[SPARK-9633] [BUILD] SBT download locations outdated; need an update
[spark.git] / .rat-excludes
2014-06-18  Yin Huai[SPARK-2060][SQL] Querying JSON Datasets with SQL and...
2014-05-15  Andrew AshSPARK-1846 Ignore logs directory in RAT checks
2014-05-14  witgoFix: sbt test throw an java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:...
2014-04-21  Patrick WendellClean up and simplify Spark configuration
2014-04-18  Patrick WendellHOTFIX: Use file name and not paths for excludes
2014-04-12  Patrick WendellHOTFIX: Ignore python metastore files in RAT checks.
2014-04-09  Holden KarauSpark-939: allow user jars to take precedence over...
2014-04-05  Prashant SharmaHOTFIX for broken CI, by SPARK-1336
2014-03-24  Patrick WendellHOT FIX: Exclude test files from RAT
2014-03-24  Prashant SharmaSPARK-1144 Added license and RAT to check licenses.