2018-09-20  Radu Cotescutrivial: added license header to *.md files master
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7215 - [nice-to-have] Add a CONTRIBUTING file...
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7216 - [nice-to-have] Add a CODE_OF_CONDUCT file...
2018-06-25  JE BaileySLING-7751 Adding unit test to validate char encoding...
2018-06-08  Dan KlcoUpdating badges for org-apache-sling-commons-html
2018-05-29  Oliver Lietzclean up bnd instructions
2018-05-09  Bertrand DelacretazActivate testing.log for Pax tests
2018-05-08  Jason E Bailey[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-05-08  Jason E Bailey[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
2018-05-05  Oliver LietzSLING-6783 Updates for Commons HTML
2018-04-02  Oliver LietzSLING-6783 Updates for Commons HTML
2018-04-01  Oliver LietzSLING-6783 Updates for Commons HTML
2018-03-28  Oliver LietzSLING-7557 Add initial integration tests
2018-03-28  Oliver LietzSLING-7556 Use bnd Maven plugins
2018-03-28  Oliver LietzSLING-7353 Update to Sling Parent 33
2017-10-24  Robert MunteanuSLING-7213 - Add a default .gitignore file to every...
2017-10-23  Robert MunteanuFix typo in pom.xml : conncetion should be connection
2017-10-20  Robert MunteanuSLING-7162 - Update SCM information in all POM files...
2017-10-03  Oliver LietzSLING-7167 Adjust READMEs
2017-04-24  Robert MunteanuSLING-6783 updates for org.apache.commons.html
2016-01-03  Carsten ZiegelerSwitch to parent pom 26
2015-10-05  Robert MunteanuUpdate the contrib reactor to parent 25
2015-07-07  Oliver Lietzset parent version to 24 and add empty relativePath...
2015-06-25  Robert MunteanuUpdate contrib modules to Parent 23
2015-05-07  Robert MunteanuSLING-4698 - Set parent.relativePath to empty for all...
2014-10-01  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to Sling Parent POM 22 with baselining enabled
2014-09-02  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to latest parent pom 20
2014-03-31  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to parent pom v19
2013-09-06  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to parent pom 18
2013-07-19  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to latest parent pom
2013-05-05  Carsten ZiegelerCorrect reactor pom and update to parent pom 16
2013-02-18  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to latest parent pom and use latest releases...
2012-12-23  Carsten ZiegelerUse latest releases and update to new parent pom
2012-09-27  Carsten ZiegelerUps.reverting previous changes from 1391017
2012-09-27  Carsten ZiegelerAdding mongodb resource provider
2012-07-10  Carsten ZiegelerUse released versions
2012-07-05  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to latest parent pom
2012-07-04  Carsten ZiegelerSLING-2363 : Replace JavaDoc SCR annotations with Java...
2012-05-16  Carsten ZiegelerSLING-2480 : Add config for maven-sling-plugin to m2e...
2012-04-03  Carsten ZiegelerUse latest parent pom in all projects
2011-08-08  Carsten ZiegelerUsing latest released parent pom
2011-08-03  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to recent snapshot
2011-07-20  Carsten ZiegelerSLING-2150 : Update plugins to use the latest available...
2010-05-17  Carsten ZiegelerUse released parent pom.
2009-12-01  Felix MeschbergerSLING-1205 Upgrade all projects to parent POM 8 and...
2009-11-26  Carsten Ziegeler[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2009-11-26  Carsten Ziegeler[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
2009-11-26  Carsten ZiegelerExport version 1.0.0 of the API
2009-11-25  Carsten ZiegelerSLING-1203 : Use tagsoup html parser instead of nekohtml
2009-09-29  Carsten Ziegeler[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2009-09-29  Carsten Ziegeler[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
2009-09-29  Carsten ZiegelerUse latest parent pom.
2009-08-18  Carsten ZiegelerDon't import
2009-08-18  Carsten ZiegelerAdd new module containing a html parser.