSling mock artifacts have moved
2018-10-10  Bertrand DelacretazTest restrictions on paths and namespaces
2018-10-10  Bertrand DelacretazAdd RegexFilter for Resource path + capabilities namespaces
2018-10-10  Bertrand Delacretazcomments
2018-10-10  Bertrand DelacretazAdd SlingServletsSource
2018-10-10  Bertrand DelacretazStick to old versions where possible
2018-10-10  Bertrand DelacretazUse bnd-maven-plugin
2018-10-10  Bertrand DelacretazRemove extra import
2018-09-20  Radu Cotescutrivial: added license header to *.md files
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7215 - [nice-to-have] Add a CONTRIBUTING file...
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7216 - [nice-to-have] Add a CODE_OF_CONDUCT file...
2018-06-22  Bertrand DelacretazMerge pull request #1 from apache/justinedelson-patch-1
2018-06-21  justinedelsondon't use class names as example namespaces justinedelson-patch-1 1/head
2018-06-21  Bertrand DelacretazVerify servlet service properties
2018-06-21  Bertrand DelacretazExport the API package
2018-06-21  Bertrand DelacretazOops - forgot this class
2018-06-21  Bertrand DelacretazCheck for duplicate namespaces
2018-06-21  Bertrand DelacretazExpand README
2018-06-21  Bertrand DelacretazInitial commit, moving from sling-whiteboard