descriptionApache Sling - Karaf Distribution
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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11 days ago  Oliver LietzSLING-8149 Remove feature sling-discovery-impl master
2018-09-20  Radu Cotescutrivial: added license header to *.md files
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7215 - [nice-to-have] Add a CONTRIBUTING file...
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7216 - [nice-to-have] Add a CODE_OF_CONDUCT file...
2018-09-01  Oliver LietzSLING-7879 Provide Clam feature
2018-09-01  Oliver LietzSLING-7878 Provide Commons Clam feature
2018-08-30  Oliver LietzSLING-7874 Update Karaf to 4.2.1
2018-08-30  Oliver LietzSLING-7873 Update to Sling Parent 34
2018-06-15  Oliver LietzSLING-7739 Add service user mapping for Rewriter
2018-06-15  Oliver LietzSLING-7737 Provide Context-Aware Configuration feature
2018-06-08  Dan KlcoUpdating badges for org-apache-sling-karaf-distribution
2018-05-06  Oliver LietzSLING-7546 Take requirements for services into account
2018-04-09  Oliver LietzSLING-7253 Upgrade Karaf to 4.2
2018-04-08  Oliver Lietzalign features with Karaf distribution
2018-04-08  Oliver Lietzmove LICENSE and NOTICE to distribution's root and...
2018-04-06  Oliver Lietzalign order of configuration dependencies with file...
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