descriptionApache Sling Feature Model - API Regions Extension
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 3 Dec 2018 17:24:41 +0000 (17:24 +0000)
7 days ago  David BosschaertMove feature dependency up to 0.8.1-SNAPSHOT master
11 days ago  David BosschaertUpdate feature dependency to 0.8.0
11 days ago  David BosschaertRefactor extension to not use 'org-feature' any more.
2018-11-21  Carsten ZiegelerMake bundle compile again after removing KeyValueMap
2018-11-14  Carsten ZiegelerSLING-8108 : Provide setter methods for optional contex...
2018-11-12  David BosschaertAllow configuration of a non-temporary location for...
2018-11-07  David BosschaertMake project compatible with Java 7.
2018-11-07  David BosschaertAdd scm info to the pom.xml
2018-11-07  David BosschaertAdd .gitignore
2018-11-06  David BosschaertSupport inheriting exported packages from regions defin...
2018-11-06  David BosschaertHandle extension merging with null target
2018-11-06  David BosschaertReduce dependencies
2018-11-05  David BosschaertUpdate
2018-11-05  David BosschaertUpdate header
2018-11-05  David BosschaertSome initial documentation on the apiregions extension.
2018-11-05  David BosschaertAdd some sling boilerplate files in preparation for...
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