2018-06-08  Dan KlcoUpdating badges for org-apache-sling-commons-messaging
2018-05-29  Oliver Lietzclean up bnd instructions
2018-01-21  Oliver LietzSLING-7417 Use bnd Maven plugins
2018-01-21  Oliver LietzSLING-7353 Update to Sling Parent 33
2017-10-24  Robert MunteanuSLING-7213 - Add a default .gitignore file to every...
2017-10-23  Robert MunteanuSLING-7214 - Add the LICENSE file to every module
2017-10-23  Robert MunteanuFix typo in pom.xml : conncetion should be connection
2017-10-20  Robert MunteanuSLING-7162 - Update SCM information in all POM files...
2017-10-03  Oliver LietzSLING-7167 Adjust READMEs
2017-03-06  Oliver Lietzuse Sling Parent 30
2016-10-21  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate to parent pom 29
2016-08-31  Oliver Lietzuse Sling parent 28
2016-04-08  Oliver LietzSLING-5643 Provide a simple messaging API
2016-04-07  Oliver LietzSLING-5643 Provide a simple messaging API